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An unofficial Telegram Client for SailfishOS.

Implemented Features

  1. Basic Notifications
  2. Group and Members Management (Create/Add/Invite/Delete)
  3. Secret Chats (bugfixes needed)
  4. Basic Profile Management
  5. File Transfer (even from SD Card)
  6. Image/Audio/Video/Document messages types are supported
  7. Integrated SignUp procedure
  8. Emoji Support
  9. Bubbles during conversations (they can be disabled)
  10. Stickers
  11. Daemon (must be enabled in settings)
  12. Audio Messages

Known Issues

  1. Uploads can't be cancelled
  2. Secret Chats needs to be improved (Cutegram's libraries needs to be fixed)
  3. No checkmarks with russian layout:

1.0 Roadmap

  1. Broadcast Channels
  2. Supergroups

Project Information

Localization Platform
Source Code:

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailorgram-0.5-1.armv7hl.rpm551.62 KB05/07/2015 - 14:14
File harbour-sailorgram-0.6-1.armv7hl.rpm560.85 KB08/07/2015 - 13:14
File harbour-sailorgram-0.7-1.armv7hl.rpm867.41 KB19/07/2015 - 11:29
File harbour-sailorgram-0.71-1.armv7hl.rpm872.22 KB24/07/2015 - 13:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.72-2.armv7hl.rpm895.51 KB11/10/2015 - 17:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.72-2.i486.rpm985.39 KB11/10/2015 - 17:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.73-5.i486.rpm2.79 MB31/12/2015 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.73-5.armv7hl.rpm2.67 MB31/12/2015 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.79-1.armv7hl.rpm2.9 MB02/02/2016 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.79-1.i486.rpm3.05 MB02/02/2016 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.80-2.armv7hl.rpm2.92 MB19/02/2016 - 21:15
File harbour-sailorgram-0.80-2.i486.rpm3.06 MB19/02/2016 - 21:15

Version 0.80-2

  • Notifications will be deleted if a message is readed from another client
  • It's possible to send multiple files from file picker (thanks goes to Maldela for the implementation)
  • Secret chats are now visible in Sailorgram's cover
  • It's possible to reply to messages
  • SearchBox will be scrolled along with the chats
  • Searchbox's hidden by default ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • SearchBox's visible setting is persistent
  • Implemented message forwarding
  • Messages can be marked as readed directly from the Chat page
  • Moved "Settings" and "Profile" menu in Contacts page
  • Profile images are now clickable ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • Pinch to zoom enabled in Image Viewer ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • Quoted media messages are now visible
  • Unified single chats, groups and secret chats components
  • Location type messages will be opened with Maps application
  • Implemented Webpage media messages
  • Implemented Venue media messages
  • Deleted 0.5x and 0.6x legacy code
  • Removed more legacy code from media messages, improved appereance and behavior
  • Improved connection reliability
  • Redesigned Profile page
  • Redesigned Contacts page
  • Fixed an unwanted newline when sending messages using the enter key
  • Polished UI
  • Updated LibQTelegram and TelegramQML to upstream
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations
  • REV2: Improved message forwarding
  • REV2: Fixed Audio recording

Version 0.79-1

  • Implemented Sticker support
  • Implemented Daemon support
  • Full featured notification management
  • New sharing center which replaces the old file picker ( thanks thebootroo :) )
  • New cover implementation ( thanks toxip :) )
  • Emoji's engine now takes care of skin color/tone
  • Implemented support for Location type messages
  • Media Messages' caption is now displayed (if any)
  • It's possible to change the Bubble's opacity from settings
  • Added "soft" notification during conversation (a small "bip")
  • It' possibile to use a second style for bubbles (can be enabled in settings)
  • Sticker sets can be installed by long pressing it during a conversation
  • The client now sends/receives typing state to/from other users
  • Dropped HeartBeat
  • Improved UI
  • Performance boost
  • New icon ( thanks again toxip :) )
  • Updated LibQTelegram and TelegramQML to upstream
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.73-5

