OSM Scout

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OSM Scout for Sailfish is map viewer with search and navigation, fully functional without internet connection.

You can choose one from multiple map styles: standard, outdoor, public transport or winter sports. All with the same database that can be downloaded (per state) directly from the application for offline usage. Data on the server covers whole planet and are updated monthly from OpenStreetMap data. You can generate your own extract eventually, all tools are open-source and OpenStreetMap data are free!

For better outdoor experience, databases (almost all) contains elevation contours and hillshade overlay (online) can be displayed. For areas not covered by offline data are used online maps provided by OpenStreetMap or Stamen Design. But search and navigation works only with offline data.

Your favourite places (waypoints) can be stored to collections and exported to GPX files later. It is even possible to import tracks and waypoints from GPX files, display it on map or show simple statistics.

OSM Scout for Sailfish OS is developed as open-source (GitHub) by volunteers in their free time. You can help to improve this application by reporting bugs, creating translations or developing new features. Any help is welcome.

Application versions: 
File harbour-osmscout-2.32-1.armv7hl.rpm2.18 MB15/10/2023 - 01:19
File harbour-osmscout-2.32-1.aarch64.rpm2.26 MB15/10/2023 - 01:19
File harbour-osmscout-2.32-1.i486.rpm2.44 MB15/10/2023 - 01:19
File harbour-osmscout-2.33-1.i486.rpm2.48 MB16/12/2023 - 07:59
File harbour-osmscout-2.33-1.armv7hl.rpm2.2 MB16/12/2023 - 07:59
File harbour-osmscout-2.33-1.aarch64.rpm2.3 MB16/12/2023 - 07:59
* 2023-12-15 Lukáš Karas  2.33
- delete partially downloaded database before new download - it avoids "Directory already exists" error
- fix translations related to opening hours
- improve search for villages without named street, simple "Village " phrase is working now

Full changelog on Github


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Thanks, yes, it's in the same place but there were only 3 files under 'share'. I updated file browser and then there were 22! Anyway, all done, thanks.

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Is OSM sending skme information to Google? Or is it using something from it?

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Nope. OSM Scout is not using Google services for anything. Map rendering, search and routing is done offline, directly on the device. There are just some online tile services that may be used with OSM Scout:

  • OSM: openstreetmap.org
  • Leaflet: wmflabs.org
  • Stamen Design: fastly.net (CDN)
  • Hillshade overlay: osmscout.karry.cz

But online tiles may be disabled in Map menu.

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Version 2.18-1 - export of recorded tracks is not available - error when opening "collections": "could not load page".


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Hi. From version 2.16 is used new sharing api. It require SFOS at least 4.2. Older systems, like that version on Jolla 1, are not fully supported anymore. Sorry.

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Can I find the old version, previously 2.16?

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You can find all releases on github. Version 2.15 is here: https://github.com/Karry/osmscout-sailfish/releases/tag/v2.15

Why you are using older SFOS? You are using Jolla One? Alternatively, you can build current master branch and just revert these four commits: https://github.com/Karry/osmscout-sailfish/pull/267/commits

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Thanks for your help!)
My phone - inoi r7, sailfish mobile os rus 4.1, is not updated to versions 4.2, 4.3.

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I ended up detecting sharing API version at runtime:


Even though I keep Sailfish 4.0 on my daily device, I do respect people who upgraded to 4.2 and even beyond.

Karry's picture

Well, I don't want to maintain such hacks. I want to use recent available APIs and have clean code... But in other hands, I understand that some people cannot upgrade to recent versions easily. I still have working Jolla 1 on my desk and using it for testing time-to-time...

For that reason, I prepared Jolla1 branch with reverted related commits (new Sharing api) and create new package: harbour-osmscout-jolla1 Please keep in mind that it is not tested yet, I am not at home right now :-) I will merge new features, that are compatible with SFOS 3, to this branch, but I will not test it on my daily driver device.

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Still the best OSM-Nav-app on SFOS. Thanks for your great work!

