Dolphin Keyboard - Core

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Core / Engine of the Dolphin Keyboard Tweak Only

No Visible Changes and Functions

Unless, You  Installed Any Dolphin Keyboard Layouts



You must install one of the following packages in order to see apparent effects.

Dolphin Keyboard - English +

Dolphin Keyboard - Cangjie & Quick

Dolphin Keyboard - Canton

Dolphin Keyboard - Wubi

Dolphin Keyboard - Stroke


Menu Functions

1. Scalable height of the keyboard

2. Restart keyboard service

3. Change keyboard background and transparency

4. 4 different toolbars ( arrows, numbers, functions[home, end, ctrl+c, ctrl+v] )



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Application versions: 
File harbour-dolphin-keyboard-1.2-8.armv7hl.rpm7.6 MB07/09/2015 - 14:18
File harbour-dolphin-keyboard-1.3-0.armv7hl.rpm7.67 MB12/09/2015 - 12:46
File harbour-dolphin-keyboard-1.3-2.armv7hl.rpm8.87 MB26/10/2015 - 09:40
File harbour-dolphin-keyboard-1.3-2.i486.rpm8.88 MB26/10/2015 - 09:40
File harbour-dolphin-keyboard-1.3-4.armv7hl.rpm8.88 MB05/09/2016 - 15:11
File harbour-dolphin-keyboard-1.3-4.i486.rpm8.89 MB05/09/2016 - 15:11

1.3.4 UPDATE ( 05 / 09 / 2016 )

- Fixed epic slow switching keyboard problem for all keyboards

1.3.2 UPDATE ( 12 / 09 / 2015 )

- Fixed epic slow switching keyboard problem for English users

- Added new emojis ( by Cepi )

- Compiled for tablet but not tested yet

- Re-organised the pages in keyboard setting app

- Fixed missing popper label


1.3.0 UPDATE ( 12 / 09 / 2015 )

- Fixed disappeared candidate list in English keyboard

- Added some missed emoji


1.2.8 UPDATE ( 6 / 09 / 2015 )

- Enhanced emoji keyboard with SlideShowView and new emoji support

- Fixed disappeared TopItem in


1.2.6 UPDATE ( 12 / 08 / 2015 )

- Fixed noting but the config saving


1.2.4 UPDATE ( 06 / 08 / 2015 )

- Fixed fusion typing


1.2.2 UPDATE ( 04 / 06 / 2015 )

- Fixed fusion typing "undefined" input

- Fixed wrong position of the menu in emoji keyboard


1.2.0 UPDATE ( 05 / 05 / 2015 )

- Fixed English keyboard wrong symbol

- Fixed keyboard background transaparency cannot save

- Fixed English keyboard wrong toolbar height

- Fixed missed emoji ( the signs and numbers )


1.1.8 UPDATE ( 04 / 05 / 2015 )

- Fixed English keyboard not functioning


1.1.6 UPDATE ( 04 / 05 / 2015 )

- Fixed duplicate toolbar in emoji keyboard


1.1.4 UPDATE ( 04 / 05 / 2015 )

- Fixed clear clipboard will make the keyboard crash in android

- Fixed keyboard overlay problem, especially in stroke keyboard

- Fixed emoji keyboard cannot save frequently used emoji

- Fixed canton missing the landscape split keyboard

- Tuned some user interfaces

- Fixed some minor bugs


1.1.2 UPDATE ( 01 / 05 / 2015 )

- Initial Release


kempertom's picture

I don't know if somebody has the same problem: on Xperia XA2 with SFOS Dolphin only shows a small square sometging in the bottom left corner. I installed core, german and english language... What do I do wrong?

olf's picture

Hi Saberaltria,

wow, this is excellent work!

Although some issues are really annoying:

