Patch: Stock emoji keyboard with colors

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Update: experimental compatibility with SFOS 4

This patch adds support for color emojis, skin tone variations, and different emoji styles to the stock emoji keyboard layout. Recently used emojis are available in the suggestions row for quick use.

Emoji sets have to be installed manually. Please follow the instructions in the Whisperfish wiki.

Note: remove the improved stock emojis patch before installing.

Known issues with SFOS 4:

  • the list of recently used emojis cannot be scrolled (system bug affecting all keyboards)
  • the settings page sometimes hangs or lags (I suspect this to be related to the scrolling bug)
  • skin tone variations sometimes fail to show up in the selection popup (it shows text instead)





- Preliminary support for shared use of the emoji implementation in other apps
- Improved stability of skin tone variations on SFOS 4

- Experimental compatibility with SFOS 4
- Some settings require to change back and forth to a text keyboard to take effect
- Make key size configurable
- Increase history size from 30 to 40
- Show if an emoji set is currently installed
- Don't show placeholder while loading icons to avoid flickering
- Use simplified config label component
- Fix some flickering when closing the config overlay
- Fix removing failed icons from list of recently used emojis
- Fix a possible bug causing last row to be empty

- Support users other than "nemo"
- Close settings page by dragging like a fake pulley menu
- Configure number of keyboard rows
- Fix some corner cases causing the keyboard to become unresponsive

- Initial public release (not yet compatible with SFOS 4)


schmolle's picture

Hi, i've installed the patch via patchmanager. It won't find the twemoji installation (which works properly with whisperfish). Sailfish

kaulian's picture

Hi, same problem
The release version number seems hardcode.
So you need put the emoji in those folder

for whatsapp not test but seem release -

You not need to have this release of the emoji, but patch look in those folder

schmolle's picture

Thanks you! Now it works.

davodego's picture

I have a problem. The emojis on the keyboard are not always visible. Sometimes only the recently used emojis are there and the rest of the keyboard is blank. Is there any help?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Yes, that happens... Sometimes, switching to another keyboard and then switching back to the emoji keyboard fixes this. You can also try switching pages inside the emoji keyboard.

davodego's picture

No, switching between the keyboard or switching pages don't solve this. Mostly only a phone restart, sometimes a lipstick restart or reinstall patch again, brings the emojis back.

Unfortunately I can't find a pattern from when the emojis disappear. It works, and next time using the keyboard, they are gone.

Can I find any log or error messages anywhere?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Reinstalling the patch should never be necessary... Do you have any patches installed that modify the "stock" emoji keyboard as well? Maybe there are some conflicts I don't know of.

I assume error messages should appear in the system logs. Try running `journalctl` and search for `QML`.

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Is anyone that cn help me to understand how to install this pactch?

I cant see the local/share ...

I dont understand that whisperfish wiki to do. I am trying to install openemoji 13.0 But when it says that I have to extract to openemoji?? I dont get it, sorry

ichthyosaurus's picture

Emoji sets must be installed to `/home/defaultuser/.local/share/sailor-emoji/` (or `/home/nemo/...`). The folder `.local` is hidden by default. In File Browser, you can tap on the page header and select "show hidden files" to find it.

The OpenMoji emoji set comes as a `zip` archive. You have to uncompress the files in this archive to `~/.local/share/sailor-emoji/openmoji/13.1.0`.

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I “installed” twemoji, but in settings it says that it is not installed :(

ichthyosaurus's picture

Are you sure the files are at `~/.local/share/sailor-emoji/twemoji/13.0.1/<...>.svg`? If so, try switching back and forth between keyboards and then check the settings again. Make sure to select twemoji in the list. If it still does not work, try restarting the phone. Hope this helps :).

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Wow!! Excellent emoji keyboard, thank you so much!!

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Glad you like it :)