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MusiKloud is a fully-featured client for SoundCloud that allows you to browse, search, play and download tracks and sets.You can also access your dashboard and manage your profile, tracks, favourites, sets, groups and followings. MusiKloud also features scrobbling of tracks to and the publishing of tracks to your event-feed.

Application versions: 
File musikloud_1.5.2_armel.deb796.31 KB07/01/2014 - 22:57
File musikloud_1.5.3_armel.deb803.08 KB04/06/2014 - 00:19

musikloud (1.5.3) unstable; urgency=low
* Added option to set a network proxy.
* Ongoing operations can now be canceled.
* Fixed playback of tracks that cannot be streamed using the SoundCloud API.


SinSky93's picture

playback isn't working for a long time :(

Alexxxlrus's picture

Playback error: Cannot find recource ((((

Hoseync's picture

Verry good, but please support Persian/arabic language :(

imaginaryenemy's picture

This hasn't worked for a week or so. I get "Playback error: Cannot find resource" for every song. Any chance for a fix?

MasBowl's picture

Is it posible to bring this app to sailfish?

marxian's picture

I started work on the Sailfish version some time ago, but I haven't had time to finish it yet. I don't have a Jolla device, so that makes things more difficult.

MasBowl's picture

I hope that you find time and a sailfish device to finish it?

I follow the app on openrepos.

Stripe's picture

Cant get it to install. Have got the newest update, - whuld love this on my Jolla. =) Tusen thnx!!<4

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the bbest music downloader app


vrgsmm01's picture

nice. not for me!