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NCurses Disk Usage

Not quite happy with the available disk usage analyzers and looking for a fun project to get used to C programming, I started working on ncdu: A disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface, aimed to be run on a remote server where you don't have an entire gaphical setup, but have to do with a simple SSH connection. ncdu aims to be fast, simple and easy to use, and should be able to run in any minimal POSIX-like environment with ncurses installed.

Application versions: 
File ncdu-1.10-0.armv7hl.rpm36.1 KB28/04/2014 - 00:22

- For a good programmer that SHOULD work for Jolla, coderus


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does not work any more with 4.4.0. But you can dl this one from rpmfind:
@coderus   they also have an i486 there

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Hi there, can you build i486 version? :D

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I'm so glad to have ncdu on SFOS, thanks a lot NielDK.