Patch: Integrative remove black

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Replaces balck backgrounds with a dimmer color based on the ambience (i.e. Theme.highlightDimmerColor). Also solves the visibility issue of home status bar on bright wallpapers. In the latest release it also solves the legibility issue of system dialogs.


Affected elements:

Why we need this (on TJC)

NOT recommended with Ambience AllBlack. :)

Requires patchmanager

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0.4: Updated for SailfishOS 2.1.1
Updated for SailfishOS 2.0.2
0.2: System dialogs: remove transparency and add black layer on the rest of the screen


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Once you go black you never come back

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Would like to try it, but it conflicts with my launcher patch. you'd better package it as set of different patches, not all-in-one.

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Hehehe, thanks for giving others a warning about NOT recommending my ambience with this patch.
Seems to be okay though with Ambience AllBlack. Nothing appears to change really, although I know it does when I switch to a lighter ambience.
I know my ambience isn't perfect. I've played with so many system files and bricked my phone many times in the processes, but I'm sure there is room for improvement, especially where white text on grey backgrounds (like in volume bar) is almost unreadable, black text would be nicer, but it doesn't seem possible to change those few elements without affecting the rest, although it probably is easier for a good SFOS dev, I'm open to suggestions/input/patches/ideas etc.
Thanks for the patch!, I like your style! :)

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Sorry, but I was not recommending my own patch to use alongside with Ambience AllBlack. ;) Because black elements are well fit with it.

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getting a failed to install patch when i try and enable it

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This patch is editing many files, very likely to conflict with others.