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WLAN Monitor initiates scanning for WiFi networks and displays a list of found BSS base stations.


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File wlanmon-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm35.84 KB15/03/2015 - 20:31

* Sun Mar 15 2015 Vasili Bulkin <bulkin@letterboxes.org> 0.2-1
- Version 0.2:
  * Fixed SSIDs with spaces
  * Fixed UI discoverability problem:
    details are now accessed by swiping
  * Added BSSID display in landscape mode
  * Added pause/resume
  * Added basic save/load functionality

* Mon Mar 09 2015 Vasili Bulkin <bulkin@letterboxes.org> 0.1-1
- Initial release



Ygorr's picture

thank you for great useful app.
Please add feature:
- To log/save list of APs every N (adjustable)seconds in new txt file(differing with the serial number or the date in the title). Or ability to append AP list data through interval to existing file.

bulkin's picture

A more flexible solution would be to just write a bash onliner, something like this:

for i in `seq 100` ; do iwhelper > ~/iw-list-$i & sleep 10 ; done

This will write the full output of iwlist scan (iwhelper is a binary installed with wlanmon so scanning does not require root) to files ~/iw-list-1..100 with an interval of 10 s. Want timestamps instead of indices? Easy: replace -$i with -`date +"%F-%T"`. Inifinite configuration possibilities.

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Updated to v0.2

Manankanchu's picture

Congrats -  what an incredibly fast way to fulfil wishlists !!!

  • BSSID presented in landscape
  • saving results of scan

Thanks heaps - great work !!

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Regarding the BSS details page, I didn't find it until I read your comment here that it exists. What about a white shine-through tutorial overlay that explains to the user that the functionality is there and what to do to access it? Besides the official jolla applications, I saw this in kodimote. I don't know whether it's the best way to implement it, but the relevant parts are the introLabel1 and introLabel2 here:


Regarding the actual access to the SSID details, my first intention was a long tap, like you would open the context menu in the email or notes application. I think it's intended to actually be a double tap? Long tapping works, but not as expected, because I have to lift my finger for the action to occur. Usually I just need to wait half a second or so and the action itself happens on its own. While I tried this, the SSIDs tend to slip away under my finger as a new scan moved their position, so I had to find it again. My proposal would be to use a half-second long press that gets you to the details page, and to not update the list while a finger taps on the screen.

While I think about it, pausing the scans in some way to be able to read everything whithout a new scan interrupting you wouldn't be a bad feature, either, and holding one finger on the screen not the worst gesture for pausing. But it would need to be explained in a tutorial, too, I guess.

Thanks for creating this, bulkin. Now I can stop carrying my trusty old N9 around for wlan monitoring. :-)

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The idea is that you tap to select an item, and tap a selected item to get to details. I'm thinking about improving this, adding a tutorial for such simple interactions is a sign of bad UI in my opinion. Pause/resume will be implemented in the next version.

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  • There's still TEST_VERY_LONG_NAME_name present in the list
  • My SSID with spaces in it displays only first word
  • Legend for the table would be nice
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Thanks for catching the SSID with spaces bug. Could you expand on the legend idea? The table display seems obvious to me: green, yellow and red signal levels.

Manankanchu's picture

Great work - had been waiting desperately for a WiFi scanner !!!

I dare pointing out 2 wishes (being very happy anyway ;) ):

- saving the list of results as file (simple text would be enough)

- allowing (activation in settings) display on BSSID level


bulkin's picture

Hi Manankanchu!

Thanks for your feedback. Concerning your feature requests: what use case do you have in mind for saving the result list? Would just piping the output of iwhelper (installed with wlanmon) to a file be enough? I didn't quite understand the second one: do you want the BSSID to be displayed along with/instead of the SSID?

Also, a question concerning usability: did you find the BSS details page and was it intuitive?

Manankanchu's picture

Took me quite a while to find the BSS details page by accident - maybe it's sufficient for a quick resolve to write in the App description on Warehouse "Double tap on network to show BSS details" ...

Piping iwhelper to a text file would be too much information for me, the screen content (SSID, channel, field strength) would be sufficient for me -  I currently simply take a screenshot.

BSSID is relevant for me, as I frequently check WiFi networks with many Access Points and it would be helpful to see, which AP (BSSID) delivers what fieldstrength at a given location. For me it would be great, an additional column would show the BSSID. I expect that this can be only used in landscape, so it would be helpful to allow switching off that feature in settings ...