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LinksBag - this is an unofficial client with almost full implemented api. There is read mode too.

IMPORTANT#1: If you want add bookmarks to your account - install GetPocketSharePlugin

IMPORTANT#2: You should update getpocketshareplugin to use it with new LinksBag v3.0

IMPORTANT#3: Select full refresh in settings to get all functions work correctly

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Compatibility with tablet was not proved

Application versions: 
File harbour-linksbag-3.1.1-1.i486.rpm178.79 KB26/01/2019 - 01:24
File harbour-linksbag-3.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm167.03 KB26/01/2019 - 01:24
File harbour-linksbag-3.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm169.45 KB31/03/2019 - 22:21
File harbour-linksbag-3.2.0-1.i486.rpm181.13 KB31/03/2019 - 22:21

- Add option to download only unread articles
- Move to private hosted mercury server
- Update translations


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Great update! I have a couple of questions though. What happened to batch downloader? I know it was super buggy, but it was a really useful feature. Now the only way to download something for offline reading is opening it. Also my feature to mark article as read and go back was removed. My usual Pocket flow is saving everything that seems interesting but I have no time to read it and reading it later, often offline (because somehow you still can't get decent reception on a train in Poland in 2018). After reading, I mark it as read to hide it from my queue. Opening ~500 links just to have them available offline is kinda out of the question really. Also, share plugin no longer works for me.

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1) There is offline downloader(Settings->Offline downloader) but there is no gui for it. You can see progress only using bookmarks view and cloud icon in it. I haven't ideas, how to do it better. All ideas are welcom in github.

2) Also my feature to mark article as read and go back was removed.

What the case? sorry, i don't understand it. Describe, please.

3) Share plugin will be fixed today evening  or you can downgrade LinksBag to version < 3.0(But I'a not sure that all will work)

I will think about some gui for offline downloader, but now I haven't any ideas about it.

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1) Oh, ok, I noticed it now after I left the app open for some time, all articles have cloud icon.

2) My PR (I'm ksiazkowicz on GitHub) contained a change that added a pull-up menu at the bottom of article view, it contained one item ("Mark as read"), so after finishing your reading, you could just swipe up and it instantly marked it as read and went back to article list.

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1) Add simple counter in settings page under offline downloader option

2) Return this for Article and Web views
3) Please, update pl translation on transifex

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Wow, Hello! Thank you for your efforts!

I rewrite reading page, so I can accidently remove somthing. Sorry. I will return this feature for all pages in day or two.


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'Bookmark adding failed' is showed when I try to add link to my pocket account. What am I doing wrong?

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Nice!! Thank you!!

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Hm, I confirm the problem. I will find solution and will make fix today


As a temporary solution you can downgrade do Linksbag < 3.0 or wait for fix until evening

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Thanks, but works fine in the stock browser. Hence I've got no need for an app.

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Thank you for your feedback. It's a really useful opinion and based on it, we decided to cancel the project and it won't be maintained anymore.


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Your opinion is very important for me.

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Hi thanks for the app, just found and installed it. I was wondering where it stores it's article files? And I have just noticed that it is stuck on an old article that does not exist anymore. How can I delete this article from the download list. I have deleted the article on getpocket website but even after a refresh  in the app it still triers downloading it.

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Hm, this is not usual situation. You can create issue on githab and I am thinking about this problem.

Now, you can remove line with "last_update" from config (/home/nemo/.config/harbour-linksbag/linksbag.conf) and then start app and refresh all bookmarks

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Already have this installed
Installed nemo-qml-plugin-notifications-qt5-1.0.12-1.16.2.armv7hl Notifications plugin for Nemo Mobile
Can't find without the -qt5 in name
Perhaps i have to used older release of your software ?

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Juste discover reply feature in storeman...
I tried with your release 2.1 and i have the same problem

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yes  both versions for Pkease, create issue on github and I try to do something with this.

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I will do thanks

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Faster than my bug report ....

Thanks for the fix

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Thanks for quick reply
import Nemo.Notifications 1.0
^ (file:///usr/share/harbour-linksbag/qml/harbour-linksbag.qml:28)
[D] [19.01.2018 23:45:52.380] [0xb882b628] [005] ====Application closing==== ([D] [19.01.2018 23:56:53.306] [0xb8d2bb90] [000] ====Appli
cation starting==== "2.2" ([D] [19.01.2018 23:56:53.309] [0xb8d2bb90] [001] Construct view ([W] [19.01.2018 23:56:53.353] [0xb8d2bb90] [
002] file:///usr/share/harbour-linksbag/qml/harbour-linksbag.qml:28:1: module "Nemo.Notifications" is not installed
import Nemo.Notifications 1.0

Which package provide nemo.notification ?

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Your os version is little bit old. Try to install nemo-qml-plugin-notification

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On OPX port sailfish 2.1.0, application does not work
I only have a white and empty screen at launch. Any idea ?

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There is file with logs: ~/.local/share/harbout-linksbag/harbour-linksbag/linksbag.log

Send it to me, or paste content to and give me the link, or create issue in github with attached log info

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Awesome app, but the GetPocket/Firefox account pulldown doesn't seem to work as it complains about the embedded webview requiring cookies and local storage. GetPocket/Google account pulldown, then just using the login with firefox option in the regular browser, works fine. Not a big deal, and the app works great once the login is done!

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Can you add more info about problem and how to reproduce it? I try to fix it.

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Awesome. Works great on SailfishX.
Thank you!

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Thank you!