Patch: No Home Carousel

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Work in Progress. Do NOT use if a partnerspace is enabled!
Based on SailfishOS

Disables the carousel on the homescreen by removing the left side of the events-view and the right side of the switcher-view. This allows swipe right to remove notifications in events and swipe left to close an app cover in switcher.

- Fix swiping app notification groups

Future plans:
- Go to last app on left edge swipe in events and right edge swipe in switcher
- Investigate swipable cover actions
- Maybe separate switcher and events completely
- Find new location for partnerspaces

(Any ideas how to get a partnerspace app for testing?)


Not maintained anymore! Please open an issue on github if you are interested in maintaining this patch. 



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Please, someone should maintance this patch. Is awesome!!!!

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Does this patch make the interface more choppy and stuttery for anybody else? I noticed it on Jolla 1 and Xperia 10 over many OS versions. It could be patchnager's fault and not this patch itself, but it is really noticeable.
I completely adore this patch, and it makes the home screen actually stick to SFOS philosophy of gestures over buttons.

Markkyboy's picture

I don't use the patch, but seeing as it was last updated on 07/10/2016, I would imagine subtle changes in lipstick are causing the problems you're experiencing, so it is likely that the patch is causing the problem, not patchmanager.

As per the patch description; "Not maintained anymore! Please open an issue on github if you are interested in maintaining this patch."

kaari's picture

works with j1, but not with sony xa2. best patch ever.

edit: works with both, my mistake, thanks

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Works, but moving covers does not.

Shervrar's picture

Still works, using patchmanager 3 on SFOS3 btw. Literally the best patch.

PawelSpoon's picture

Hi, this is my second.most important patch, thanks !

Kabouik's picture

Do you plan on upgrading this for and Patchmanager 3? I really miss this great patch.

danfin's picture

it would be nice to have 'Lock device' as a side swipe, giving us three screens. (as alternative to performing a top swipe to lock)

gedeon's picture

It works on Sailfish X but not perfectly.
Could you have a look maybe please?
If I try to close the app or dismiss an event with a swipe gesture most of the time I have to do it slowly otherwise nothing happens.

Ingvix's picture

On my Xperia it's working perfectly and swift flicks closes apps.

gedeon's picture

Try to do the gestures quickly, it will does nothing, someone else already reported this issue on jolla together.

danfin's picture

oh no, it does not work in

cornerman's picture

It works for me on Maybe a conflict with another patch?

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This is by far my favourite patch. Hope you'll keep it updated. By the way, I see it is not in Patchmanager 2.0 web catalog. Would that be possible? I suppose it would make it more visible to users who missed it in OpenRepos recent updates when it was first released.

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Yes, for me it is the most important patch for sailfish! I wish sailfish OS goes in this direction in version 3, only two things are missing:

- left swipe to events view, top swipe to quick action, right swipe, the app is minimized, which should still be open, because I do need most time the quick action, while have to change anything, screen rotation, or GPS. Come back from the eventsview, should still the last app stay open, something like a layer over.

- left swipe, bottom swipe, brings up the app drawer, this makes no sense, because then we can not right swipe to come back to home, or app. The bottom swipe should bring up the presence page, where you can choose, which account is online, or offline. This page was gone after version 1 and they did until now not find a good place for it, not even a quick action, this is very sad. The best place would be the swipe up in the eventsview page.

The eventsview page has one annoying thin more: If I have some notification which fill out the screen, I try to swipe upward to see the last notifications on bottom but the stupid app drawer comes up. The up swipe should be a up swipe from edge, not from screen center.


Just some ideas to fine-grade this patch. I would love to see such things and maybe the guys from jolla will be that surprised, to take it over ;-)  ...just dreaming.


Thank you for this great patch!

cornerman's picture

Thanks and agree with your first point, this workflow makes no sense. Accessing the eventsview to change some options while still maintining focus should be easier. It would be great to get back the separate events view like in sfos 1, which could be overlayed over the current ap. For now, I can recommend the "Quick settings on power menu" patch from alina!

I also think the bottom swipe (on screen) on home and events view is wasted, and could be used for some kind of pullup menu. With regards to mistakenly opening the app drawer when scrolling down, this can sometime happen on the home screen and the events view.

danfin's picture

it's one of my fave patches! Pity it quits working with every OS update though.

danfin's picture

thank you, that was quick! Much better than carousel.

cornerman's picture

Thanks! Last update worked out of the box, but this time a little work was needed. Done now!

kaari's picture

Not working on 2.0.4-13. it was so much easier to swipe to close than pressing buttons.

cornerman's picture

Agree and done :)

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Agreed. An option could be included in the base system, maybe we should consider a feature/pull request!

mautz's picture

I'll second that, please update your patches.

Ingvix's picture

I'll third that.

gedeon's picture

I am using an Intex Aqua Fish, and the swipe close is not working on google play store notifications and on the group. Could you add it maybe, please :) ? Thanks .

gedeon's picture

It is not working only on the group, sorry!

Ingvix's picture

Would it be possible to add an option to change the position of events-view from left to right?

EDIT: Also personally I think it'd be better to have the app closed if swiped all the way to the edge of the screen. That would decrease possibility of accidental app closing.

EDIT2: I take back my previous edit. After using it a while I came to a conclusion that closing app by accident isn't something that happens too easily with the current set up.

cornerman's picture

I think, it should be possible to make the order configurable. But I never tried it! I might have time on the weekend to experiment a bit. Though, I am not sure whether this would also work for edge swipes when having an app open.

elastic's picture

Hey are you still around or did you leave the ship ... - I really like your patches - would like to see them developed further ...