Patch: Lock screen media buttons

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V0.1 on 1.1.9+ (still usable on 2.0.2) shows semi-transparent previous/next buttons on lockscreen when they are inactive, i.e. there's no previous/next track.

V0.2+ on 2.0.2+ also moves the buttons to bottom of the lockscreen when there's no ongoing call.

V0.4 on 2.1.1 won't move the buttons again.

Requires patchmanager

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0.4 - Update for SFOS 2.1.1
- Update for SFOS 2.0.4

0.2 - Moves media buttons to the bottom when there's no ongoing call (for SFOS 2.0.2+)

0.1 - Makes inactive media buttons visible (for SFOS 1.1.9+ including 2.0.2)