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This is tin compiled on and for SFOS...

An easy-to-use USENET news reader for the console using NNTP. It supports threading, scoring, different charsets, and many otheruseful things. It has also support for different languages.

It runs on cli only and needs landscape view ;)

You may need to install some dependencies like: libidn and byacc. Storeman resolves automatically, just in case you need to install manually:

devel-su pkcon install-local tin-2.4.4-1.armv7hl.rpm


Start it from command line via

rtin -g news.YourNewSserver.xx

Application versions: 
File tin-2.4.4-1.armv7hl.rpm450.37 KB07/12/2020 - 20:10


compiled on and for SFOS


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This will not install in sfos 4.4 due to this problem:


Any chance of of a recompiled version?


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Thanks for this. It will be useful posting on holiday - once holidays resume!

As I mentioned on the thread I installed vim-enhanced, which was in the sfos repos, but tin didn't find it so a 'w' (write a post) failed. I symlinked /usr/bin/vi to vim.

Typing 'vi' in a shell calls vim - I haven't investigated how - alias, path, env-var,...?

I notice that the tin configure script has a '--with-editor' param. So maybe the easiest is to set that to vim.

Why do you say it needs a landscape view? I'm been using it portrait. It works best over SSH from a big screen ;)

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Regarding vi /vim:

that is a strange thing  (which I also did not understand fully) but I have vim-minimal as well as vim-enhanced installed and also symlinked manually /usr/bin/vi to /bin/vi

I would not like to force an editor but having mentioned here the need for this symlink of /usr/bin/vi should suffice.



have you tried to start tin in portrait (works) , then switch to landscape or start in landscape

and then switch from landscape to portrait :(


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In your link Maus wrote "vim is not part of a default SFOS installation. A standard vi works well..."

I didn't check whether vi was actually installed: tin said it couldn't find it so I went to install it. I searched with pkcon for 'vi' and didn't find it. I saw vim-enhanced and installed that.  Doing that search again I see plain 'vim' is also installable. But not vi.

So I don't really understand it, but it works with the symlink so I'm happy.

I looked in the repos for this SuSE system: that doesn't offer just vi either, only vim which I have installed. Does vi actually exist any more?

Thumbterm/tin seems to change orientation quite happily.