Patch: Lock screen media buttons

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V0.1 on 1.1.9+ (still usable on 2.0.2) shows semi-transparent previous/next buttons on lockscreen when they are inactive, i.e. there's no previous/next track.

V0.2+ on 2.0.2+ also moves the buttons to bottom of the lockscreen when there's no ongoing call.

V0.4 on 2.1.1 won't move the buttons again.

Requires patchmanager

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0.4-2 - Solved possible compatibility issue with patchmanager 3

0.4-1 - Update for SFOS 2.1.1
0.3 - Update for SFOS 2.0.4

0.2 - Moves media buttons to the bottom when there's no ongoing call (for SFOS 2.0.2+)

0.1 - Makes inactive media buttons visible (for SFOS 1.1.9+ including 2.0.2)


olf's picture

Thanks AliNa for this useful Patch.
Unfortunately it does not seem to work with arbitrary MPRIS2 (see also newer PDFhtml-zip, more extensive specification and exemplary controller implementation) capable media players, as coderus' Lockscreen mediaplayer controls once did (its settings entry is still working under SFOS, but the Patch proper fails to apply).

Specifically I would like to jump forward and backward with controls on the lockscreen when using the internet radio clients Received (Jolla Store / OpenRepos) or AllRadio (only OpenRepos version has MPRIS2 support).
Or is this a flaw in these two two radio players' MPRIS implementations, an oversight / mistake on my side etc.?