Patch: [obsolete] Improved stock emoji keyboard

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Please use the color emoji keyboard patch instead.

This patch adds more emoji characters to the stock emoji keyboard layout. In its current state, a new line is added and a second page is available. The second page (“shift”) will be filled with new emojis as needed.

If you want a certain emoji to be included, feel free to ask in the comments.





- mark as superseded by the color emoji keyboard patch
- update to be compatible with the latest Patchmanager
- add donations link and feedback forum

- update compatibility info: the patch is compatible with all versions of SailfishOS up to

- update compatibility info: the patch is compatible with all versions of SailfishOS 3

- initial public release


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Why you say use color emojis? I enjoy these, they're different and refreshing and fit the UI very well. Thank you for updating, will donate when I have time!

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I'm actually working on packaging a proper monochrome emoji font that could be installed together with the color emoji patch to support black-and-white emojis.

I decided to retire this patch because it is so very incomplete and maintaining two separate emoji patches seemed a bit unreasonable to me (it's also more work...). As I said, I'm working on getting the color emoji patch to support more fitting emojis. That requires patching the DejaVu fonts though etc. etc., so it'll take some time :).

Until then, you can still install the patch through Patchmanager's web catalog. It's not marked as compatible with SFOS 4.x but it should still work.

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Confirmed to work on
Would be nice if you could update PM Web Catalog.

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updated; I didn't release a new version, so I hope PM still recognizes the change...

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Thanks! I'll update it next weekend.

Meanwhile @ all users: you can enable Patchmanager's developer mode to apply the patch.

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Hey, could this patch be updated for Seitseminen? Thanks :)