Patch: Volume control settings

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Remove before updating to v3.0.0-3

Remove pre-0.4 versions before installing the newer ones.

Adds advanced settings for volume control to Sounds and feedback as well as Gestures.


It's featuring:

  • Ringtone volume step (10, 20) affecting default and ambience ringtone sliders as well as volume buttons
  • Volume buttons for ringtone volume control
  • 5-level* volume indicator (consistent with Silent indicator in appearance)
  • Three-finger gesture for media volume
  • Translation support; already Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Danish (unfinished), Dutch, Dutch (Belgium), English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Russian.

* I've made 5 icons to have different indicators for 20, 40, 60, 80, 100. On 10%-step, it will be 10-30, 40-50, 60-70, 80-90, 100.

Help translate into your language!
Thanks to translation team!

Once the patch is installed, the settings can be changed easily from Settings > Sounds and feedback.

Will conflict with both three-finger volume control and volume buttons control only media-volume patches
Requires patchmanager

In the case you forgot to remove for v3.0.0-3, you need to remove old icons:

cd /usr/share/themes/sailfish-default/meegotouch/z1.0/icons/
devel-su rm icon-status-ringtone*0.png

and repeat this for z1.25, z1.5, z1.75, z2.0.

To remove thru Terminal:

devel-su pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-volumecontrol

Source on GitHub. Donations are welcome ;)

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3.0.0-5: Updated Finnish, Spanish + added Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong) ** Happy New Year **

3.0.0-4: Updated translations: French, German, Slovenian

3.0.0-3: !! REMOVE before updating !!

  • Updated for SFOS 3 + light ambience support (dark icons)
  • Options rest under an expanding section
  • Three-finger gesture option moved to Gestures page

2.2.1-1: Compatibility fix + updated Danish translation


  • Added option to select modern/classic indicator style
  • Updated translations: Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
  • Added translation: Danish (unfinished), Slovenian


  • New icon set with possible fix for high-resolution displays
  • Added Dutch (Belgium) and Hungarian translations
  • Version numbers based on SFOS version

0.6-1: Updated for SFOS 2.1.0


  • Update for SailfishOS 2.0.5
  • New icon design (inspired from Wi-Fi icon)


  • Update for SailfishOS 2.0.2
  • Added Polish translation

0.4 - Update for SailfishOS 2.0.1


  • Added ringtone volume indicators
  • Updated translations: Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

0.2 - Support for translations, currently English, German, Spanish, Swedish


itoss's picture

Great work, but how can i adjust master volume from quick menu ? i would like to substitute ringtone to mastervolume control

Pelzlurch's picture

Same happens to me. Unfortunately.

sfbsfb's picture

After update to the volume bar remains visible until ux restart on xperiaX. Thank you for this patch.

ari_jarvio's picture

Some reason I can't install this patch. My Jolla downloads this patch but doesn't install this at all. There's no conflicts.

Pelzlurch's picture

This is one of the most helpful patches! Therefore I wanted to donate you some quids via paypal. Unfortunately the donation was rejected and I don't know why.

Historyscholar's picture

very good.

Malakay's picture

Oh, thanks :)

Malakay's picture

Will be available sfos version? Please :)

alina's picture

It's already updated.

Pelzlurch's picture

Finally... :D

Thanx for updating this patch. I really missed it!

Donated some beers.

alina's picture

Thanks for your support!

t0t3u's picture

I've just updated it and works great on
Thank you!

carmenfdezb's picture

Hi Alina!! Your patch doesn't work in Sailfish, I hope you update it soon, it's a very useful patch for me ;) Thanks in advance!!

alina's picture

Sorry to hear that. I will for sure as soon as I can update my phone.

Pelzlurch's picture

One of the most useful patches, but doesn't work on Nurmonjoki yet ;)

alina's picture

Thanks for your report. Hopefully I'll fix it soon.

dirksche's picture

Donation works with the link on

dirksche's picture

Can't donate via the button in Storeman. Please check your PayPal link.

olf's picture

@alina, thanks a lot for optionally bringing back to old volume indicator icon with 2.1.0-5, which is working and looking fine for me.

carmenfdezb's picture

Great patch!! I've updated to last version but it doesn't include new option translated

alina's picture

Oh, I should have checked every single file. Spanish translation file wasn't updated. Done now.

Thanks  for your report.

carmenfdezb's picture


olf's picture

Reverting to v2.10-2 is what I already chose to do, but I am afraid that will break in the future, e.g. with a SFOS update.
Meanwhile rememberd another workaround: Using the ringtone volume indicator of "Ultimate Statusbar patch" (though your old one looks a bit nicer, because the "musical note" is larger).

alina's picture

The update is on the way. Just waiting for translations. I'll publish it in 1-2 days.

olf's picture

Oh, the beautiful ringtone volume indicator icon (the "musical note") is replaced in Volume Control 2.1.0-3 (vs. v2.1.0-2).
While I understand that the new icon set is supposed to enhance readability on high-resolution screens, I liked the old, classic "musical note" a lot better and its meaning was much easier to comprehend intuitively. Any chance to bring it back, e.g. as an alternative ("classic") icon set?

alina's picture

Yeah, we could have an option. However, you can use older versions.

hardy_magnus's picture

working perfectly on thanx.

olf's picture

Great Patch, thanks a lot!

Just an observation for now (still needs more analysis):
When using the optional three finger gesture for volume control, some Android apps seem to lose focus, when in foreground. One needs to swipe to homescreen (task switcher) and tap on the app there in order to regain focus. Seen with Firefox 53, TurboEditor 2, but not with Jota Editor 0.2 or any SailfishOS app.

alina's picture

Thank you for your comment!

Yes, I've seen that problem, but nothing to do with the patch. The patch just enables the gesture. The bug seems to be in Android Support.

vsimonkay's picture

Dear Alina,

I tried both of the solutions you wrote to remove the patch but it is still stuck in the patchmanager and I cannot disable it. Thus I cannot even upgrade the OS to Iijoki. I even tried to reinstall and disable it, but it does not work. Please give a solution. Thanks in advance!