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An unofficial client for TED. It's still an early alpha version, but you can already:

- See the currently most popular talks
- Search for talks
- See some details about a talk
- And sure... watch talks ;-)

Furthermore, following features are planned:

- Mark talks as favorites
- Discover talks and speakers
- Download talks for offline usage

This application has been developed using the TED API and is not an official service of TED.

This app has no icon yet. Maybe someone can contribute one, this would be awesome :)

Application versions: 
File harbour-talks-0.0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm24.92 KB03/06/2015 - 22:36

- Added event name and date of the event to the talk details
- Added portrait mode for talks


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that's a real nice app. Annoyances I found: When searching, the result window does not scroll in landscape view. It scrolls nicely in portrait view. When pausing, the screen will never shut off, however, it goes to sleep when playing a speech.

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Thanks, yes you are right with the guidelines, they are important to not cause trouble. I will wait for the icon from caprico and then decide.

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sure saw to late that caprico started to work on Icon

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I'm working on an icon - a bit tight on time at the moment, but I'll show it here soon. Your app looks great so far, love it!

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Cool, looking forward to it - Thanks :-)

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really, really, really cool. One of my most heavy used apps on android. One android app less. thank you!

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@Anz thanks for the ideas, will add both date details and portrait view.

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Is there a way to show date of the talk in details. Portrait view wouldn't hurt either ;)

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Implemented and released both in new version 0.0.3.