WebPirate [fork]

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Package originally made by Dax89, this package WILL overwrite your original package WebPirate.

GitHub: https://github.com/Bobsik/WebPirate

translations here https://www.transifex.com/sailfishos-apps/webpirate/ (same Dax had)

* Mon Dec 21 2020 Petr Skoumal <bobsikus@programmer.net> 2.5-3
-Updated translations

* Mon May 22 2020 Petr Skoumal <bobsikus@programmer.net> 2.5-2
-Solved issue with deleting Quick Items from the grid instead of the favorites

* Mon May 20 2020 Petr Skoumal <bobsikus@programmer.net> 2.5-1
First, two warnings.
#1 I basically do not know why, since it should not happen and I did not touch QuickGrid database, for some reason at some point of updating the app in phone I have lost quickgrid items, hopefully it was only some test problem only happened for me
#2 There is change to the favorites model database, that will cause for the first time database of your favorites to reload. What it basically does is update of all favorites with existing favicon, until now it has been updated manually all the time, which caused lags to favorites loading, the bigger your favicons database of Webkit was. This means, for the first time after update, EXPECT longer loading and even maybe even some errors, on the second run everything should be fine

I present thee a lot of new stuff (and bugs of course..):
- Added "Tablet" UI, changeable in settings. You can set Tablet UI for landscape only
- Added possibility to change size factor (80-200% of the original) separated for landscape and portrait modes
- Added possibility to use Favorites as QuickGrid, you can set the default behaviour and if you want to have also panel on QuickGrid, where you can change between quick items and favorite items
- Added possibility to have folders from Favorites to be on top

- Favorites model, it was too slow, bigger favicon database it was
- Changed little bit better handling of Dark Ambiences and some color handling of the ambiences overall
- Repaired thumbnailing of the tabs
- Little bit code cleanup

Follow the pictures for some hints on how to use new stuff
- in Tablet UI you can see there is actual tabs, on Long Press you switch on/off thumbnails, by dragging the tab on y axis (to the top, or to the bottom) will remove the tab

* Mon Apr 13 2020 Petr Skoumal <bobsikus@programmer.net> 2.4-3
-Socks5/TOR settings is actually saved, please try

* Sun Apr 12 2020 Petr Skoumal <bobsikus@programmer.net> 2.4-2
-update russian translation
-Used part of the code from WebCat regarding Socks5/TOR, please try, I can't try it

* Sun Mar 23 2020 Petr Skoumal <-willbeupdatedhopefullyactuallynexttime> 2.4-1

Updated translations: CZ (my native), ES, FR, NL, SL, SWE

-in certain cases disappearing of MiniMenu's Stop/Refresh button -Dialog for links with opened image showed "tab" instead of "Image"  

* Tue Nov 19 2019 Petr Skoumal <-willbeupdatednexttime> 2.3-1
- several functions and things, two small menus (one in TabView, second in
BrowserWebView), both can be set to (g)old ways in settings
- some proxy agents
- Loading screen on start, mainly because of QuickGrid loading  

- Smaller UI
- BUG: Closing the tabs in TabView crashes no more
- TabView changed to GridView, on Landscape  there are two columns
- added possibility to lock tab from being closed
- TabView changed to GridView, because of GridView context menu did not work
properly, Context menu recreated to different style
- possibility to be able to open link with WebPirate as MIME

- AdBlock is partly broken
- Translations

If you would consider donations, let me know, I do not have any account now



Application versions: 
File harbour-webpirate-2.4-3.armv7hl.rpm484.47 KB13/04/2020 - 23:22
File harbour-webpirate-debuginfo-2.4-3.armv7hl.rpm3.02 MB13/04/2020 - 23:22
File harbour-webpirate-debugsource-2.4-3.armv7hl.rpm6.48 KB13/04/2020 - 23:22
File harbour-webpirate-2.4-3.i486.rpm510.39 KB13/04/2020 - 23:22
File harbour-webpirate-debuginfo-2.4-3.i486.rpm2.91 MB13/04/2020 - 23:22
File harbour-webpirate-debugsource-2.4-3.i486.rpm6.5 KB13/04/2020 - 23:22
File harbour-webpirate-2.5-3.i486.rpm517.82 KB21/12/2020 - 10:39
File harbour-webpirate-debuginfo-2.5-3.i486.rpm2.91 MB21/12/2020 - 10:39
File harbour-webpirate-debugsource-2.5-3.i486.rpm166.43 KB21/12/2020 - 10:39
File harbour-webpirate-2.5-3.armv7hl.rpm492.52 KB21/12/2020 - 10:39
File harbour-webpirate-debuginfo-2.5-3.armv7hl.rpm3.02 MB21/12/2020 - 10:39
File harbour-webpirate-debugsource-2.5-3.armv7hl.rpm166.25 KB21/12/2020 - 10:39

Fork of original, with lot changes (all showed in Test package)


nerd7473's picture

No aarch64 build, might be good to try

mathieujallois's picture

Hope 64 bits will come

yusssufff's picture

 oh great new start! Do you have any clue if the nenewed app will find its way somewhat soon in the jolla store?

zipotron's picture

Hi friend! I want to suggest something, is because when I have a link in my email or sailbook, and tab in, appear popup asking me witch browser I want to use, Navigator or WebCat (witch is uninstalled but still appearing and don't know how to remove ). But dont appear WebPirate, could be nice to implement this (and excellent if override the webcat one!). Thanks!!!!

