Patch: No Home Carousel

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Work in Progress. Do NOT use if a partnerspace is enabled!
Based on SailfishOS

Disables the carousel on the homescreen by removing the left side of the events-view and the right side of the switcher-view. This allows swipe right to remove notifications in events and swipe left to close an app cover in switcher.

- Fix swiping app notification groups

Future plans:
- Go to last app on left edge swipe in events and right edge swipe in switcher
- Investigate swipable cover actions
- Maybe separate switcher and events completely
- Find new location for partnerspaces

(Any ideas how to get a partnerspace app for testing?)


Not maintained anymore! Please open an issue on github if you are interested in maintaining this patch. 



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gedeon's picture

Interested idea, maybe not perfect (yet) , but clever unique approach.

TMavica's picture

facebook notification cant swipe?

elastic's picture

can confirm this - no swipe on Facebook notifications

cornerman's picture

Hmm, I do not have facebook, so I cannot test it. Does this happen with other apps, too? Are the notifications removable via the x button?

elastic's picture

can't say about othe apps - I'll add my Twitter account later to test it - the notifications are still removable by the X button - maybe it helps you to know that other patches lik 'always show group deletion' also don't work for Facebook notifications 

Baspar's picture

Wonderful patch !

Only one thing bother me for the drag-left action on cover : Why don't you use the classic closing image ?

(Just add "||" at the end of line #461 in SwitcherItem.qml)

cornerman's picture

Good idea. Looks much better now :)

elastic's picture

Brilliant patch man - keep on 

As you seem to be UI talented - if you could make it happen that the first 4 app icons are appearing by single tap even when there are open covers? 

cornerman's picture

Yes! Check out the patch: Switcher click hints Launcher.

malibu's picture

Congratz for this great patch. Thanks a lot !

itdoesntmatt's picture

great patch i really like it. but it conflicts with patch from nodevel (pulldown cover action) wich is really useful, since there is not cover swipe anymore. Can you make your patch compatible with that? or at least enable old style cover swipe?? would be perfect. Are you a new sfos dev? congrats, however. For partner space app maybe you can try toontv apps installed with angry bird toh!

cornerman's picture

I will look into the compatibility issue with pulldown covers, but not sure wether it will work. No promises though.

In the long run, I plan to have some kind of cover action swipes in this patch. Just need to think of a nice way to integrate them. Maybe on swipe left, pull up/down for the cover actions and further left for closing.

Do you know where to get the toontv app without the toh?