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Native SailfishOS Telegram client

If you want to help me to language translation, please do so at transifex

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Application versions: 
File harbour-jollagram-0.1.2-1.armv7hl.rpm251.43 KB02/01/2015 - 12:04
File harbour-jollagram-0.1.3-2.armv7hl.rpm268.81 KB16/01/2015 - 19:51
File harbour-jollagram-0.1.3-3.armv7hl.rpm272.76 KB21/01/2015 - 17:25
File harbour-jollagram-0.1.4-1.armv7hl.rpm293.34 KB17/02/2015 - 14:20
File harbour-jollagram-0.1.5-2.armv7hl.rpm294.93 KB20/02/2015 - 17:04
File harbour-jollagram-0.1.6-4.armv7hl.rpm1.86 MB23/06/2015 - 14:56


  • Now jollagram can be run and receive messages in background, the app will be closed by pulley menu option not from task manager
  • Reduced startup workload:
    • conversation view will be updated only when synchronization ended
    • synchronization will produce only one notification for every chat not for every message received
    • Image thumb downloaded by default, a button placed on right of the thumb allows to download the full picture
  • Added enter key option to send message in settings page
  • Added: online, last seen status in contact list
  • Added typing info in contact list, conversation and chat page
  • First management of documents media message
  • changed color of sent messages
  • new contact info page, as attached page from chat view
  • new group chat info page, as attached page from chat view
  • implemented: rename and add contact to group chat, available in group chat info page
  • new shared media page, reachable from contact or group chat info page
  • various bugfixes
  • managed new emoji icons set
  • correct bug mute/unmute conversation
  • updated translations



  • revised restore connection procedure
  • optimized first start and reconnection procedure
  • solved bug of messages sent with unknown status
  • solved bug of messages received multiple times
  • correctly received as a sent message, the messages sent with an other telegram client (need to restart of the client after that first synchronization with server telegram was completed)
  • added chinese(taiwan) translation


  • now jollagram is able to receive:
    • messages already read from a other client,
    • avatar of group chats,
    • media messages: photo, position, contact and video preview (download of video and files aren't supported yet)
    • update of avatar, contact name and group chat title 
  • added url management on text messages
  • added context menu for text message with copy function
  • changed the behaviour of online/offline status, online when app is active offline when in background
  • first enhancement of network connection management
  • red background on cover page to warn about network issue
  • bug fixing:
    • properly anchored message submit button 
  • Known issue:
    • at the first start of the new release, synchronization with telegram server will require more time than usual


  • fixed: sent/read tick, in group chat, now works properly
  • new localization available for the following languages: Chinese (Taiwan), Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. Tks to hanhsuan, slaveriq, mijnheer, tattuh, Jordi, buschmann, jupaja, mgbler, Unreasonable_Behaviour, anykeyich, lewa, zxcvbnm3230, ari.jarvio, Eminem, newton181.1, ElGris


  • now properly loads the unread notifications at startup time
  • it's now possible to add contacts from phonebook
  • redesigned process to create group chat
  • new context-menu in conversation page to delete/mute conversation
  • solved problem of keyboard focus
  • displays correct name of group chat when opened from notification
  • Added in mainview, message status for: not connected, online e offline mode
  • when the app is not connected the cover page offers reconnect option instead of online/offline action
  • added italian translations

Known Issues: receiving a message from an unknown contact is not properly managed, as a work around you can read the message from the official client and add the contact to your contact list.

Use this work around to avoid repeated notifications of this message.



First release with basic functions:

At the moment only text message for chat and group chat are enabled

By default, clicking on the notification do not open chat page but brings to the conversation page, from settings you can change the behavior

From the pulley menu of the page settings you can restore the connection if you need to

It's possible to create a new group chat

From the shortcut on the right, in the cover page, you can switch online/offline mode

fixes: error on open chat and duplicate messages




Ailo8miek's picture

Great update! Didn't test it yet for other media files, but at least photos are definitly received, awesome :D

However when I text someone using another application(eg laptop client), the message will be fetched from telegram und displayed as message from the contact, not mine.
Other than that, message fetching works pretty good.


Would it be possible to fetch some kind of contact retrievement? When I text contacts of mine which are not saved in the People app, it only displays their number, no names etc.

vimana's picture

"However when I text someone using another application(eg laptop client), the message will be fetched from telegram und displayed as message from the contact, not mine.
Other than that, message fetching works pretty good.


same thing happens to me

Bysmyyr's picture


finfly's picture

I have seen the same behauvior.

eson's picture

Thanks for this app, but I must tell you the Swedish translation is full of misspellings and grammatical errors.

There really should be some kind of translator quality check, at Transifex.



BillyHalley's picture

I'm not sure media are received, and if i write a message, let's say on the pc (i'm using cutegram, but this is not relevant), to someone, i recive the message on jollagram as the other person sent it to me

BillyHalley's picture

Wow! Huge update! Thanks a lot, i will try the new features :)

boebbele's picture

Will there be an update?

Please put it on github. Then someone can help you to make the app better.

asgeirr's picture

Many thanks for a native app. Are you planning to put it on to allow for collaboration? I might hack on a feature in my spare time.

neubauten84's picture

Hi there!!
I deleted my account after upgrading and now I can't re-register..I can receive message from telegram with the code but after that registration goes on saying connecting..
What can I do to solve that??

neubauten84's picture

Don't know how..reeboting and retrying registration solved!!

