Patch: Camera quick actions

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Remove before updating to v3.0.0-2.

Recommended to remove before installing v3.0.0 (for SFOS 3) or v0.2 (for SFOS 2.0.1)

devel-su pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-camera-quickactions

Adds quick actions to:

  • Take a photo (with rear camera)
  • Record a video (with rear camera)
  • Record a selfie video

Also sets the default selfie quick action to always enable the image mode.


Thanks to the translation team it's available in Czech, Danish, Dutch, Dutch (Belgium), English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish by now. Help translate into your language.

Requires patchmanager
Will conflict with "Quick action: Take a photo" and "Quick action: Record a video". Uninstall from Warehouse or thru Terminal by:

devel-su pkcon remove sailfishos-patch-quickaction-photo sailfishos-patch-quickaction-video

Source on GitHub. Donations are welcome ;)

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3.0.0-2: Light ambience support + updated Swedish

3.0.0-1: Update for SFOS 3 (new shortcut design using json files)

2.2.0-1: SFOS compatibility update


  • Version numbers based on SFOS versions
  • Updated translations, added Danish, Dutch (Belgium) and Slovenian

0.3-1: Updated for SFOS 2.1.0; Added translations: French, Polish

0.2-2: Update for SailfishOS 2.0.1 + Added translations: Dutch, Spanish

0.1 - initial release


olf's picture

@alina, although this and your other "quick action(s)" entries for the events-view quick-actions are Patches, they seem to work fine without being applied in Patchmanager!?!
Hence I wonder, why they are Patches.

BTW, @Markkyboy's "Quickaction -" entries are not Patches and work just as yours, right after installation.

alina's picture

As @Markkyboy mentioned the patch is to make the quick actions effective. Without applying the patch the quick actions will appear on Settings, even may open the app, but won't do the intended function.

Markkyboy's picture

My 'quickactions' already have existing entries in '/usr/share/jolla-settings/settings.qml' allowing my quickactions to work out of the box. 
With some of Alina's 'quickactions', he had to add an entry into 'settings.qml' or the new actions wouldn't function, this is why some are as patches - they are simply patching the settings file which allows the magic to happen.

If you study this patch carefully, you will see that AliNa has replaced 'Take a selfie' with 'Take a photo'. Where 'take a selfie' opens the front camera, but 'Take a photo' opens the rear camera. Also, 'Record a selfie video' opens the front camera in video mode - without the extra data added into the settings.qml file (the patch), these functions don't actually work....try it, you'll see.

olf's picture

Thanks @Markkyboy.