Lockscreen Mediaplayer Buttons

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NOTE: It's recommended to unapply patches and uninstall the previous version before updating.

Need patchmanager.

This package contains the set of patches, adding musicplayer buttons to the lockscreen.

It will be great to receive some feedback from you. @Van_ess0


Apply both patches to make buttons work.

Patches included:

-Mediaplayer D-Bus Add

-Musicplayer buttons (for the lock screen)

Known Issues:

*No icon changing, when headphones being removed

[SOLVED]*No buttons disappearing, when player is closing 

[SOLVED]*Patch for the mediaplayer turns off the bt-control

[SOLVED] *May conflict with (un)instalatioin of the SkippingStones.


Buy me some Juice for my work :)


Application versions: 
File patchmanager-musicplayer-buttons-1.3-1.armv7hl.rpm5.44 KB13/08/2014 - 04:44


+Made buttons a bit bigger

+Now centred



+Solved conflicts with SkippingStones

+Patch wont turn BT off anymore, shouldn't case any problem. Need tests and feedback.



+"No buttons disappearing, when player is closing" solved

+Code cleanup

+Minor fixes


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Looks like does not work any more. Patch installation will show only an error like Failed to install patch.


objectifnul's picture

Confirmed. Fails in Saimaa.

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A great addition to Jolla phone, SailfishOS and Mediaplayer.


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Where can i find Mediaplayer D-Bus Add?

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This package contains two patches: Mediaplayer D-Bus Add and Lockscreen Musicplayer Buttons. Both should appear in Patchmanager after installation.

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Thanks .
Question : can u add control for another music apps,not only for standart media app?

Van_ess0's picture

QuasarMX is in my TODO-list. If you're interested in others - contact me via e-mail with the name of the player and it's specs.:)

hoodlum's picture


QuasarMX enough for me )))

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Excellent, but could you center buttons horizontally? I think it will look much better (at first I thought that it is a bug)

Van_ess0's picture

Thank you :)

I can, but there are notifications at the left side, so i decided to place buttons a bit righter :)

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Maybe move the right side too?

Edited screenshot:


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Ok, I'll check it tonight. Need to make it usable by one hand, nice.

EDIT: может по-русски?)

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Отправил на почту (или куда идут сообщения с вкладки Contact в профиле?)

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Wonderfull option... I thought it totally differently but the result is here, soooo... Thank you very much...

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Thank You for such good review. Your words make me work better.

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with a quick test session seemed to work nicely.

I have personally really been waiting for this. You mention that it conflicts with SkippingStones, but howabout with Pebble by Smoku? I think that he hasn't yet enabled music controls fully, or at lest there where some problems. Does this work with his Pebble app?

Oh, yes the controls are not dissapearing after the musics been shut down. This really should be fixed.

Really great work, donation coming if all keeps working

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It can conflict with SkippingStones because i use the modificated ruedigergad's patch for the player. It wont conflict with installed app, but may conflict with (un)instalatioin of it.

Patch is still in active development, I'll fix everything I can fix. Thank you for the feedback.