  • Fixed ContactsPage
  • Fixed Cover Actions
  • Added "Global Mute" setting in cover actions
  • New Emoji Set
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.73-1

  • Backported UI enhancements from 0.8x branch
  • Updated to the latest Cutegram libraries available
  • Implemented Emoji support
  • Implemented Bubbles
  • Bubble can be removed, if needed
  • Improved message loading from history
  • Improved File Picker's UI
  • Restored image previews in File Picker
  • Swapped Settings <-> Contacts page
  • Mentions, Links and Quotes are highlighted during conversations
  • Links are clickable
  • Adjusted and fixed UI glitches
  • Redesigned conversation page
  • Completely restructured source code
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated Localizations
  • Minor Fixes

Version 0.72-2

  • Bug fixes in chat's background settings
  • i486 support (tablet)

Version 0.72-1

  • Added check for username availability
  • Added setting for show/hide chat header
  • Added an option that allows to load more messages from history
  • Fixed missing cover action issue
  • Redesigned settings UI
  • Initial support for Debugging tools (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Improved SignIn procedure with debugging tools (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Complete rewrite of notification management (fixes notifications issue for groups)
  • Fixed the UI in landscape mode
  • Adjusted TextArea's height when pasting long messages
  • Heavy bugfix and improvements in media management
  • Updated Cutegram libraries
  • Updated Localizations
  • Minor Fixes

Version 0.71-1

  • Always Display FirstName + LastName instead of UserName
  • Improved Conversations Page
  • Restored "Download" menu during conversations
  • Fixed FilePicker crash
  • Implemented pure audio/video message support (testing needed, Sailfish needs some extra codecs)
  • Conversation's background can be disabled
  • BUGFIX: Delete secret chats if ENCRYPTION_ALREADY_DECLINED is triggered (LibQTelegram)
  • BUGFIX: Mark secret chat messages as read (TelegramQML)
  • BUGFIX: Set max_date parameter when calling Telegram's API messages.readEncryptedHistory (TelegramQML)
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.7-1

  • Implemented Secret Chats (more work needed)
  • Implemented HeartBeat so it is possible to see client and Telegram status
  • Completed Client SignUp procedure (more testing needed)
  • Implemented Integrated Image Viewer
  • Implemented Integrated Audio/Video Player
  • Improved Group Management
  • Basic Profile Management
  • It is possible to send messages using "Enter" key
  • Updated Cutegram Libraries to the latest available version
  • Polished UI
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localziations

Version 0.6-1

  • Implemented Group Management (Member Management, Group Creation/Deletion/Invite)
  • Conversations and Groups are separated in two different sections
  • Display Telegram's service messages in chat
  • Improved Conversation UI
  • Added Cover Actions
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.5-1

  • First Public Release


DuncanS's picture

Many thanks Dax, option 1 fixed it, but just to point out I had to select 'show hidden files' in the file browser settings (for any other tyros like me). App looks fantastic, and just the job. :)

naveenrv's picture

Images don't seem to load anymore. Is this a known issue?

Dax's picture

In conversations?

naveenrv's picture

Yes, in conversations. The circle that shows loading status keeps rotating endlessly

Dax's picture

There are two types of messages that are handled in a differently:

  1. Pure Photo: Message is displayed as an image
  2. Photo sent as File: A small thumbnail with filename and size displayed in the right part

Is it possible to know which type is? (Checking it with the official client, if needed)


naveenrv's picture

This is just for pure photos. Works on the official telegram app though

timetourist's picture

This question might sound very naive, but it just came to my mind... Are all connections between Sailorgram and the Telegram servers encrypted? So even if I'm using a public WiFi my traffic is secured?

Dax's picture


MTProto is used in order to communicate with Telegram Servers.
More info here:

Secret Chats have an additional layer of protection

timetourist's picture

Thank you!! This app should receive official support through Jolla. Since Jolla possitions itself as a good choice for privacy advocates, secure messaging should have highest priority.

alina's picture

Ok, so let me report some minor bugs: ;)

1) New Message cover action disappears after opening a voice message (which leads to media cover actions), i.e. closing audio files should restore New Message cover action.

