CallLog patch (removed)

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For users who NOT use patchmanager & patchmanager-better-calllog !!!

This app will allow you to display contact number in call history.

Big thanks for the patch to velimir  from this thread:

* python package required for notifications.
* patch package required. Added to .spec file, but if app not work, just install it as root:

pkcon install -y patch

* Patch will be applied immediately after installation.
* Pressing on the icon will remove patch and restore orig CalLog file. Pressing again on the icon will apply path again.
* Uninstallation will remove patch and restore orig CalLog file.
* Is someone have problem with phone app after last system update, just unapply this patch and run this command as ROOT:

pkcon install -y voicecall-ui-jolla

after this you can use patch again...

* Adaptation for last sys update.

* same patch from velimir, compatible with last sys update.
* icon changed.

* Some changes to prevent problems after next system update.

* Avoiding duplicates of non-contacts numbers:

* Small improvement in script

* Compatible with last update (thanks to velimir)

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)


- Compatible with last system update (


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If it is removed why is it still here

purplewakanda's picture

It works great :) I was just waiting for a version to work with patchmanager.

Thank you :D


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last version doesn´t work with sailfishOS and I miss the additionel informations in callog :(

Have you planned an update next time?

Schturman's picture

Update uploaded... but you can start to use patchmanager ;)

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Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend.

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Nicely done Schturman!, it simply works!

Now to hide the icon, as I see no need to deactivate the patch, nice work man!, thanks!


Schturman's picture

thanks for comment ;)

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Any ideas on how I can hide the icon from launcher?, my usual methods don't work. 

Inside the .desltop file, I add `NoDisplay=true` which normally hides the icon but not in this case. I understand the launcher icon has a dual purpose, but I don't wish to deactivate the patch unless I really have to - any ideas welcomed.

Thanks :)

Schturman's picture

2 variations:

1. NoDisplay=true is work, tried just now. Put this before X-Desktop-File-Install-Version=0.20
if still see, try to refresh homescreen or reboot. I shouldn't do this, it immediately hide my icon...

2. add dot (.) at tje beginning oh the name of .desktop file:

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Thanks dude. I did the 'NoDiplay=true' as always, refreshed and this time it worked - I didn't do anything different than usual - weird. Oh well, sorted now :)

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when can we have new update for callon for new update - Vaarainjarvi

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just now uploaded ;)

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After the firmware update is not working ...

Schturman's picture

Ofcourse, because system package have new version and patch old. I'm wayting for official firmware update..

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Здорово! Ждём...

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Hi @Schturman , I lost my phone app when uninstalling CallLog patch. <how do I install the Phone app again?


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just see description above you ;)

pkcon install -y voicecall-ui-jolla

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I'd discourage use of this package since modifications like these should be disabled during system upgrades. And having discrete packages is asking to forget to uninstall one and hence asking for trouble.

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It doesn't harm you system, os update just override the patched file, that's all...

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Yes, I'm sure.. os update override patched file... But your are right, just now thinking about this.. If you have this patch applied and after system update will press on the icon, it will restore orig file from previous os version. I will add message to unapply patch before system update.

EDIT: Scripts changed a little, now shouldn't be any problem after os update (v0.3-2)

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Out of interest... why provide an application to include this patch over patchmanager-better-calllog? Do you have something against patchmanager?

Schturman's picture

No! Not at all :) Just not all people need patchmanager.. For example I needed it only because of date on the lockscreen and your calllog, but after last system update we have date and I don't see necessary to install patchmanager only because of calllog. Maybe I'm not alone and this is a reason I created this small package ;)
That's all...

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Yeaa, exactly ! ;)