harbour-tasklist-fork (64bit)

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fork of armadillo's tasklist built for aarch64

i did increase the version just in patch version

one or two beers would be appreciated,..


i did remove dropbox support as it did not work anyway. rest should work.

the chum version lost the translations again ! the version 1.18.18 works , .17 not


this version does work !

Application versions: 
File harbour-tasklist-1.8.15-2.aarch64.rpm104.79 KB17/01/2022 - 23:03
File harbour-tasklist-1.8.16-1.aarch64.rpm101.15 KB18/01/2022 - 20:22



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I did get an email notification to read this ?

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Eh - shouldn't it rather be the tasks app?

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Thanx for your prompt answer. Don´t feel pressured by anything. I will contact the developer of nextcloud notes and we will see if he is willing to help out. It´s anyway great that you maintain this app!!

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i gave it a thought. not sure how conflict resistant that would be, but a managable option would be:

- store lists to folder

- sync folder to what ever with whatever - i.e.nextcloud sync (would not be part of app)

- on update save to file -> some sync magic happens

- on start load from file

- open when to reload ? filewatcher if yes how ? / or on each maximize - reload

your thougths ?


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Even so i don't need a 64-bit version at the moment, it's great ti see this very useful app to be continued! Thank you.
Is there a possibility to switch the dropped Dropbox support with the possibility to have Nextcloud support? I would offer a complete beer crate.

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not soon.  just because i made this buildable again and it took me 8hrs, cause i am not familiar with qtcreator, i have now received a request to fork another app and now your request. 

isnt there a nextcloud note app ? maybe this developer cares to contribute here ? try to ask him 

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Thanks a lot!

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Great !

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It works perfect on Xperia 10ii SFOS 4.3! Thank you