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LinksBag - this is a client with almost full implemented api. There is read mode too.

Help with translations:


Compatibility with tablet was not proved

IMPORTANT: If you want add bookmarks to your account - install GetPocketSharePlugin


- New GUI
- Using Mercury ( for reader mode
- Replace Nemo.Notification with org.nemomobile.notifications for backward compatibility
- Add possibility to download read-mode content for all bookmarks
- Add translations: FR, ES, SV
- Some bugfixes


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Hi thanks for the app, just found and installed it. I was wondering where it stores it's article files? And I have just noticed that it is stuck on an old article that does not exist anymore. How can I delete this article from the download list. I have deleted the article on getpocket website but even after a refresh  in the app it still triers downloading it.

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Hm, this is not usual situation. You can create issue on githab and I am thinking about this problem.

Now, you can remove line with "last_update" from config (/home/nemo/.config/harbour-linksbag/linksbag.conf) and then start app and refresh all bookmarks

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Already have this installed
Installed nemo-qml-plugin-notifications-qt5-1.0.12-1.16.2.armv7hl Notifications plugin for Nemo Mobile
Can't find without the -qt5 in name
Perhaps i have to used older release of your software ?

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Juste discover reply feature in storeman...
I tried with your release 2.1 and i have the same problem

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yes  both versions for Pkease, create issue on github and I try to do something with this.

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I will do thanks

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Faster than my bug report ....

Thanks for the fix

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Thanks for quick reply
import Nemo.Notifications 1.0
^ (file:///usr/share/harbour-linksbag/qml/harbour-linksbag.qml:28)
[D] [19.01.2018 23:45:52.380] [0xb882b628] [005] ====Application closing==== ([D] [19.01.2018 23:56:53.306] [0xb8d2bb90] [000] ====Appli
cation starting==== "2.2" ([D] [19.01.2018 23:56:53.309] [0xb8d2bb90] [001] Construct view ([W] [19.01.2018 23:56:53.353] [0xb8d2bb90] [
002] file:///usr/share/harbour-linksbag/qml/harbour-linksbag.qml:28:1: module "Nemo.Notifications" is not installed
import Nemo.Notifications 1.0

Which package provide nemo.notification ?

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Your os version is little bit old. Try to install nemo-qml-plugin-notification

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On OPX port sailfish 2.1.0, application does not work
I only have a white and empty screen at launch. Any idea ?

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There is file with logs: ~/.local/share/harbout-linksbag/harbour-linksbag/linksbag.log

Send it to me, or paste content to and give me the link, or create issue in github with attached log info

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Awesome app, but the GetPocket/Firefox account pulldown doesn't seem to work as it complains about the embedded webview requiring cookies and local storage. GetPocket/Google account pulldown, then just using the login with firefox option in the regular browser, works fine. Not a big deal, and the app works great once the login is done!

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Can you add more info about problem and how to reproduce it? I try to fix it.

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Awesome. Works great on SailfishX.
Thank you!

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Thank you!