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WebPirate is a Tabbed WebBrowser for SailfishOS based on WebKit.

A special thanks goes to Ferlanero for helping me with UI design and testing! :)


Note for the Ad Blocker:

You can download filters by clicking "Ad Block" button from the Sidebar and selecting "Update Filters" from the pull down menu.
If you'll find that banners are still visible, open a bug report on GitHub specifing the affected website and if it happened in Mobile version or Desktop one (include the "AdBlock" prefix so I can find it easily, thanks!)


  1. Real Tabs support
  2. Integrated Download Manager
  3. Support for Custom Search Engines
  4. Login data can be saved so the Browser can compile the fields for you
  5. Delete Personal Data (Navigation History, Cache, Login Data, Cookies) on exit.
  6. Favorites can be Imported and Exported, Folder support is available too.
  7. Integrated YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo Player/Grabber
  8. Text Search
  9. Integrated Media Player
  10. Account Integration
  11. File Upload
  12. Session Management
  13. Simple Ad Blocking System
  14. Popup Blocker
  15. Closed Tabs can be recovered
  16. Night Mode
  17. Cookie Management
  18. EXPERIMENTAL Android-like text selection

Source Code and Commit Activity: https://github.com/Dax89/harbour-webpirate

Translations: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/webpirate/

Application versions: 
File harbour-webpirate-1.7-4.armv7hl.rpm279.69 KB07/10/2015 - 10:35
File harbour-webpirate-1.7-4.i486.rpm298.86 KB11/10/2015 - 18:02
File harbour-webpirate-2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm470.61 KB13/03/2016 - 21:27
File harbour-webpirate-2.0-1.i486.rpm361.2 KB13/03/2016 - 21:27
File harbour-webpirate-2.1-3.armv7hl.rpm564.33 KB07/09/2016 - 17:41
File harbour-webpirate-2.1-3.i486.rpm616.23 KB07/09/2016 - 17:41
File harbour-webpirate-2.1-4.armv7hl.rpm560.89 KB15/10/2017 - 18:11
File harbour-webpirate-2.1-4.i486.rpm609.44 KB15/10/2017 - 18:11

Updated to latest SDK


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Thanks :)

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I love this browser, but today I found a, in my opinion, fundamental feature missing. There is no "tel" protocol support. Is there some special reason for not implementing or do you plan to?


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I can try to implement it :)

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That would be great. Thanks!

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Just saw the update and I must say that I'm very impressed! I especially like the bookmark grid that I missed from desktop browsers.


Here's my small feature wishlist :)

  • Cover actions - I know this can be tricky (not sure how the default browser does it), but it is one of the reasons I still use the default browser (besides the fact that Gecko rocks!) - when following an event, like a football game live (text) coverage, it is much easier to trigger 'refresh' and see what's new without opening the browser.
  • Tab session management - like an option to re-open last used tabs on the app's start, or to open the last closed tab
  • More native looking UI (also having to reach to the top right corner just to open a menu, while the "used only once a while" bookmark button is at the bottom toolbar is a weird decision) :)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (TOHKBD is around the corner)
  • Something like a stripped version of RequestPolicy and NoScript.

Thanks again for making such a nice browser!

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  • We are discussing about Cover's design on GitHub :)
  • Session Management should be easy to implement, I will make them available in the next release
  • If you have a better UI design, ideas or mockups we can talk of it on GitHub :)
  • There shouldn't be any problem to implement Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • I can see how to do implement something like "RequestPolicy" and "NoScript" when the basic browser is working correctly.
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Thanks for Webpirate! It's my favorite browser on Sailfish because it's so light and fast.

Except, after installing version 0.8.6-1, there is a new window QuickGrid that has replaced bookmarks. I fail to see the reasons behind this change. What QuickGrid does that the old bookmark view didn't do? I mainly use mobile browser to check different bookmarked pages and now I should add them individually to QuickGrid? And there seems to be only 9 spots. After they are used, I have to go to a whole different menu.

So, is there something I am not grasping about QuickGrid? If QuickGrid stays, is there anyway to get the old bookmark view to homepage?

In addition, I too would hope to open links with Webpirate as benaryorg said in previous comment.





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I have created the QuickGrid because the old Bookmark List doesn't fit very well with the new Bookmark's folder implementation (you can't navigate between Pages inside another component)

If you have some ideas in order to improve bookmark management (or the QuickGrid itself), they are welcome :)

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Hi . loving your browser but may I ask how do I use the Quickgrid !? . After I bookmarked a website it only showed in Favorite list but the grid is still empty

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If the Quick Grid looks like this: https://openrepos.net/sites/default/files/packages/4577/screenshot-20150126123316.jpg
Long press an item in order to trigger the edit mode (you can also add/remove items, if you want).

