ttrss - Tiny Tiny RSS Reader for Jolla

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If you are looking for the Harmattan version, click here.

ttrss is a Tiny Tiny RSS Reader App for the Nokia N9 and Jolla smart phone, written using Qt/QML. It uses the Tiny Tiny RSS API.

Note that you absolutely need your own Tiny Tiny RSS Server Application as i can not provide one. Also the API has to be enabled via the webinterface.

If you want to contribute, feel free to use the Issue Tracker, send me a Pull Request or buy me a beer.

If you want to discuss, there is the official Thread.


- sort labels alphabetically
- support latvian special chars thanks to ajya
- show error message, when api results are not parseable
- updated chinese translation


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thanks for the new version! I especially appreciate bugfix for displaying the title with special chars , however, it is not completely fixed. While it now shows some characters it didn't show before (áéýí...), it still hides others (řěčůšž...).

Could you please have a look at it? Thanks!

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thats weird. do you maybe have a feed url for me, where such chars are included? that would help me find the error a little faster.

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Sure, no problem. Here's one example:

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Pretty cool, two feature requests:

1 - moving back and forth in the list should have different animations (it always swipes from the left)

2 - it should be possible to share from the app, instead of having to open the browser, and share from there

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2: Is on the list

1: I don't know if i can modify the transition as i am simply replacing the page on the pagestack.

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Great app. Not sure if possible, but open in browser should start a new tab and not overwrite the current one.

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Sadly i don't think that that is possible. I also often loose my tabs because of this, because i forget to go back after i'm done :(

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using it as my daily rss reader, almost perfect.

Just that i can't mark a category as read, as it wont mark it as read on the ttrss server

If you can also add a refresh option directly on the app ( actually only on the cover app )


Thanks !

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check the new version :)