OSM Scout

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OSM Scout for Sailfish is map viewer with search and navigation, fully functional without internet connection.

You can choose one from multiple map styles: standard, outdoor, public transport or winter sports. All with the same database that can be downloaded (per state) directly from the application for offline usage. Data on the server covers whole planet and are updated monthly from OpenStreetMap data. You can generate your own extract eventually, all tools are open-source and OpenStreetMap data are free!

For better outdoor experience, databases (almost all) contains elevation contours and hillshade overlay (online) can be displayed. For areas not covered by offline data are used online maps provided by OpenStreetMap or Stamen Design. But search and navigation works only with offline data.

Your favourite places (waypoints) can be stored to collections and exported to GPX files later. It is even possible to import tracks and waypoints from GPX files, display it on map or show simple statistics.

OSM Scout for Sailfish OS is developed as open-source (GitHub) by volunteers in their free time. You can help to improve this application by reporting bugs, creating translations or developing new features. Any help is welcome.

Application versions: 
File harbour-osmscout-2.14-1.aarch64.rpm1.96 MB09/06/2021 - 12:04
File harbour-osmscout-2.14-1.armv7hl.rpm1.93 MB09/06/2021 - 12:04
File harbour-osmscout-2.14-1.i486.rpm2.18 MB09/06/2021 - 12:04
File harbour-osmscout-2.15-1.aarch64.rpm1.96 MB27/07/2021 - 11:16
File harbour-osmscout-2.15-1.armv7hl.rpm1.93 MB27/07/2021 - 11:16
File harbour-osmscout-2.15-1.i486.rpm2.18 MB27/07/2021 - 11:16
File harbour-osmscout-2.16-1.aarch64.rpm1.97 MB17/09/2021 - 11:44
File harbour-osmscout-2.16-1.armv7hl.rpm1.94 MB17/09/2021 - 11:44
File harbour-osmscout-2.16-1.i486.rpm2.19 MB17/09/2021 - 11:44
* 2021-09-17 Lukáš Karas  2.16
- allow to rename track from Tracker page
- update translations (Czech, Estonian, German, Polish, Swedish)
- workaround incorrect voice audio routing with bluetooth headset
- update sharing api to Sailfish OS 4.2
- allow to share collection entries (waypoints as a link, tracks as a file)
- update core library:
-- remove limit for prefix-based search
-- fixed missing entries in search model
-- fixed route rendering...

Full changelog on Github


Karry's picture

Hi. Thank you for this comment. I was thinking how to make your live easier.

  • Show collection entries on "pick a place" map is easy, just few lines. See commit 1937de8
  • Adding "charging station" to list of predefined POIs in "search nearby" list is easy too. See commit e8cd3fb
    Regarding this point, did you consider to import these data sets with charging stations to OpenStreetMap? It would be beneficial for all people using OSM data. If license of the data sets don't allow it, you definitely should map missing stations when you visit them ;-) See related tag on OSM wiki
  • Waypoint integration with search would be more tricky, "collections" are not part of OSM Scout library (yet). But I definitely may add ability to search waypoints nearby. Stay tuned :-)
danfin's picture

hullo Karry

yes I am thinking about importing the charging stations to OpenStreetMap, but I realized it's so many, even in my small country. Currently I only have a stupid GPXviewer installed, so each data set would have to be copied manually ;(

Search nearby in a POI list sounds perfect! Maybe even with a user defineable search radius?

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Hi again! Just wanted to report a bug, if you are navigating (whitout voice of course) and playing music at the same time, the player get stop in every indication.

Karry's picture

Hi. Thank you for the report. You mean with or without selected voice? I made few experiments, and I was not able to keep media player playing... So I create question on the forum: https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/playing-audio-file-with-qmediaplayer-paus...

It is weird to me.

zipotron's picture

Hi Karry! Again I want to make a suggestion, is about navigation, when you set a destiny and OSMScout calculate and shows you the route, the line in the map is so thin and sometimes the same color as the road and is so dificult to see the route in the map. could be nice to change color and width of the route's line in settings.


Karry's picture

Hi. I know about that issue. But I don't want to introduce another setting, but tune map stylesheets.... Because there are multiple stylesheets, some of them have flags to switch day and nigh mode... So, it is difficult to find one color for all stylesheet and flag combination... Just time is limited :-)

zipotron's picture

Hi! Yes, I see, play with colors may not solve the problem, but... Just make the route line wider? At least in car navigation. Anyway the app is amazing, thanks for it!

Kabouik's picture

Uh, weird, they suddenly show up. I didn't change anything, the only difference is the offline maps finished downloading (but maps were showing fine, just the traces were missing). Sorry for the noise!

Karry's picture

Hi. Yes, it is caused by the fact that there is no offline database... OSM Scout needs at least one database downloaded and initialised to be able display custom types, like gpx routes. It is known limitation of the renderer...

