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/!\ If you want to help with this project, translation is available on Transifex: https://www.transifex.com/baspar/harbour-picross /!\

Picross (Also known as Griddlers or Nonogram) is a logic game.
You'll have to discover the picture hidden behind numbers, corresponding to the length of every colored "cell group".
The only unknown is the space between every cell group, and this is where the logic appears.
Levels (At the moment, there are 40+ levels) are sorted by difficulty, and you have to complete one difficulty to unlock the next one.



  • Click on a cell: toggle between Full cell -> Hint cell  -> Empty cell
  • Click on a full green header: Line completion with Hint cell
  • Click on a header with orange numbers: Line completion with Full cell



  • Best time for each level
  • Auto save/reload
  • Guess Mode
  • Multiple/Slide Mode
  • Locked levels
  • Correctness indicators (Green = corresponds)
  • Pinch-to-Zoom
  • Line/column auto-complete (Full green = fill with hint, orange = fill with full)
  • Hint cell



  • Colored picross
  • Mega picross
  • More and more levels


You can find source of this program on GitHub : https://github.com/Baspar/harbour-picross



Application versions: 
File harbour-picross-1.5-0.armv7hl.rpm35.29 KB06/09/2015 - 16:57
File harbour-picross-1.6-0.armv7hl.rpm37.7 KB29/10/2015 - 08:58
File harbour-picross-1.7-0.armv7hl.rpm52.88 KB25/01/2016 - 00:07
File harbour-picross-1.7-1.armv7hl.rpm51.73 KB30/01/2016 - 21:44


  • Italian Translation added (Thanks to Tichy)
  • French Translation fix
  • Slide mode: switch added to toggle + visual feedback added


direc's picture

Hello everybody,

As Baspar has sadly left the Sailfish platform behind, I forked and re-released Picross. Please check out "Picorss 2" in Jolla Store.



vsimonkay's picture

Please upgrade... I miss this game a lot!

giskard's picture

I updated the italian translation fixing some strings.

Baspar's picture

Thanks, I was not able to update the app, but this week I'll try to package a version with every language added, plus 1 or 2 features/levels added.

And thanks again for your participation on Transifex project (The same goes to every transifex member who help ;) )


Bysmyyr's picture

hi, one idea:

when zooming make possible to not zoom hint numbers? many times I like to zoom to hit properly but I can still see smaller numbers.

Baspar's picture

To keep the indicators at their original size, and just "highlight" which part of the grid is currently visible ?

Seems a nice idea, I think I can make that "quickly" ;)

I keep you in touch about that. For now the app is in QA in harbour (But I'm not sure it'll pass it with the vibrate plugin :/)

erlen's picture

Does someone succed with the easy 17 night animals because for me i don't have the same number of bricks horizontaly than vertically differences of almost 8 bricks

Baspar's picture

Hey ;)

Normaly, there is no mistake on the numbers ;)

But sometimes, arrows disapears, hiding some numbers. In that case, juste try to double tap zoom button, it'll make thm reapear, and help you solving the grid ;)

erlen's picture

ok my mistake i read 1 1 instead of 11!

fph's picture

Neat game! There are a few errors in the English localization: E10: swing->swings M5 hugly -> ugly, H9 mow -> moo, E7 octupos -> octopus. Also, in H9, vroum vroum -> vroom vroom sounds more familiar.

Other suggestions / feature requests:

On my Jolla, there is a very small but noticeable lag after clicking on a cell. Maybe you are updating the colors in all rows and columns instead of only the ones which are changing?

It would be cool if the numbers would turn red if (on the same conditions in which they turn green) a grouping has the wrong size.

The UI for scrolling the row/column number lists that do not fit on screen is irritatingly uncomfortable. Maybe something like a pop-up box that appears while one taps and holds down on the column/row header?

That said, great game!

