Patch: Eventsview controls attached page

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Patch for adding controls settings to evetsview attached page (see screenshot). Inspired by Saildev blog. Contains settings.

Works only on SailfishOS version


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v1.1.7.24 update


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Works for me on Björnträsket if I install it with --nodeps. Perhaps lipstick didn't change that much.

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Can't be installed on last sys update (

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Y U WRTNG TIS?? Works only on SailfishOS version

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Poor coderus :D

Hope you survived this one!

Can you give us a little explanation on why the patch stops working after a system update? Does it happen because Jolla or you implemented a safety measure or does it fail to apply due to actual changes in the files affected?

Looking forward to an update :-) Flattr will be set up soon for you too!


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because i activated remote destruction command

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Andrey, can you explain it please?
What exactly a command and where in spec file you added this?

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That's definitely cool :P

I saw it got uninstalled. Smooth experience. But I have one issue with it. Now how do I see that it is upgradable without checking manually? Prior I could just refresh the repos and run the process.

I see the advantages with your current way though.

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Not work after last sys update (


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Captain Obvious, thanks.

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comment withdrawn

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Then do not access it from events view.

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Easy and elegant way to display eventsview. Thanks for the update :-)

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The new patch for sailfish seems doesn't works. After installation from warehouse when I apply the patch from patchmanager it says: "install patch failed" and when I uninstall the patch from warehouse it says "uninstall failed" but the package seems correctly uninstall. Thanks for all your work with harmattan and sailfish!!!

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works for me

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Any Idea to clean previously installation file correctly? I have unapplied all patch from patchmanager and reboot before system update.

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please write to forum

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Are you still supporting the old eventsview patch?

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which one?

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How to get it work in update 11 or it work for this version at all?

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yes, you need to install patchmanager, then istall this patch, then in patchmanager apply this patch, and then use pulldown menu and select "Restart preloaded services" and accept restart.

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Is it a possible to get an icon under settings -> system for eventsview control?

It would look more nice.

Thanks in advance.
best regards az2111

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i don't understand what you mean

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lol, you need to install and use patchmanager for jolla settings to have an icon

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Ok, if i use patchmanager on homescreen, there is noch icon for eventview contols under settings?


Greets az2111

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yes, just because settings applets using default patchmanager icon which is provided only with patchmanager for jolla settings package

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Oh no, just installed blindly the 2nd preview patch for sailfish( without unapplying the PM patches. Now PM thinks the eventsview patch was still installed and im unable to unapply it :~{
Any idea how to switch the applied/unapplied token manually?

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but patch is really unapplied, means you don't see controls on eventsview? then you can try to remove patch folder from /var/lib/patchmanager/ausmt/patches

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thanks for the advice, i did that but the patch is still marked as installed :-(
there has to be a configuration folder/file for the patchmanager... i'll try to find that an report back if i had success

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unapply all applied patches which can be unapplied
go to terminal and write following:

pkcon remove ausmt
rm -rf /var/lib/patchmanager
pkcon install lipstick-jolla-home-qt5
pkcon install jolla-settings-system

Then you need to install patchmanager and all patches again rom warehouse. It should work.