Demir's picture

We also want to MeeGo version.thank you

vimana's picture

For several days the app closes every time I want to open a chat.

I tried deleting the app and install it again, same problem.


boebbele's picture

Thank you this great app!

Please please pleas go on... :-)

My Problems: On my phone this app stop often and that leads to not receiving messages, It would be great to be able to send and receive photos/files.

By the way: on my Desktop PC (linux with KDE) I use cutegram (a Telegram client in qt). Works great!


calderon's picture

nice app, thank you. is it possible to get secret chat option?

olpe's picture

Hi. Nice progress. I think we need a daemon for this. On my phone the OOM killer kills this app quite often and that leads to not receiving messages. Otherwise thanks for this app.

Iyer's picture

Great App

excellent app (y)
A couple of essential features requests (not complaining, just requesting :) ):
1 when typing a message too long, the send button goes off screen. would help if the send button remains at the bottom of the message, like in text messages interface.
2 Sometimes when I'm typing a message, I have to go back and read another conversation and return to the message. On such occasions, the message isnt saved. Would help if it would be retained so I can resume editing.
3 It is a known bug that the app sometimes loses connection/goes offline though it shows as connected. My problem is that on such occasions, if I send a message, it remains unsent even after connections resumes. It would help if the message remains queued and can be sent once the connection resumes.
4 as a corollary, would help if there is a feature to select messages once sent and copy them (or delete). This helps in forwards as well as resending failed messages.

A last request which is more for convenience.
Like I said, the app sometimes goes offline/loses connection. I usually go to settings and "go offline" and "Restore connection" in such instances. Would help if you provide this as a cover option alongwith "Show online/offline" so a user who wants to can choose this one.
again, excellent app and excellent work, thanks bro (y)

marco73f's picture

I appreciate your comments, I'll keep them in mind for future versions.
Thanks for your support;)

vimana's picture

Excellent upgrade.

It would be fantastic to be able to send and receive photos/files and the creation of secret chat.

rolfa's picture

jollagram works fine, thanks!

Do you have a roadmap for new features, e.g. secure chats?

tvicol's picture

I have deleted an user and no longer able to start jollagram ...

See below log while i attept to start from cli.


Happy holidays from the Telegram team!"  messageId: 4

[D] TelegramInterface::getContactName:291 - Name not Found in contacsModel for message recived
[D] TelegramInterface::getChatModel:180 - TelegramInterface::getChatModel m-> isNull
[F] qt_assert_x:2104 - ASSERT failure in QList<T>::at: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qlist.h, line 472


Thaodan's picture

​What about releasing the source code would be nice to help in developing the app?

ari_jarvio's picture

I have say to you Marco: Thank you and I appreciate that you wrote thanks message to updating information. So we can see that you care about helpers. Keep working this good work!

Kindest regards: ari.jarvio


Ja tiedoksi suomenkielisille käyttäjille: jos näette oikeasti virheen/virheitä Jollagrammin suomennoksessa, jos ollaan satuttu suomentamaan johonkin kohtaan väärin, voitte tosiaan kirjoittaa vaikkapa tänne kommenteihin, niin minä tai muu suomentaja korjaa asian. Tosiaan, talkootyöllä kaikki kääntäjät ollaan käännetty.

ZioBilly's picture

I wanted the app to display status "online" only when it was open, and "offline" when minimized in the Home Screen

so I edited the qmls in usr/share/.....

I added in the CoverPage.qml inside the CoverBackground this piece of code:

    onStatusChanged: {
        if (status == PageStatus.Active) {
            mainWindow.onlineStatus = false
        if (status == PageStatus.Inactive) {
            mainWindow.onlineStatus = true

and also in the harbour-jollagram.qml i set the onlineStatus as False at beginning and deleted the line onlinestatus = true in the onConnected box(or onAuthenticated, i don't remember :/), because if i had the status offline and the phone lost connection and then reconnected, the status changed to online and i didn't like it.

I don't really know what's going on here, i know only a bit of programming, but it works, so i hope it could help, or at least make a suggestion ;)


marco73f's picture

ok thanks for your advice, in the next update online/offline behaviour will be reworked

Juhia's picture

I don't get announcement from new message unless the app is open. Can this be changed that I get them also when the app is not running? There is also problem sending/and receiving messages quite alot, I see just one green tag after sending message, and the receiver doesn't get it at all, even we both are online. I must reconnect and send again. This makes the app useless to me, because I'm not sure that did my messages go through, or has someone sent me one. This would be a great app otherwise, and I'm sure that these things will be fixed, big thanks to developer so far :)

sachin's picture


Installed the client and do not have a sim card so I'm usung the number of another phone for the registration. Once registered, if I send a message from jollagram, I see it on my other phone and when I reply from my other phone, I do not see the message on the jolla. Is this correct? Also, when I send the message, the message has a yellow question mark next to it as opposed to the green checkmark. 


lkdhf's picture

Would be great if the source code were available. Why else would anyone use this over another proprietary service?

deiv's picture

you may also take a look at sigram and cutegram to take cues and various ideas ;)

nkadithya31's picture

I am not able to recieve the sms code. It keeps saying connecting I have given the right conutry code.