2) Saving an audio file will show a notification "Image was saved in Gallery", the saved file was OGX saved in ~/Music.

3) [As mentioned before] Download menu item doesn't disappear after having the media file (both photo and audio) downloaded.

4) Scrolling doesn't work in multilined messages so if you paste a long text you can't see nor edit the first lines currently out of page; instead, it reveals pully menu.

5) Notifications: Disable Notifications doesn't work for groups. The pully menu option stays unchanged and the app keeps notifying about groups with Disabled Notifications, however works for individuals.

6) Profile editor: When changing username the app doesn't return any errors for existing usernames.

7) The chats main page needs some work for better landscape support.

alina's picture

I'm happy you're back, and I hope you've had good vacations. :)

The bugs (2), (3), (4), (7) are fixed in 0.71-10 dev edition.

Dax's picture

Yes :)

You was right about automatic downloads: in some circumstances pure photo messages was downloaded automatically.

It's fixed now, you will see the thumbnails first, complete medias are downloaded when you click on it.

Media management received lots of fixes in this dev-version.

Dax's picture

1) Fix in 0.72

2) Typo in string, I will fix it in 0.72, saving audio files in "Music" folder is a feature, Telegram records audio in OGX format, that's why vanilla Sailfish can't play it.

3) Fix in 0.72

4) Fix in 0.72

5) Fix in 0.72

6) Known issue: that Telegram's API is missing in Cutegram's library, I need to implement it myself and send a patch to Cutegram's developer.

7) I know, maybe I can reduce the header a bit :)

alina's picture

To improve conversation page (especially in landscape), what do you think about removing the whole header, just like Messages app? Because the sender name is displayed with every single message.

Dax's picture

I can make a switch button in settings so everyone can customize the view when he/she likes

alina's picture

It'll be great!

alina's picture

Thanks for your reply.

7) I mean the first page which shows the green/red dot for status and lists all conversations and groups.

Dax's picture

Aaah, the main page!

If you have any ideas in order to improve it, post here! :)

alina's picture

No idea, it doesn't fill the whole screen.

Dax's picture

Sorry, my fault, I've never noticed!

It will be fixed in 0.72

gri4994's picture

Thanks for the features! 

objectifnul's picture
Hi. Would like to make some correction in "harbour-sailorgram-fr.qm" and send it back to you. Any utility available to do so?
Dax's picture

I'm using Transifex for localizations:

You can contact French team there or create an account and make the corrections yourself!

objectifnul's picture

Done, thx.

UiPo1goo's picture

Great work. But sometimes won't reconnect because does not show newest messages like in TG.

Don't use other UI handling and display, use the Sailfish way.

Give me a bitcoin address and you will get a small tip.

Dax's picture

It seems to be related to Cutegram's library:
I will make some tests in order to fix it!

I have added BitCoin's address in the project's description.
Thanks! :)

zash1958's picture

Crash sending (selecting) photos.

Hi, great work so far!

But in version 7 we can only select some first in order and small photos for sending. If I try to scroll down my cameras folder content the app will crash. I think it is a problem with picture size an/or preview before selecting a photo.

It crashes BEFORE I can select a photo!

Lots of greetings




Dax's picture

So, the issue is in the file picker?

If yes, the crash can be triggered when the small thumbnail is generated, or when its size is calculated (maybe it' a division by 0), I will make some tests :)

Thanks for reporting!

zash1958's picture



seems to be the file picker. First photos in the list may work, but scrolling down the list crashes the app.


alina's picture

Thanks again for the great update and for great new features implemented!

The new UI is beautiful, I like it. The integrated photo viewer is great, and the option to save in gallery works as it should. But it seems the media are downloaded automatically now. And I can't hear audio messages yet.

Further, there is no options to send messages with Enter. Where to find it?

Unfortunately the bug about showing contacts' usernames instead of their names still exists.