If, instead, there is a message that says that the Quick Grid is empty, long press it and you'll have the edit mode :)


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thankyou . It worked :)
This browser is the best !

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Thanks for the reply!

I'd hope more grid components, because at least for my needs 9 is too low and it is quite tedious to go to bookmarks now. I think 4th row would fit nicely or even more with scrollable page. I'll donate a little now and a little more when things improve. :)

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Thanks for the donation!

I can make a grid with variable items, if you like it

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Fast browser, it works better than any other (native browser, webcat or dolphin browser from Android).

There's something that can be better: the UI isn't always smooth, especially not when opening a website. It result in some stuttering or non-responsiveness (like trying to scroll and it happens 0.5sec later).


And I have trouble viewing Tweakers.net (dutch website) any idea how that's possible?

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This is a known issue, I have tried a lot of times to make the UI smoother but with little results.
There are lags when changing the screen orientation from Portrait to Landscape too.

I think that, in part, the issue is related to the WebView component itself (I don't know if the rendering is optimized or not).

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What a great browser!

Just one simple thing is missing (but it is an important one). Please add support for opening all links on the system with this Browser, or does it already support this? I created a file in /usr/share/applications/ for Webcat, so Webcat would open all links, as Webcat supported it (at least if Webcat was closed at the time of clicking the link).

Could you do that?
I also opened an issue at GitHub, answer to the one request you prefere ;)

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I will check GitHub now

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Thank you for the great work! I think this will replace the default browser for me.

Will donate soon, keep up the good work!


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Glad you like it :)

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Any chance you could add a long-press to save image file feature?  Currently missing a way to save images.

Otherwise, great work.  Immensely better functionality, UI and performance than the default browser.

Will donate when my Paypal is working.

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Thanks! :)

Image (and Web Page) save feature is available in version 0.8.5
You'll need to long press the image and scroll down the popup menu until you find "Save Destination" or "Save Image".

If, for some reason, the popup menu doesn't show up or the image is not saved, fill a bug report here including website information, so I can fix it for the next release :)

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It doesn't work on ANYTHING for me.  PNG, BMP, JPG - thumbnail, full size, anything.  Only thing that has ever popped up is copy link / open new tab dialogue on Facebook thumbnails.


Edit:  Oh ... you have to scroll down that menu.  Still, only site I've found where it works is FB thumbnails (jpegs).  Not got it to work on anything else as of yet.


Edit 2: And only images on FB it works on are 'view full size'  images whilst in 'thumnail' before pressing to expand to full size.

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I'm able to reproduce the issue, now

Edit 03/01/15:
Fixed and Tested in upstream!

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have you planned to add ad-blocking? the old example browser for qt webkit contains some code for it https://github.com/Arora/arora/tree/master/src/adblock

if the source for this browser is available from anywhere, I could take a stab at implementing it myself. :-)

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Yes it is planned :)

I have added the repository address in the project's description.

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Hi Dax,

I've just come across this, I'm the developer of the Qt, QML based Star Browser for Symbian, I'd like to say that this is looking promising (don't have a Jolla myself), if I can help you out with things on WebView please do let me know, I'd be happy to contribute.





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Hi Allstar,
I have updated the project's description with the source code repository.

Yes, there are two (big) issues:
1) The WebView is not hardware accelerated, I don't know if it is possible from QML to render a webpage through a framebuffer.

2) If more than two tabs are opened and the smartphone changes its screen orientation the browser lags a bit. I think that the issue depends on WebView component: they are all updated at the same time, I don't know if it is possible to stop the rendering on not visible WebViews.

Oh, and thanks for you help :)

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Hi Dax,

Thanks for the source code,

Regarding Hardware acceleration that could come under OpenGL support, I believe you could place the Apps QQuickView as a child of a QGraphics View, never tried that myself though.

Onto the tabs, you're using WebKit 3.0, which looks like the new version (I use 1.1 myself on Symbian), it appears they really really watered it down, older versions could call id.renderingEnabled=false

Not sure if that is still applicable on WebKit 3.0

Also a little tip, when a Tab is switched that last used Tab's WebView should set visible to false, that stops the QPainter painting the area, the speed increase is very surprising.





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I have searched for "renderingEnabled" property, unfortunately, it is missing in WebKit 3.0.
I will continue the search in order to find an alternative :)

About the visibility of the WebView I can say that the TabWidget hides non visible Tabs when the currentIndex property is changed.
I think that the WebView should be set to "hidden" by Qml, because the parent Component's visibility is changed.

And, again, thanks for you help :))

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Ah, that's a shame, jees they really watered it down a lot :/

Certainly setting open Tabs WebView's to visible false should be done, it will help out.


Also, while I remember, does the App support File uploads? (opening the File picker when you hit upload file on a forum ect) ?  Downloads also?