Patch: Volume control settings

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Remove before updating to v3.0.0-3

Remove pre-0.4 versions before installing the newer ones.

Adds advanced settings for volume control to Sounds and feedback as well as Gestures.


It's featuring:

  • Ringtone volume step (10, 20) affecting default and ambience ringtone sliders as well as volume buttons
  • Volume buttons for ringtone volume control
  • 5-level* volume indicator (consistent with Silent indicator in appearance)
  • Three-finger gesture for media volume
  • Translation support; already Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Danish (unfinished), Dutch, Dutch (Belgium), English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Russian.

* I've made 5 icons to have different indicators for 20, 40, 60, 80, 100. On 10%-step, it will be 10-30, 40-50, 60-70, 80-90, 100.

Help translate into your language!
Thanks to translation team!

Once the patch is installed, the settings can be changed easily from Settings > Sounds and feedback.

Will conflict with both three-finger volume control and volume buttons control only media-volume patches
Requires patchmanager

In the case you forgot to remove for v3.0.0-3, you need to remove old icons:

cd /usr/share/themes/sailfish-default/meegotouch/z1.0/icons/
devel-su rm icon-status-ringtone*0.png

and repeat this for z1.25, z1.5, z1.75, z2.0.

To remove thru Terminal:

devel-su pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-volumecontrol

Source on GitHub. Donations are welcome ;)

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3.0.0-5: Updated Finnish, Spanish + added Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong) ** Happy New Year **

3.0.0-4: Updated translations: French, German, Slovenian

3.0.0-3: !! REMOVE before updating !!

  • Updated for SFOS 3 + light ambience support (dark icons)
  • Options rest under an expanding section
  • Three-finger gesture option moved to Gestures page

2.2.1-1: Compatibility fix + updated Danish translation


  • Added option to select modern/classic indicator style
  • Updated translations: Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
  • Added translation: Danish (unfinished), Slovenian


  • New icon set with possible fix for high-resolution displays
  • Added Dutch (Belgium) and Hungarian translations
  • Version numbers based on SFOS version

0.6-1: Updated for SFOS 2.1.0


  • Update for SailfishOS 2.0.5
  • New icon design (inspired from Wi-Fi icon)


  • Update for SailfishOS 2.0.2
  • Added Polish translation

0.4 - Update for SailfishOS 2.0.1


  • Added ringtone volume indicators
  • Updated translations: Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

0.2 - Support for translations, currently English, German, Spanish, Swedish


eson's picture

Again! Doesn't apply to SFOS

alina's picture

Just for one line of comment added! :/

eson's picture

Thanks for the fix!

eson's picture


This patch don't apply to SFOS

alina's picture

Released. Thank you for reporting!

eson's picture

Thanks! Works perfect now. :)


amitchalakh's picture

Does it increase incall earpiece volume too?

HtheB's picture

I forget to turn off the patch when updating Sailfish OS. How can I remove the patch/restore the settings from the terminal?

alina's picture

Sorry, I rarely have Internet access these days. If you haven't found the answer yet, it's:

devel-su pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-volumecontrol
HtheB's picture

Thanks for the reply.

The package can be removed, but it's still failing to disable the patch itself, so it still stays visible (enabled) on the Patchmanager. :(

alina's picture

So try this command:

devel-su rm -r /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/sailfishos-patch-volumecontrol
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I'm loocking for a patch that allow to change the alarm clock volume. On my system, the alarm clock volume is always at the maximum, and, imho it is too high.

Can I do it with your patch?




alina's picture

No. It's somehow hardcoded in system files, `/usr/share/ngfd/events.d/clock.ini`

# Start fade at 0s, fade for 10s from level 10 to 100 (0.10 to 1.00)
sound.fade-in = 0,10,10,100

You can change the maximum value manually, but seems impossible to make settings for it.

vbelloir's picture

Thanks for your replay alina.

I will try to modify this file.


bilal's picture

how can i unistall this package ... could you tell me how to do it in the terminal

alina's picture
devel-su pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-volumecontrol
eson's picture

Can't apply this on SFOS Taalojärvi.

alina's picture


eson's picture

Sorry, Still failed to apply.

alina's picture

Can you please make sure to install the correct version (0.4-1), sometimes Warehouse doesn't show the latest version. Or try installing the RPM. I tried from Warehouse to make sure there were no silly mistakes in packaging, and it worked.

eson's picture

You are right, I got the 0.3-6 from Warehous (and still do). Latest update is working fine. Thanks!  :)

objectifnul's picture

Didn't find out what gesture I'm supposed to use for the 3-finger trick...

alina's picture

After enabling the feature, move your 3 fingers simultaneously up and down on screen to raise and lower the volume. You can alternatively hold two fingers and move the third.

objectifnul's picture

Got it, thx. Didn't realize this requires reboot after enabling.

alina's picture

Basically "Homescreen" patches need home restart. You can do this by selecting "Restart preloaded services" from Patchmanager pulley. It's also possible via Sailfish Utilities.

gedeon's picture

Is there a solution to work together with this patch? Show ringtone volume in statusbar

alina's picture

There are two choices:

1) Ask the developer, @Ancelad, to let other patches decide for volume step size (this is the conflicting part)

2) Combine

To be honest, I prefer (1). Bacause needs less time, and that conflicting part is currently a bonus in that patch.

gedeon's picture

I thought on 2... if possible that would be good :)

alina's picture

I asked the developer to remove the step size from his patch. But if I can find a suitable icon set, I will add this feature too. Currently I have a nice speaker-shaped icons, but it's rather suitable for media volume.

gedeon's picture

I think nice icon and works fine, exact good! :) Well done!
I dont wana ask more, but just a question, what do you think, is it possible to indicate also the apps volume with other type icon, and enough the space for this? :) maybe it wouldnt be bad...