  1. "Caps lock" (double tap on Shift Key) does not work in the English+ keyboard.
    Workaround by LeChuck (2015-11-05):
    Insert in /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/dolphin/KeyboardLayout.qml at about line 83: property bool capsLockSupported: true
    This seems to be a bug in Dolphin Core, please fix that.
  2. Dictionary statically set in /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/Xt9InputHandler.qml (to EN), i.e. it does not evaluate the first two letters of languageCode= in a layouts/<dolphin keyboard name>.conf, as layouts/Xt9Handler.qml does.
    I wonder, if it is correct to specify handler=layouts/Xt9Handler.qml (especially in conjunction with languageCode=<two capital letter language code> +, instead of languageCode=<two capital letter language code>) in a layouts/<dolphin keyboard name>.conf (and not handler=Xt9InputHandler.qml)?
  3. Some emoticon icons seem to not have a corresponding black & white (monochrome) font symbol installed, displaying them corrupted (e.g. in TinyEdit).
  4. No possibility to clear the emoticon history (i.e. first emoticon section).
  5. Arrow Keys do not work for Android apps.
    The English QWERTY Arrow Keyboard (sailfish-en_ios) has the same issue; it would be interesting to know, if the Arrow Keys of hardware (Bluetooth) keyboards work for Android apps.
    This looks, as if Jolla should enhance the AlienDalvik integration in SailfishOS a bit more. ;)
  6. In landscape orientation:
    1. Tapping on emoticon section headers in the emoticon menu does not work (always shows first section). 
      • Changing between emoticon sections with an left / right sliding / swiping motion works well.
      • Flipping to portrait orientation, tapping on emoticon section headers there and flipping back to landscape orientation does also work.
    2. Tapping on the Backspace Key in the emoticon menu (upper right corner) does not work. 
      • Flipping to portrait orientation, tapping on the Backspace Key in the emoticon menu there and flipping back to landscape orientation does work.
      • Switching to regular keyboard, using the Backspace Key there and (eventually) going back to the emoticon menu also works.
    3. Sometimes the Dolphin keyboard elements (emoticon icon and Arrow Keys) just vanish (usually together with the dictionary word suggestions, but the clipboard is still there). This happens much more often in Android apps. 
      • Flipping to portrait orientation makes the Dolphin keyboard elements visible (and usable; plus the word suggestions) again, that stays the same when flipping back to landscape orientation (until they may vanish again).
    4. The vertical positioning of the middle row when using "split keyboard" is sometimes somewhat arbitrary. It works extremely well most of the time, showing exactly the currently most likely needed function on top (out of clipboard, Dolphin keyboard elements and dictionary suggestions), while the other functions are reachable by scrolling. But sometimes the split keyboard middle column jumps to an intermediate vertical position, usually showing only half of the Dolphin keyboard elements' top row (i.e. the top row is cut half in height, with its top half being "off-vkeyboard"). 
      • Scroll the split keyboard middle column.
    5. After the installation of Dolphin core and the English+emoticons keyboard for Dolphin, when triggering the issues 6.1. and 6.2. mentioned above, the virtual keyboard in a specific app (e.g. TinyEdit) was always killed completely. "Restart keyboard" in Sailfish Utilities did not help. Flipping to portrait orientation and back did not help, either. The virtual keyboard would not reappear. (I did not discover "Restart Keyboard Service" in the Dolphin settings app by then, maybe that would have made a difference.)
      After some hours and two reboots, while reproducing keyboard crashes due to issues 6.1. and 6.2. multiple times in order to document them, suddenly the Dolphin English+emoticons keyboard began running stably.
      So now issues 6.1. and 6.2. just do not work, but do not cause crashes of the virtual keyboard anymore.
  7. Some people reported, that The Emoji Keyboard (keyboard-custom-emoji) is incompatible with Dolphin Core, but the Dolphin Core RPM seems to not conflict with the keyboard-custom-emoji RPM. Thus they may be both installed at the same time, exhibiting issues (no idea which, see below).
    I have not tried to reproduce this issue, as I manually uninstalled keyboard-custom-emoji in Warehouse before installing Dolphin Core and the Dolphin English+ keyboard.

I am aware, that 1., 2., 4., 5., 6.1., 6.4. and 7. are known issues (and 6.2. very likely closely related to 6.1.), but found only one of the two workarounds for issue 6.1. documented.

HTH and kudos for this really nice software, alleviating the dire need for Arrow Keys in Jolla's original keyboard layouts, obsoleting the old emoticon keyboard from Warehouse and making Function Keys accessible in the virtual keyboard.

vinc_e's picture

The keyboard feels good and great, but the "auto-commit on space" does not work for me, even after enabling it in the options. Perhaps I missed something? 

Also, does anyone knows if there is source code? I found this but the code seems out of date.

cvp's picture

i want use this keyboard on SFOS-Port on Oneplus X but is downst work. Is there a solution for ?

Unklar's picture

I have this issue too, do you have a solution by now?

saberaltria's picture

Sorry, I don't know.

fravaccaro's picture

It's because of the lack of the jolla-xt9 package on ported devices.

SaimenSays's picture

I've done a de+ layout. It uses the files 'de+.qml' and 'de+conf':

Copied to ' /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts' gives me a working german version.

But how can I get the german word predictions?

mautz's picture


you have to change the language in Xt9Handler.qml. 

