Patch: Settings app cover

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Returns transfer progress circle to Settings app cover. This will be usefull as there's no notification to show download/upload progress by now (fixed by official update 2.2.0).

For 2.2.0+ it adds also cover actions to access Transfers and Storage – tested on 2.2.1 but should work also on 2.2.0.


Requires patchmanager.

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Application versions: 

2.2.1-1: Added cover actions for Transfers and Storage

2.2.0-1: SFOS compatibility update

2.1.4-1: Updated for SFOS 2.1.4 as the version number says

0.1-2 (2016-01-13) - hot fix: Fixed cover action to open Transfers


Marold's picture

Please update it for 2.2 and also Thank You for Your hard work !

alina's picture

Since the transfers are appeared in Events View from this update on, this patch seems obsolete; anyway, I will try to fix the conflict.

Thank you for your support!

Marold's picture

Thank You Thank You very much !! Its working again :D

Marold's picture

Its not obsolete, as You can multitask easier with progress shown on settings cover, progress in events view is more like android "one task at the moment" thing witch is sad. Hope You can get back good stuff working and real big thanks for Your hardwork, as I use on my daily phone many of Your patches. Thanks for replying me and fingers crossed for this great patch !

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@alina, thanks a lot!

alina's picture

Sorry guys, I couldn't update my phone, probably due to Internet censorship in my country. :-/ Each time I try, I get the update installation fail and then 370 MB download again. Seems to me a download fail, but don't know why it leads me to installing.

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Please make it work for SFOS 2.1.4 this patch was so much help and real musthave ! :(

olf's picture

Does not apply under SailfishOS 2.1.4 (was applicable and working nicely up to, unfortunately.

alina's picture

The files for transfer cover are completely removed. ;) Don't they know that we're using them? :))

The fix will be soon published.

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Any update for 2.0.4.x please?

alina's picture

The latest release still works.