harbour-tasklist-fork (64bit)

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fork of armadillo's tasklist built for aarch64

i did increase the version just in patch version

one or two beers would be appreciated,..


i did remove dropbox support as it did not work anyway. rest should work.

the chum version lost the translations again ! the version 1.18.18 works , .17 not


this version does work !

Application versions: 
File harbour-tasklist-1.8.15-2.aarch64.rpm104.79 KB17/01/2022 - 23:03
File harbour-tasklist-1.8.16-1.aarch64.rpm101.15 KB18/01/2022 - 20:22
File harbour-tasklist-1.9.1-1.aarch64.rpm101.55 KB15/06/2022 - 21:08



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Translations don't work. At least Swedish don't.

Xperia 10III, SFOS

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the translations should be located in /usr/share/harbour-tasklist/translations

it is a bunch of .qm files

i have now uninstalled the app, folder is gone

installed the app from chum, folder is there. i can see english translations and no blabla-blabla strings

so i assume chum version does work.

i will upload the chum version now, maybe you will need to uninstall - install it, if you can t see an update

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can you try the chum version ?

i think it is a packaging issue and i do not understand when it works and when not, kinda boring

it was not working on my phone, but now it does and i dont know why. maybe the old version had the files, the new not. you could check if the ts files do get deployed

if not just copy them there, i know it sucks but would be a quick workaround (the ending is not ts but qm i think when deplyoed)


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I've tried both chum and openrepos versions and none of them translate, even though all the qm files are at place.

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there are two files sv_SE which contains translations and sv_SV which is incomple

i have now clue why two flavours are needed, but i guess the wrong one gets loaded.

delete the _sv file, restart

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i have tried german, czech, they work. then i did switch to svenska. it shows english translation.

so when you said translations do not work, i thought you are seeing the placeholders, but that is not the case, you see the english translation.

you just do not see the swedish one. the reason for that will be the ending of the file. as far as i remember you use some localization so bla_blu. maybe that is the reason

can you rename the file to something simpler like .._bla where bla is the keyword for swedish ? then restart

i bet it is something like that. if not that the line number between english source and the swedish localization to not match

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Didn't notice that, but yea. sv_SV is the one distributed by your rpm, and that is ofcource wrong. The correct one hould be sv_SE but that don't work either, nor do the _sv.

.pro file was wrong to. I made a PR that I think will fix it for the next release.

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hey, i just forked it, removed gropbox, did not touch the localization files :)

thanks !

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Yes, I know it's not your fault. It's an old issue that I forgot about years ago.  :)

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I did get an email notification to read this ?

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Eh - shouldn't it rather be the tasks app?

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Thanx for your prompt answer. Don´t feel pressured by anything. I will contact the developer of nextcloud notes and we will see if he is willing to help out. It´s anyway great that you maintain this app!!

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i gave it a thought. not sure how conflict resistant that would be, but a managable option would be:

- store lists to folder

- sync folder to what ever with whatever - i.e.nextcloud sync (would not be part of app)

- on update save to file -> some sync magic happens

- on start load from file

- open when to reload ? filewatcher if yes how ? / or on each maximize - reload

your thougths ?


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Even so i don't need a 64-bit version at the moment, it's great ti see this very useful app to be continued! Thank you.
Is there a possibility to switch the dropped Dropbox support with the possibility to have Nextcloud support? I would offer a complete beer crate.

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not soon.  just because i made this buildable again and it took me 8hrs, cause i am not familiar with qtcreator, i have now received a request to fork another app and now your request. 

isnt there a nextcloud note app ? maybe this developer cares to contribute here ? try to ask him 

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Thanks a lot!

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Great !

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It works perfect on Xperia 10ii SFOS 4.3! Thank you