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A stateless password management solution.

Original author is Maarten Billemont, I just packaged it for Sailfish OS.

Original source code here. Spectacle file here.

To start, open terminal and type `mpw`.

or Bitcoins.


Application versions: 
File masterpassword-cli-2.5-1.7.1.i486.rpm25.78 KB12/07/2017 - 03:00
File masterpassword-cli-2.5-10.7.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm22.76 KB12/07/2017 - 03:00



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For some reason, mpw -h > mpwhelp.txt doesn't save the short help below:

[nemo@Jolla ~]$ mpw -h
Usage: mpw [-u name] [-t type] [-c counter] [-V version] [-v variant] [-C context] [-h] site
    -u name      Specify the full name of the user.
                 Defaults to MP_FULLNAME in env.
    -t type      Specify the password's template.
                 Defaults to MP_SITETYPE in env or 'long' for password, 'name' for login.
                     x, max, maximum | 20 characters, contains symbols.
                     l, long         | Copy-friendly, 14 characters, contains symbols.
                     m, med, medium  | Copy-friendly, 8 characters, contains symbols.
                     b, basic        | 8 characters, no symbols.
                     s, short        | Copy-friendly, 4 characters, no symbols.
                     i, pin          | 4 numbers.
                     n, name         | 9 letter name.
                     p, phrase       | 20 character sentence.
    -c counter   The value of the counter.
                 Defaults to MP_SITECOUNTER in env or 1.
    -V version   The algorithm version to use.
                 Defaults to MP_ALGORITHM in env or 3.
    -v variant   The kind of content to generate.
                 Defaults to 'password'.
                     p, password | The password to log in with.
                     l, login    | The username to log in as.
                     a, answer   | The answer to a security question.
    -C context   A variant-specific context.
                 Defaults to empty.
                  -v p, password | Doesn't currently use a context.
                  -v l, login    | Doesn't currently use a context.
                  -v a, answer   | Empty for a universal site answer or
                                 | the most significant word(s) of the question.
        MP_FULLNAME    | The full name of the user.
        MP_SITETYPE    | The default password template.
        MP_SITECOUNTER | The default counter value.
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Any plans for developing a GUI for Jolla ?

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Yes! Stay tuned ;-)

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Great! This is interesting approach.

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Habemus GUI client!