Headphone Fix

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Do you have issues with your headphones?

With this small tool, it could be (hopefully) fixed.

  • Open the app
  • Plug in the headphones
  • Select the desired fix
  • You can close the app once you've selected the fix.

Remember that you need to use the fix again once you've plugged the headphone out.

Please note that specific headphones that are made for iPhones or Android decives aren't compatible with the Nokia N9, BUT there is a work around:

  • Hold down the "Pick up/Hang up" button from the headphones (the best is to use a tape so that it holds the button for you)
  • Plug the headphone into your phone
  • Use the fix
  • Profit!



This app is made by: Mitrandir

Application versions: 
File headphonefix_0.0.3_armel.deb17.2 KB20/06/2014 - 17:17


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HI , actually good work, If you could make it a permanent background running monitor that would trigger if ; trough it's settings it have been setted on , a screen choser (less coarse maybe) and only at detection of plugged devices, hearphone, headsets,lineout cable, video cable,third party headphone. That would be the very top.

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Too bad this is not possible from what I know of.
The device doesn't recognize it. And if you put it automatically, the default headphones won't work properly.

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