WireGuard for Sailfish (Settings UI)

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This is a VPN plugin for Sailfish OS settings app. It allows configuring and using WireGuard using the userspace implementation (which will be installed as a dependency).

This is very basic at the moment but it supports the basic use case of connecting to a WireGuard VPN consisting of a single peer.

Source: https://github.com/javitonino/jolla-settings-networking-plugin-vpn-wireg...




- Support preshared keys


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Thanks for your efforts around WireGuard on Sailfish! Works well with the FritzBox-VPN.
But I had to restart my device, before I could import any configuration. Maybe this was worth a note in the description.

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More wierdness. Last WG update broke Phone ofono so that callers can't hear each other. Uninstalled all WG packages and the problem got fixed. It might be a single issue.

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That's super-weird. Latest update added support for preshared keys which is purely in the Wireguard side of things, it doesn't touch connman or sailfish code at all. I'm so confused by this :(

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Unfortunately I am also experiencing stability issues on my XA2 since installing wireguard. Calls lack sound or get disconnected randomly. Since deinstalling the wireguard packages I have had no further issues. The only thing I can think of is that the connman-plugin triggers a bad behaviour in some situations.

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Well i realised that a config file with multiple allowed ip separated by comma space cannot be imported. I had to use a single ip address to import the config successfully, and then edit the configuration by adding a second allowed ip address.

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Happy to see it works for you even if with some workarounds.

My test files with multiple allowed IPs imports fine. I tried to replicate it and the best I could get is try to import after updating the package but before restarting the connman vpn daemon.

Anyway, if this is still happening for you and can replicate it, I'd appreciate a configuration file sample to try to fix it.


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Perfect! It works now ok, thank you so much!

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Thanks for porting wireguard. I noticed an issue importing a config file. If AllowedIP has multiple range of addresses separated by , and space it fails to connect, if there is no space it connects, but still i was not able to communicate properly although the vpn interface seems to be up.

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This plugin did not support multiple AllowedIPs. It worked (kind of) but did not set up routed for it. I just uploaded a new version that should do this automatically (like wg-quick does). After updating, you'll need to restart connman vpn ( `systemctl restart connman-vpn`) for the new version of the plugin to be loaded.

Let's see if this works :)

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Hello javitonino, I am so grateful, that you engage yourself into developing wireguard configuration for SFOS! But let me please give a feedback as amullvad customer: I can import now a config file, but it is not possible to connect. If I delete manually the given ipv6 allowed server, a connection can be established, BUT it uses ipv6 of the actual ISP, not mullvads. And the test site <https://mullvad.net/de/check/> tells me, I am not secured by mullvad. This is different to the openvpn config. Are users here around who can give me advice? Thank you.

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Hi and thanks for your kind words.

This addon is not yet tested with IPv6, and it's probably not compatible yet. You mentioned that you had to change some IPv6 addresses, so that's probably the problem.

Do you mind sharing your config file (blanking the keys), either here or on GitHub? It would be helpful to have a test case for this. Thanks!

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Thanks! Great job!

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I encountered an install problem with XA2.

Error: Libc.so.6 dependency is missing.
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When I try to import a config the settings panel crashes out it seems - is there an easy way to import a .conf via CLI and have them show up in the settings panel?

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I just released 0.2 which should be able to import more files than previously and when it cannot, report the error instead of crashing. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

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Yep import works fine now after 0.2 update, thanks!

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I don't think there is an easy way to import from the CLI. There could be a way using connmanctl, but we'd need the importer to be able to generate a proper connmanctl command anyway.

Right now, you can maybe skip the import and add the values manually (although it's pretty cumbersome). Meanwhile, I'm gathering reports of failed config imports here: https://github.com/javitonino/jolla-settings-networking-plugin-vpn-wireg... in order to fix the errors.

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Yes, it happens to me to. Settings app crashes when I hit the accept button.