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An unofficial Telegram Client for SailfishOS.

Implemented Features

  1. Basic Notifications
  2. Group and Members Management (Create/Add/Invite/Delete)
  3. Secret Chats (bugfixes needed)
  4. Basic Profile Management
  5. File Transfer (even from SD Card)
  6. Image/Audio/Video/Document messages types are supported
  7. Integrated SignUp procedure
  8. Emoji Support
  9. Bubbles during conversations (they can be disabled)
  10. Stickers
  11. Daemon (must be enabled in settings)
  12. Audio Messages

Known Issues

  1. Uploads can't be cancelled
  2. Secret Chats needs to be improved (Cutegram's libraries needs to be fixed)
  3. No checkmarks with russian layout:

1.0 Roadmap

  1. Broadcast Channels
  2. Supergroups

Project Information

Localization Platform
Source Code:

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailorgram-0.5-1.armv7hl.rpm551.62 KB05/07/2015 - 14:14
File harbour-sailorgram-0.6-1.armv7hl.rpm560.85 KB08/07/2015 - 13:14
File harbour-sailorgram-0.7-1.armv7hl.rpm867.41 KB19/07/2015 - 11:29
File harbour-sailorgram-0.71-1.armv7hl.rpm872.22 KB24/07/2015 - 13:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.72-2.armv7hl.rpm895.51 KB11/10/2015 - 17:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.72-2.i486.rpm985.39 KB11/10/2015 - 17:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.73-5.i486.rpm2.79 MB31/12/2015 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.73-5.armv7hl.rpm2.67 MB31/12/2015 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.79-1.armv7hl.rpm2.9 MB02/02/2016 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.79-1.i486.rpm3.05 MB02/02/2016 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.80-2.armv7hl.rpm2.92 MB19/02/2016 - 21:15
File harbour-sailorgram-0.80-2.i486.rpm3.06 MB19/02/2016 - 21:15

Version 0.80-2

  • Notifications will be deleted if a message is readed from another client
  • It's possible to send multiple files from file picker (thanks goes to Maldela for the implementation)
  • Secret chats are now visible in Sailorgram's cover
  • It's possible to reply to messages
  • SearchBox will be scrolled along with the chats
  • Searchbox's hidden by default ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • SearchBox's visible setting is persistent
  • Implemented message forwarding
  • Messages can be marked as readed directly from the Chat page
  • Moved "Settings" and "Profile" menu in Contacts page
  • Profile images are now clickable ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • Pinch to zoom enabled in Image Viewer ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • Quoted media messages are now visible
  • Unified single chats, groups and secret chats components
  • Location type messages will be opened with Maps application
  • Implemented Webpage media messages
  • Implemented Venue media messages
  • Deleted 0.5x and 0.6x legacy code
  • Removed more legacy code from media messages, improved appereance and behavior
  • Improved connection reliability
  • Redesigned Profile page
  • Redesigned Contacts page
  • Fixed an unwanted newline when sending messages using the enter key
  • Polished UI
  • Updated LibQTelegram and TelegramQML to upstream
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations
  • REV2: Improved message forwarding
  • REV2: Fixed Audio recording

Version 0.79-1

  • Implemented Sticker support
  • Implemented Daemon support
  • Full featured notification management
  • New sharing center which replaces the old file picker ( thanks thebootroo :) )
  • New cover implementation ( thanks toxip :) )
  • Emoji's engine now takes care of skin color/tone
  • Implemented support for Location type messages
  • Media Messages' caption is now displayed (if any)
  • It's possible to change the Bubble's opacity from settings
  • Added "soft" notification during conversation (a small "bip")
  • It' possibile to use a second style for bubbles (can be enabled in settings)
  • Sticker sets can be installed by long pressing it during a conversation
  • The client now sends/receives typing state to/from other users
  • Dropped HeartBeat
  • Improved UI
  • Performance boost
  • New icon ( thanks again toxip :) )
  • Updated LibQTelegram and TelegramQML to upstream
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.73-5

  • Fixed ContactsPage
  • Fixed Cover Actions
  • Added "Global Mute" setting in cover actions
  • New Emoji Set
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.73-1

  • Backported UI enhancements from 0.8x branch
  • Updated to the latest Cutegram libraries available
  • Implemented Emoji support
  • Implemented Bubbles
  • Bubble can be removed, if needed
  • Improved message loading from history
  • Improved File Picker's UI
  • Restored image previews in File Picker
  • Swapped Settings <-> Contacts page
  • Mentions, Links and Quotes are highlighted during conversations
  • Links are clickable
  • Adjusted and fixed UI glitches
  • Redesigned conversation page
  • Completely restructured source code
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated Localizations
  • Minor Fixes

Version 0.72-2

  • Bug fixes in chat's background settings
  • i486 support (tablet)

Version 0.72-1

  • Added check for username availability
  • Added setting for show/hide chat header
  • Added an option that allows to load more messages from history
  • Fixed missing cover action issue
  • Redesigned settings UI
  • Initial support for Debugging tools (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Improved SignIn procedure with debugging tools (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Complete rewrite of notification management (fixes notifications issue for groups)
  • Fixed the UI in landscape mode
  • Adjusted TextArea's height when pasting long messages
  • Heavy bugfix and improvements in media management
  • Updated Cutegram libraries
  • Updated Localizations
  • Minor Fixes

