N9 RepoMirror

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Actual n9repomirror.list which contains the following repositories:

1) https://coderus.openrepos.net/n9mirror/ (instead dead Nokia-repositories)

2) http://mirror.thecust.net/harmattan-dev.nokia.com/

Default obsolete Nokia repositories will be disabled.

This will allow you to enable developer-mode after phone flashing (reset) etc.

Thanks to CODeRUS and basil_s for support!


Application versions: 
File n9repomirror_0.7.2_armel.deb13.16 KB14/10/2015 - 21:41
File n9repomirror_0.6.0_armel.deb13.14 KB26/05/2015 - 11:23

0.7.2: Regions script update
0.7.1: All regions support (need test!)
0.6.0: Disable sdk repository by default
0.5.0: Enable repository mirrors and disable obsolete Nokia repositories.


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There are two repo-links in description, they're active...

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Yes, thats true. Alredy checked. In the browser they works, but my N9 doesn#t see any updates...

Maybe because i'm PR_009 ?

I checked also the contents of the /etc/apt/sources.list.d

There are 3 files:

aegis.ssu-keyring-009.list (0 bytes)

n9repomirror.lis with all correct Repos

osa.list (22 bytes)

Anything wrong here?

Is it possible to install al developermode aps without root from the filecase?

Oh... It was so simply anything with Nokia N900:

Terminal: please

Root Acess: please

SSH: No problem

Aegis Restrictions: Nada....

Where are the good times gone....


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Maybe. I have the PR_009 too, but I try since three months to activate developer mode: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=96018&page=5. So an apt-get update doesn't work too :(

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N9 Begins! Thanks!

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also on a 340 version (Denmark) & Struggling with the /etc/apt/sorces.list.d
is there some way to install FileboxRoot (like the one from the N9Qtweak)? otherwise Windows users don't have much choice in repacking the deb file...

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I have PR1.3 firmware with version code 340 (Denmark). N9RepoMirror version 0.7.1 fails to install, I can't update from version 0.6.0 either. Can you help?

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i installed 0.6 which worked. then i installed warehouse installer, warehouse which also worked pretty fine. but then when i wanted to update the n9repomirror to 0.71 it always fails the update any ideas guys? thank you!

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my phone cannot install it. installation fails.

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I just tested the app with my Malaysian N9 (region 005) and it won't install. The installer just crashes and said it was cancelled.

I'm going to flash it to region 001 to see if that works.

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Thank you, you saved my phone!


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I have N9, freshly restarted. Problem is old Nokia repository is not working. I have found instructions to install this repomirror that will allow me to install dependency notice and developer mode. I can install repomirror no problem but when installing warehouse with warehouse installer I am stuck error cache not refreshed, when installing developer mode I have download fail. I beleive this solution is not working for freshly restarted devices anymore. Please help, N9 is useless without this. Thanks!

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I had the same issues and factory reset won't help. You'll have to flash you device again with PR 1.3. Good luck :)

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thanks a lot ancelad, basil & CODeRUS! it worked! installed the version 0.6.0 and was able to install developer mode! i was about to change to ios but now im happy to stick to my n9! :)

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bro...could u tell me how did u do it

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i installed repomirror 0.6.0 and then installed warehouse. then i think i enabled some repositories of Ancelad & basil. i tried to install developer mode from settings directly but was getting error. i rebooted my device and tried again and it was able to install.

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But how did you intall anything in the first place? On a freshly flashed N9, the only option (that I know of) to install anything is the "store" app, with is long dead. So how did you manage to install warehouse? How can I configure my sources without any terminal, let alone root access?

Thank you all for you messages

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- settings > applications > installations > allow installations from non-store sources

- set up internet access

- browse to https://openrepos.net/content/cepiperez/filebox

- download & install filebox

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update hangs at 95% till i updated and i cannot install packages now..

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thanks a lot...

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I also have installed the version 06 of repomirror but still cannot activate developer mode

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I can not install version 0.6.0. from Warehouse - there is a message like this(I don't know how to attach an image of the error):

Operation failed: E: Sub-process

/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)


Is there another way to install this?

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I have the same problem. After I clear the device I cannot install N9 repomirror.


OK. If someone still have this problem:

Operation failed: E: Sub-process

/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Can do what I do :)
First. Install Filebox: https://openrepos.net/content/cepiperez/filebox
Second. Run Filebox -> Setting-> Show hiden file and Show all file system

Third. Go to /etc/apt/sorces.list.d and copy aegis.ssu-keyring-341.list to /home/user/MyDocs

Connect N9 to PC and edit aegis.ssu-keyring-341.list from this:
deb https://qa9recEP:Pat2UGuP@downloads.maemo.nokia.com/harmattan/341 ./
deb https://qa9recEP:Pat2UGuP@downloads.maemo.nokia.com/harmattan/apps ./
deb https://qa9recEP:Pat2UGuP@downloads.maemo.nokia.com/harmattan/tools ./

To this:
deb https://coderus.openrepos.net/n9mirror/001 ./
deb https://coderus.openrepos.net/n9mirror/apps ./
deb https://coderus.openrepos.net/n9mirror/tools ./

Save changes and disconnect N9 from PC. Now you have to swap the origin file in /etc/apt/sorces.list.d  with this in /home/user/MyDocs using Filebox.

Sorry for my bad english. Good luck :)

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tried to do what you suggested and I find out the files installed by N9RepoMirror are somewhat "garbled" (will eventually publish them), but how do you write back to /etc/apt/sources.list.d? Filebox says I don't have permission to do this, and in fact I am not root :(


EDIT: had to repack the .deb after editing "postinst" script, my N9 still had a file "aegis-ssu-keyring-232.list" probably from older Harmattan release.

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thanks a lot. Had the same issue, devel-mode could not be installed and therefor devel-su was not possible. But with your trick, root access is not required. So just as a step by step procedure:

  1. Copy the current n9repomirror_0.6.0_armel.deb to your PC (by filebox or similar)
  2. Extract deb-file and modify postinst
  3. Replace aegis-ssu-keyring-001.list in line with your aegis-ssu-keyring-XXX.list
  4. Create .deb with dpkg-deb -b and copy it back to your N9
  5. Execute modified deb-file

Your aegis-ssu-keyring-XXX.list should be now emptied in the same way as aegis-ssu-keyring-001.list has been done before.

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had to replace my n9 by another one.

Finally managed to install warehouse, o far so good

but now trying for three days to install N9repomirror.deb, installation was cancelled.

tried after resetting device, tried with backup from old device installed but no result.

Cannot even access devel-su in terminal. Any suggestions?

Any idea is appreciated because i still use the phone as my daily driver


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Flash your device again with PR 1.3.

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у меня обе версии включают Dev_mode, но все равно не могу установить ни Power analysis, ни Performance

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Установить версию 0.5, проверить наличие обновлений через управления приложениями (или выполнить apt-get update), нажать на установку performance. Если показывает ошибку, выполнить apt-get install devtools-performance и посмотреть что за ошибки.

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пардон за размер. не знаю, как сжать. отправлял с н9. удалить? дайте знать

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Установите версию 0.6.0, или в файле /etc/apt/sources.list.d/n9repomirror.list закоментируйте последний репозиторий "Nokia-binaries". Сделайте apt-get update, после этого установка пройдет корректно.