Baspar's picture

Hey ;)

Thank for your feedback, I'll change every errors in titles for the next version :P

For the others suggestion :

  • I'm aware of the lag, I'll try to find a way to handle up to those 25x25 cells, but for now, my little QML knowing doesn't permit it ^^'
  • I had a bug for the red indicator on the previous version, but I'll implement it for the next one ;)
  • And finally the popup is still in my roadmap, I'm trying to find a proper way to implement it for now ;) (But I think I found it :P)
rob_k's picture

Are the labels of 'Lover of the Russian queen' all good? At row 12, after applying the basic rules I get 4 groups while the label shows only 3 groups '2 1 3'.

This Insane level has got me hooked, Baspar! ;)

Baspar's picture

Hey !
First of all, there shouldn't be any problem with the number, since they are generated from the saved drawing every time ;)
Then... On my version, it is the 13th row which is equals to "2 1 3"... Can you send me a screenshot ?
But yeah, the insane levels are.... Long, so long ^^'

rob_k's picture

OK, I scribbled the numbers on paper, but got it wrong. It was line 13. Trying again in the app, the puzzle solved pretty easily. There is something with the best time, showing 1:82:10. But I don't care about the time, really.

Thanks, Rob

ssahla's picture

I love this game. It's better now with the "tap to cycle cell state" behaviour. But sometimes it doesn't work properly: When I tap on a full cell, it changes to empty, with no hint cell in between. But when I zoom in (or out) I see it is a hint cell now, the X just wasn't displayed at first.

Baspar's picture

I know this bug :/

I don't know why, but after minimizing the app, when re-pening it, every canvas is "hidden". You have to Zoom in order to make them reappear

(It also concerns header's arrows)

I am looking into that problem

ssahla's picture

Also, I've noticed that the game state is not saved if the app is closed by the system out-of-memory killer. Had to start over a couple of times because of this :( Is there any way to fix that? Periodic auto-save?

Baspar's picture

Right, I haven't think of that... Next release there will be a save at each "click".... It isn't proper code, but the Jolla can support it, it'll be more efficient :P

Bysmyyr's picture

Hi, thanks for the update. Now it installed another version of it. Is there a way to keep unlocked levels?



Baspar's picture

For now, I didn't find a way to keep your unlocked levels :\
But you can use the tip I indicate on the description : simply go to the new game page, and w/o any level selected, long click on "Accept" button. Then you can click on any level which will be unlocked ;)

Bysmyyr's picture

not work, pressing it not do anything

Baspar's picture

On my side it works great. To see the modifications, exit the new game page, then open it again.

I'll make a more clear indicator for the next release

BillyHalley's picture

Hi, great app!
I find a little difficult to press and hold to erase, maybe cycle through full, hint and empty by clicking would be easier

Baspar's picture

After playing a little with a modified version, I agree with you, it is better ;)

I will release that modification for next version

BillyHalley's picture

Great! Thanks :)

lkdhf's picture

Hi, under which license is this game published?

Baspar's picture

MMh, i didn't inform myself about licences, but I plan to release the source of the code for the next version.

But by the way (cr*ppy) code can be found on Github : https://github.com/Baspar/harbour-picross

Bysmyyr's picture

Have anyone passed Medium 8. I have tried 15 times. It can still be my miss but just to be sure because retrying is boring.

More comments:

*is that empty startscreen nessessary?

* there should be some other way to submit because now with big 15x15 adding paints is quite hard. Zooming creates easily typos. It should also mark just added point so I can see easier if I have misstyped something.

* can Line/column auto-complete work also with paints, not only with emptymarks

Anyway, great and very attracting game

rob_k's picture

Yes, I solved them all yesterday. The expert levels were a bit more difficult. With Expert 2 I did some guesswork. The rest was solved by deduction, but certainly not in one go.

Baspar's picture

Thanks for your feeback ;)

Mmmh I see that there's a real problem for "big grids"...

I'll investigate to find an idea to make it more user-friendly.

Line/column auto-complete by fill-in is implemented, and will be released with the V1.1 ;)

P.S.: I have solved every level in order to rank them in the level set, so they're all solvable. Medium-8 isn't that hard, just begin with the left part, go down, and then right.