Version 0.71-1

  • Always Display FirstName + LastName instead of UserName
  • Improved Conversations Page
  • Restored "Download" menu during conversations
  • Fixed FilePicker crash
  • Implemented pure audio/video message support (testing needed, Sailfish needs some extra codecs)
  • Conversation's background can be disabled
  • BUGFIX: Delete secret chats if ENCRYPTION_ALREADY_DECLINED is triggered (LibQTelegram)
  • BUGFIX: Mark secret chat messages as read (TelegramQML)
  • BUGFIX: Set max_date parameter when calling Telegram's API messages.readEncryptedHistory (TelegramQML)
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.7-1

  • Implemented Secret Chats (more work needed)
  • Implemented HeartBeat so it is possible to see client and Telegram status
  • Completed Client SignUp procedure (more testing needed)
  • Implemented Integrated Image Viewer
  • Implemented Integrated Audio/Video Player
  • Improved Group Management
  • Basic Profile Management
  • It is possible to send messages using "Enter" key
  • Updated Cutegram Libraries to the latest available version
  • Polished UI
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localziations

Version 0.6-1

  • Implemented Group Management (Member Management, Group Creation/Deletion/Invite)
  • Conversations and Groups are separated in two different sections
  • Display Telegram's service messages in chat
  • Improved Conversation UI
  • Added Cover Actions
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.5-1

  • First Public Release


Dax's picture

I need it for the Sign Up/In page :)

Dax's picture


gri4994's picture

endless connecting :(

Dax's picture

Telegram servers are under DDoS attack, I have the same issue.

Is not related to the client

gorguiheld's picture

I cannot register, I receive the code but I cannot log in. Is it also because of the attack?

Dax's picture

If you refer to the Sign Up procedure, It's a known issue and will be fixed in 0.7!

Reported Here:

PawelSpoon's picture

Great Job . Those features that are there are perfectly realiable!

Jordi's picture

Great work! Thanks for that.

Eagerly waiting for the next steps of the roadmap.

ari_jarvio's picture
It's so nice to see how good and serious vision you have and how enthusiastic you are with SailorGram (Telegram). I give you 5 stars with pleasure. We Jolla users deserve high quality applications, not only joking apps, and I see that you think exactly same way by making first exelent WebPirate and then this. I appreciate your good attitude. Keep going your good working.
Dax's picture

Thanks! :))

claustn's picture

maaa, non è che avresti voglia di fare un porting per Meego Harmattan? :)

Dax's picture


Mi è stato chiesto via mail svariate volte da quando ho rilasciato l'app.
Purtroppo non ho mai sviluppato su MeeGo e non saprei come fare, inoltre non ho un telefono dove posso fare i test.

Se qualcuno vuole utilizzare il codice di SailorGram ed adattarlo a MeeGo (non dovrebbe essere difficile) io gli do tutto il supporto necessario :)

Quasar's picture

After entering activation code "Sign Up" is still inactive)) Did anybode try to register via SailorGram?

Dax's picture

It's an untested feature (I don't have a spare phone number to register at the moment), I will fix it in 0.7

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the issue!

Quasar's picture

Thank you for the app)

faiden's picture

If this is going to be as good as Webpirate we are going to have a great app..

However Im stuck at waiting for that sms containing the activation and can't move from the screen.

Dax's picture

I don't know why, but if you have Telegram for Android or the Desktop version, the activaction code will be sent there.

However I will add a button in order to resend the activaction code (sometimes, very rarely, Telegram replies with an error code and the activation procedure must be repeated) :)

Please, let me know if you are registering an account using the application, because this feature is untested! :)

spidernik84's picture

Well done Dax. You managed to release a lightweight and functional Telegram client in two weeks, hats off! :)

I hope you can implement the daemon side soon and ideally the encryption part. At this stage I can't ask you more, it's functional and stable in its basic form for me.


Dax's picture

The daemon is planned! :)
I can implement it for 0.7, but I don't promise anything.

Currently, the (ideal) roadmap for 0.7 is:

  1. Complete Group Management (started in 0.6)
  2. Complete Media Management with Audio/Video and polish the implementation (the current one is a bit ugly for my taste)
  3. Begin the work with Secret Chats
  4. Profile Management?


PS: Italiano? :O

spidernik84's picture

Ah, it's probably just me asking for the daemon so soon! Sailfish can multitask well, we can survive.

Your roadmap is great.
Out of curiosity: is there any connection health check or auto-reconnect to Telegram services? Today I could not send or receive messages. I had to close the application and open it again and it immediately received the messages (the queued outgoing ones disappeared, though, and were never received by the other side). I put the phone in airplane mode last night and at work I have a pretty unstable wifi, maybe it had something to do with it. 

Keep up the great work!

PS: sì ;)


Dax's picture

Mmmmh, I have looked Cutegram's library source code, and yes, it seems that there is some function/signal related to the connection status, I will add it in 0.7!

PS: Ah bene :D

Henuka's picture

Looking great!

1 more android app to get rid off. Option to send from "Enter" would make it even better :)

Dax's picture

Ok, I will be available it in the next version :)

gri4994's picture

can you use white font on cover instead of green?

Dax's picture

Sure! :)

alina's picture

I like the colors, because they help me to get the status just in a glance. But I think a center-aligned multi-lined text will be more beautiful; something like what Whatsup is using:

Whatsup cover

boebbele's picture

You're awesome! After a long wait a Telegramapp which is promising.

I hope you come forward quickly :-) Because Jollagram still not working well for me.

alina's picture

Wow, I didn't expect the new release this soon! Great! Thanks again!

An annoying minor bug is to display user IDs instead of my saved names for contacts.

Dax's picture

Usually I release 0.x series rather quickly :)

About your issue: I will fix it in 0.7, thanks for reporting!

pilsL0ve's picture

this is looking great man, working good so far, keep it up! hope to see a fully functional telegram app at some time.