One suggestions for improvement:
Offer to orient the map northwards while navigating

Karry's picture

Hi. You can disable auto rotation during navigation with recent release (2.20). You can found it in "Settings" or you can lock it in by "double tap" on compass icon...

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The map looks like a low-res image scaled up, at least on my XA2. Is that a bug or a feature? A high-res image scaled down would probably look better (at expense of higher CPU/memory usage, though). Otherwise a great app, thank you!

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Hi. Do you mean online map / tiles, or map rendered "offline", on the device? It may happen that online tiles looks blury, because they are rendered with 96 DPI, text would be too tiny on phone. Application is upscaling it. You can control upscale ratio in map settings.

"Offline" tiles are rendered for specific screen DPI (and configured upscale). But when you are changing zoom, even offline tiles are upscaled when your zoom is between two "zoom levels".

Offline rendring is priority for me. Online maps are used just as complement.

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Yes, I was using online map. A silly question - if you can get offline tiles rendered for the screen dpi, why not to do the same thing for online tiles?

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Because OSM Scout is using raster online tiles, that are rendered on 3rd party servers that are out of my control. And they are rendered with 96 DPI.

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That's what I suspected. But then who's generating offline tiles for you and what stops you from doing the same trick online?

Karry's picture

Database for offline rendering contains "raw" geographical coordinates of individual objects. During rendering on the device, these coordinates are converted to screen points and rendered by specified style. To do the same (or similar) for online tiles would require to use some provider of vector tiles and slighly modify renderer, or use different renderer than libosmscout. It is huge amount of work and I would prefer to invest time to another features...

slava's picture

Ok, understood! Athough I still find it hard to believe that online servers can only do 96 dpi these days.

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Hey Karry. Thank you very much for the latest OSM Scout version along with newest feature improvments, particually making it possible to change track color. Works fine!

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Thx a lot for this beautiful piece of software!

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Hello Karry, and for add something to the Mux message, to display the current speed in the main screen while you record a track could be useful for bikers.

mux's picture

Hi Karry, thanks for OSM Scout App. It is great trooper for my outdoor activities!

One thing that I like to suggest for visibility improvements. IMO, sometimes it makes it hard with the green current location dot figuring my location, particularly when a track is loaded and begin surrounded by wood landscape plus strong sunlight on the display.

An option to change the current locations dot color would be great, or red as a default would may improve the described situation. 

I hope that this considerations has been useful!    

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Hi again Karry, I just wanted to report a bug, from I updated to the version 2.12, when you are following a car route, and miss a turn for example, OSMScout instead recalculate, start to behave wired, not showing the route in the map anymore, not following the gps position in the screen, I had to rollback to the version 2.11 because this new version 2.12 is unusable. Please, dont be offended, I just want to help to keep the app as nice as it is.

Karry's picture

I was able to find the cause finally! Fix is in master branch, I will release new version soon.

Karry's picture

Thank you for report. I will look on it this week.

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Hi Karry, I use your app as a navigator (car and trekking), and is completely functional, but I detect that, sometimes, in my Xperia X, there is a delay when you are following the navigator, some second, but enought delay to miss a turn in a crossroad. Also, could be nice for the trekkins, to have the posibility to attach audio photo and video to the recorded track.

As always, thanks for bring us this amazing app!

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Hi tehre. @Karry thank you for such a great app! I'm tracking my dog's movement (also mine lol) And I was wondering if there will be any feature of syncing with nextcloud's GpxMotion or GpxPod in the near future?


Btw do you know of such app that can sync gps data with nextcloud?


Thank you again!

Termitebug's picture

Try LiveTrack SF app with NC PhoneTrack if it works.

Karry's picture

Hi. Such feature is on my todo list for long time. It would be great if Jolla will open access to OwnCloud/NextCloud api, but it seems that it is not planned in near future. In such situation, OSMScout would need integrate all necessary pieces... I cannot say if, or when it will be done, it is complex task.

I don't know about any application that allow synchronise gpx tracks with private cloud service.