In line 22 change 

language: "EN"


language: "DE"


SaimenSays's picture

Thanks! 2 Characters solve it ;)

BillyHalley's picture

I tried to make an italian keyboard layout by copying it.qml content in en+.qml, before latest update it worked, now there are some different problems.
The first is that in dolphin directory the file ContextAwareCommaKey.qml is missing
Second there is some problem with DeadKey and AccentedCharacterKey wich I can't find a solution at the moment

DameCENO's picture

I have an issue to report, since the caplock can no longer be activated on custom keyboard other than the system keyboard, a fix would be greatly appreciated

Schturman's picture

If you don't want to wait for official update, you can do it manually:
I already updated my keyboard with this fix :)

MoritzJT's picture

First off big thanks for the update! It switches blazingly fast again. Very nice!
I also like the new Emoji. I wish we had a unicode font accompanying it. Now we get a lot of empty boxes other than in WhatsUp. Nothing I know could change that. Maybe someone has an idea?

A few bugs and issues:

1: Clipboard delete notice (the hovering one) not aligned to the left of the screen, instead aligned to the right of clipboard icon

2: Caps lock not working

3: No ability to reset Emoji history

4: Emoji and clipboard have to be scrolled in when bringing up keyboard

5: Export of DB/dictionary not working

Can we get more languages & layouts please? Without modding the existing english one. Or a description on how to...

caprico's picture

Issue with upgrade

- After upgrade I can't see lettres in special characters pop-up anymore

- Removing Dolphin Keyboard and reboot solved the problem

Jordi's picture

After restarting the service, the situation has improved: a long press on the letters with special characters shows all these special characters, save the main one!

So, definitively usable but this small bug is annoying!

Edit: it's working after the upgrade 1.3-2. Had to reboot, restart the service is not sufficient.

MoritzJT's picture

Switching to this keyboard via longpress spacebar and release takes up to 5 seconds now, can this be fixed? Also is the porting guide mentioned somewhere in the comments really a good way? Can't we build our own keyboard without modifying xt9handler?

BillyHalley's picture

I can't use the option to auto commit with spacebar, there's anyone who can use it? ( i'm on

By the way great keyboard :)

I used @cvp 's method to convert it in italian, with the only difference that i didn't rename the files en+.qml and en+.conf, when i renamed them to it+ it didn't work, but i get it working anyway

saberaltria's picture

Really sorry for my late reply. First of all, I believe you are English user, right? That function "space commit" is generally for Chinese input method only, but if you need it, I may consider add that function to English keyboard.

MoritzJT's picture

Could you provide a porting guide so we can make other language keyboard & emoji combinations?

mautz's picture
mautz's picture

Hi, the word prediction is missing in Or do i have to alter one of the config files?

ThomasAH's picture

I'm having the same issue, although I am using Sailfish

Since I upgraded to Dolphin 1.2.8, the predicted words have become invisible. I can still see the emoji icon and the arrow icons, but the rest is not being displayed. The predicted words are still there though, because if I touch the empty area where the predicted words normally are, they show up in the text area.

Also, some emojis seem to be missing from the new layout.

In particular, I'm missing this one: and this one:

Above all, thanks for the new update and all your hard work! :)

saberaltria's picture

Really sorry about that and I apologise for my incomplete debugging and testing for all the keyboard. I only tested the keyboard with Chinese layout only and forgot about the English users.:(

I will try to fix it in this weekend :P

ThomasAH's picture

Thanks a lot for the update! I thought your response was quite fast :)

The word prediction is now working again!
For me, there are still two small 'bugs' though unfortunately:

1. The two emojis I mentioned earlier still seem to be missing
2. If I remember correctly, the 'emoji-icon' on the keyboard used to be always visible in previous versions of Dolphin Keyboard, so that you could add-in emojis anytime you liked (after pressing spacebar). Now, the emoji-icon is sometimes not visible after I press spacebar, so I have to manually scroll to word-prediction bar to the left (if you know what I mean) to reach the emoji-icon.

If there's anything I can do to further test keyboard behaviour or anything just let me know!

mautz's picture

Thank you, everythings back to normal!!

chenliangchen's picture

Hi Saberaltria,

Thank you for your effort on developing. Will you be able to enable physical keyboard input with BT or TOH Keyboard for Chinese Pinyin? Thank you!


Jordi's picture

Superb work, a donation is underway!

saberaltria's picture

Thz :)

cvp's picture

Very nice keyboard. I modit for german lang. iIts very easy!


en+.conf => unname in fi+.conf, edit it and change it withwhat you like e.g. name=Finland +
languageCode=FI +

than edit this file:

Xt9Handler.qml , there is a line "language: "EN" => just edit to FI

than edit and rename this:

en+.qml rename => to fi+.qml, than edit this file (fi+.qml) and copy past from "fi .qml" in to fi+.qml BUT only the Letters!!!! not complete :) 

hope you understand it. I try it witht German and works perfect!