Kabouik's picture

Hey, my gpx files (downloaded from Internet, not recorded using the app) load fine in OSM Scout and waypoints are correctly found, but the track line is not visible even when I choose to show the track on map. Is it a known issue or is it related to the files I downloaded? I assume they are supposed to show a track, but maybe something is not compatible? Maep-qt correctly shows the traces.

zipotron's picture

Hi again Karry! I want this time to make a suggestions, Last weekend I tried to use Osm Scout on a car route, the big problem is, Osm Scout do not keep on the screen during navigation, at last I had to use Maps just for safety. I think add in settings 'keep screen on' could make Osm scout a good alternative to Google Maps when you drive /ride. Other minor point, I also miss to type GPS coordinates for locate point in map or navigate.


Thanks man! I hope that this considerations has been useful!

Karry's picture

Keep display on (during navigation) will be possible from next release ;-)

To the second point, you can put GPS coordinates to search. But there is thousand of formats how GPS coordinates may be written, we supports just the most common :-) Function to parsing them is here: https://github.com/Framstag/libosmscout/blob/master/libosmscout/include/...

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Thank you for the app! Two questions: 1) Is it possible to draw the currently recorded track on the map? 2) Can the map be oriented by compas?

Karry's picture

Hi. You are welcome :-)

1) Right now, it is possible to show just whole collection. Just click to "star" icon in collection view. There is ticket (on github) for displaying individual tracks, but it is not on my short-term todo list...

2) right now, it is not possible. Map is rotated just during navigation to route direction. It would not be hard to implement it, but again, my priorities are different now.

Right now, I want to focus for rendering of route relations (hiking and cycling routes). But I would accept merge requests with these features of course :-)

I hope that I answer your questions.

ezameht's picture

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply! I find it very usefull for orientation during hiking to see where i went (current recording gpx track) and to see the compass. Modrana and maep support these features but map rendering and usability are way better in OSM Scout. This is just my feedback. Thanks again for your work.

zipotron's picture

Dude, amazing update! Thanks a lot!

Bramba's picture

Is this a feature-rich alternative to Pure Maps, or more like a complement when already using Pure Maps?

atlochowski's picture

I can answer as a user. If I need offline navigation I'm choosing OSMScout. The same for tracking or following track I prefer OSMScout.

For car navigation, I usually choose Pure maps.

For sure both apps are good.

Try and decide by yourself.

Karry's picture

I believe that it is good alternative :-) Pure Maps are using different renderer, it is faster usually and using cloud services for routing. So navigation may be more reliable. OSM Scout tries to be independent on cloud services, allows you to work fully offline without additional packages. And its map styles provides more details for outdoor activities like hiking or cycling...

Just try it.

zipotron's picture

Hi again, I just want to suggest small improvement, I notice that OsmScout just shows the speed when you are or in navigation or recording a track, also, another handicap is, you must to start tracking just for know your altitude (and delete the track after check). Also export waypoints to .gpx (as you can do with tracks) can be niceI hope my considerations have been useful.Thanks

zipotron's picture

Hi dude! Thanks a lot for that amazing app! Just a consideration, I miss in navegation to know the distance left, also could be nice to add in configuration the posibility of show altitude .
Thanks a lot!

Karry's picture

Hi. Thank you for that words. ETA (estimation time of arrival) and remaining distance to the target is displayed on the detail page when you tap to navigation panel on the top of main screen...

Question is where to display altitude and when? Right now, it is displayed just on tracker...

zipotron's picture

Hi! yes, right, but to have it just down the speed... and altitude also... well, I know some people could prefer dont have that much numbers in the screen, but to have the posibility of customize the screen information could be nice.
Also, as a traveler I miss waypoints, now I use for that the tracker, but really miss to have collections of waypoints.
Again thanks a lot for this amazing app

Karry's picture

I would prefer clean screen with map and minimum elements. But I have nothing against configurable choices. I created issue with this idea: https://github.com/Karry/osmscout-sailfish/issues/210

To waypoints, it is possible already. Just long-press on some place (or choose "Where I am?" in menu) and then click to the star button.

zipotron's picture

This is really the last, add the posibility of export waypoints as there is in tracks, is usefull for document travels.Thanks!

zipotron's picture

Oh, true, didn't know, thanks, and thanks for create the issue. Last consideration and promise don't do more, contour lines in offline maps, really useful in mountains.

Karry's picture

...contour lines in offline maps...

For majority of countries, contour lines are imported:

But it is true that contour lines are skipped for some huge countries like China, India, Canada... Its generating is expensive... What country you have in mind?

zipotron's picture

I am spinish living in Tanzania, I found contour lines just in Spain but not in Tanzania. Really thanks!

Karry's picture

For most of African countries, adding of contours lines means huge (percentage) increase in size. When I import Tanzania's OSM data, it has 390 MiB. With contour lines that has 3 degree seconds resolution and 20 meters spacing, I get 560 MiB.

So I was worried that for most users is that size impact too high just for contour lines. But there is no technical limitation, so lets add it :-)

zipotron's picture

Thanks a lot! Just a curiosity, it's not possible to have bought version in the map repository, with and without lines?