OBDFish (aarch64)

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App reviving, aarch64 build of:



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File harbour-obdfish-0.94-3.aarch64.rpm265.55 KB05/06/2022 - 12:19

- fifth release to openrepos
- first three dynamic values are now viewed on cover page
- build with new sailfish sdk
- small layout improvememts for full HD devices


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Не работает с одбшкой хорошего качества v1.5 .

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Работает. Use another dongle or car :).

This one works.

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Cool, that you took this project over. I am not a developer, so its good its owned by someone who can maintain it!
Maybe you can also update the other architectures like archv7hl and i486?

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I am not a developer as well. That are small fixes to make it work on aarch64. I would like to not mess with armv7hl and i486 as long as already posted at openrepos work.

I'm afraid that due to deprecation notice OBDFish will need a complete rebuild in near future to work in SailfishOS.


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Understood. Thanks for the info. Will you share the source code, so some one can rebuilt the app using your improvements ?