Ultimate TicTacToe

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A game where you play the small tic-tac-toe grids to play the bigger ones. Includes a rudimentary AI opponent.






  • Fixed game getting stuck if plaayer is sent to a tied grid
  • Tuned AI


  • Fixed bug where playing on top of a previous mark succeeded



HansRoulade's picture

IMHO "Intermediate" is the most advanced AI. All others make ridiculous mistakes...

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Now that I've mastered it... We need an online multiplayer mode!

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I don't really understand what rules are used when a sub-grid is automatically selected. Is it just random? Also some effect would be nice when the game is over.

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Never mind, I figured it out - genius! Better highlighting still applies. - Interesting would also be a undo-last-move option to refine strategics...

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i486 would be nice....

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A bug: When the opponent sents you to a full grid that has not been won, there is no possible turns and the game is stuck. Easy to test in two player mode.

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Fixed! I also tuned the AI a bit.

yuri's picture

there is a bug: if you are X and you tap on O, the O becomes X... (and viceversa)

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Thanks, fixed!

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Let me credit the person I heard about this game from: http://mathwithbaddrawings.com/2013/06/16/ultimate-tic-tac-toe/

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I like the idea! The game is really fun :)