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Update python3-lxml only for SailfishOS >!

Watch results and rankings of european soccer leagues!

This application shows results and standings of european football leagues. Use the pulley menus to navigate and click on the header of the first page to change the league. Feel free to write bug reports and feature requests in the comments on

Please add my repository, otherwise you have to build and install python3-lxml manually to run this application.

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-12.noarch.rpm60.49 KB10/08/2016 - 21:34
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-13.noarch.rpm60.66 KB18/09/2016 - 17:58
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-14.noarch.rpm60.74 KB19/05/2017 - 18:19
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-15.noarch.rpm56.69 KB12/10/2017 - 19:29
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-16.noarch.rpm57.05 KB27/10/2017 - 10:23
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-17.noarch.rpm66.07 KB01/12/2018 - 18:20
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-18.noarch.rpm66.18 KB16/01/2019 - 22:04
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-19.noarch.rpm68.78 KB24/05/2020 - 19:31


  • bug fix for bundesliga 1,2,3


  • bug fix for bundesliga 1,2,3


  • data source changed from http to https


  • optimized ui, especially cover ui when 1-3 games take place at the same time
  • added a 5 min timer to update the view


  • some ui changes for devices with higher resolutions like XperiaX and JollaC


  • fix for 2.Bundesliga


  • broken tables for 1.+2. Bundesliga fixed


  • fixing 2.Bundesliga


  • fixing 1.+2.Bundesliga (no promises that live ticker and match info works)


  • bugfixing


  • added match preview und live ticker for 1. and 2. Bundesliga (sorry, not possible for other european leagues because data is not available)
  • bugfixing


  • fixed bug (updating after watching standings didn't work for some leagues)
  • fixed bug in league selection
  • date should follow system language now


  • added more european leagues (not all tested, so there might be bugs)


  • changed data source, old one was gone :/


  • tiny update for final matchdays, enhanced cover view/actions


  • added first league of portugal and second league of turkey
  • sorry, no bugfixing or new features due to lack of time


  • league name corrections
  • app remembers last selected league
  • fixed some minor bugs


  • fixed bug (not all matches got matchinfo)


  • added cover functionality
  • added matchinfo (press on live or finished game)


  • fix bug for ui and data in rankings
  • added swiss and 2nd spain league


felixw's picture

The german bundesliga somehow shows the wrong time for match beginning. E.g. Sailgoal states match begins 16:30 on saturday.

dagi's picture

Matches show in both local and UK timezones. In Serie A the early games show in my local time and the late ones show in UK time. Only noticed this after the reboot.

Toobibo's picture

Many thanks for the app. It works very well for me. Only as a fan of the 3rd German Bundesliga the table is unfortunately not shown. Maybe you can have a look at it. Thank you very much.

mz_i_norge's picture

Yes, it works, thanks for that. But I tried to edit the file without success and I don't want to die stupid... ;)

mz_i_norge's picture

Which command do I have to use on a Jolla C for editing the file?

EmaNymton's picture

Did the update I uploaded not work for the Jolla C?

monkeyisland's picture

Hi i got no names anymore from the teams

EmaNymton's picture

Sorry for the inconvenience, I don't have much time to build a new package at the moment, so it may take a while. If you want to do it yourself, remove the following in the file /usr/share/harbour-sailgoal/
remove the entries ".encode('utf-8')" everywhere.
You must have root privileges with devel-su for this.

There are three of them in total
(line 128)
results.append({'home': home.encode('utf8'), 'result': result, 'guest': guest.strip().encode('utf8'),
'game_id': game_id, 'status': status, 'time': time_str})
results.append({'home': home, 'result': result, 'guest': guest.strip(), 'game_id': game_id, 'status': status, 'time': time_str})

(line 172)
ranking.append({'rank': rank, 'team': team.encode('utf8'), 'games_played': games_played, 'goals': goals, 'goal_diff': goal_diff, 'points': points})
ranking.append({'rank': rank, 'team': team, 'games_played': games_played, 'goals': goals, 'goal_diff': goal_diff, 'points': points})

Then the team names should be displayed correctly again.

felixw's picture

Hey. Love Sailgoal. Last week the Bundesliga stopped working. Hope, this can be fixed. Update: it works again.

EmaNymton's picture

I will try to fix it this weekend, also the other leagues.

24mu13's picture

Please put the code on GitHub..people could help with their contribution..

chris7chris's picture

I'll be patient. Thanks for all your effort.

chris7chris's picture

In the moment only 1. and 2. Bundesliga are working correctly.
De- and reinstalled a few times, pkcon refresh, new start of OS. Nothing helped. What can I do else to make it run?

EmaNymton's picture

Yes, the data source has changed and I have to adapt the parser, please be patient.

felixw's picture

Really great app. Works well on my XA2.

kevtufc's picture

Hi! Is the source code available for this, anywhere?

EmaNymton's picture

quoting myself:
"@open source: It is open source but I have no github-repository. You can see the source code on your device under '/usr/share/harbour-sailgoal'. It's just python and qml. But be warned, atm I'm not very proud of it and I think a lot things could be done better."
still valid! ;)

TMavica's picture

Also can u add more league?

TMavica's picture

Any news?

EmaNymton's picture

News about what? Did you try pkcon refresh?

I can't add more leagues.

TMavica's picture

Yes. Nil help

TMavica's picture

Nothing provide needed by python3-lxml-3.4.1-0.armv7hl

EmaNymton's picture

pkcon refresh
in terminal?

TMavica's picture

Cant install

idoki's picture

Great app :)

Works quite good on my Xperia X, but I am unfortunatly unable to install it on the XA2 (Installation error, just like for the Storeman app).

EmaNymton's picture

I don't own an XA2, so I can't test it. Is there a detailed error message on the command line?

bertjefred's picture

Too bad, then my team must play better haha Thanks for the great app anyway!

monkeyisland's picture

Hey thank you for fixing :)

bertjefred's picture

Is it possible to add the Dutch 2nd division?

EmaNymton's picture

no, sorry, dutch 2nd division is not available