Kabouik's picture

Thanks for keeping this browser alive!

When opening a /home/nemo/.nmail/temp/attachments/1.html file from another application that uses harbour-webpirate as default, the URL mistakenly uses http:// in Webpirate and therefore fails to open the file. Sailfish Browser and Webcat both correctly use file:// so it does not come from this third-party app that opens the browser.. Can this be fixed?

Modifying the URL manually to use file:// works, but is inconvenient.

Bobsikus's picture

hello, sorry for late response. I will try to simulate it and find out why. There is some helper, which adds http or https to the string when you open link without anything. File is probably not there like it seems.

Bobsikus's picture

hello again, can you contact me on email (in description) ? I am not sure, but have you tried different applications? because it seems like your app does it different way (nmail I suppose).. I have tried to open local html file by FileBrowser and it is properly opened (I have even tried to copy some different html to the completely same folder you have specified, for sure).. NOTE: FileBrowser opens it via file:// protocol directly, so for correction I need to know how exactly does your app opens it.. is it nmail?

eson's picture

I can not remove preset favorites on latest version 2.5-1


Bobsikus's picture

hello, well, like I said, bugs too :) I forgot to change deletion and edit on the quick grid.  Will look at it. In favorites in segments it works normally (where the favorites were before only)

oooh, now I see why I had lost the quickgrid Items, you see the Favorite Item within the quickgrid was of course copy of QuickGrid Item, so calling deletion of favorite index deleted quickgrid item of the same index instead. It bugged me why it happened :)

JacekJagosz's picture

Could you please add this browser to link browser selector, like Webcat does? Otherwise, what an amazing browser it is!
Edit: Yup, I missed that option, thanks

Bobsikus's picture

hello, do you mean, that if you open some http(s) link, it will show in the list ? it is there, only not automatical, you have to manually do it. In general settings on the bottom is "integrate to MIME" :)

Ezreal's picture

Wow, awesome. The most interesting browser I have ever seen

Historyscholar's picture

still not in your translation team so I cannot translate it:(

Bobsikus's picture

Hello, I do not see any request in Transifex to add you to, and which team

MartiMasa's picture

Feels so refreshing to have WebPirate back - best SFOS browser ever! A few improvements e.g. some more privacy settings and if you could add more search engines like Startpage etc. Also, I miss a back button like in Webcat. Otherwise this is a great so far and looking forward to donate your project!

Bobsikus's picture

heh, my bad, WebPirate already is able to add search engines like you want, just long press the search engines in settings :)

Bobsikus's picture

Hello, I am glad you like it :) if you wanna include more search enginges, name them, that should not be problem I believe. BTW back button is there, but it is hidden by gesture. I have actually had the same question at Dax's package back then :D When you are the page, on navigation bar they are two gestures you can use, just swipe to left for forward, or swipe to right (your case) to backward on the page :) About the donation, I did not even try to manage anything yet, but I will look into it.

zipotron's picture

First, thanks you a lot for keep alive this amazing project, just wanted to ask a small improvement that make it simple perfect, the proxy configuration allows just configure HTTP proxy, but TOR uses SOCKS proxy, then the browser is incompatible with TOR, please, thinking in the pirates who are living in countries like Iran, make able the browser to connect with TOR. Thanks again !

Bobsikus's picture

Hello, can you please navigate me little bit more onto it? best, example where it is already working? I will try but no promise

zipotron's picture

Thanks Bobsikus! Well, I have install the daemon TOR, you can find the rpm package here, in openrepos, then, I use Webcat, in Webcat you go to configuration and then proxy and you find normal http proxy and TOR proxy. they have TOR proxy separately because TOR uses SOCKS protocol that is incompatible with the normal http proxies , actually if you try with PirateWeb to configure TOR like you get a compatibility error.
Man, thanks a lot for trying , I hope you good luck because if you success this browser is going a be real pirate!

Bobsikus's picture

Hello, I have literally copied the code from the Webcat, they are obviously made by one person (I am not sure who was the "first", but both code looked VERY similar), anyway I have added the options for the Socks5 and Tor proxies, since they basically seems only to safe into internal file, it might not be a problem. Since I do not use it I cannot correctly test it. Before I actually publish it, which version do you need, Phone or Tablet?!

zipotron's picture

Is phone my friend, thanks a lot! I am testing but proxy setting ask for restart the app, and when restart the settings are not save... then is impossible to configure

Bobsikus's picture

Oh, I see, I did not actually let it save it to settings.. my bad, will do, hopefully soon, not much personal time :/

zipotron's picture

Man! now work perfectly. You rock it!

Bobsikus's picture

Glad to read that :)

ferlanero's picture

Thank you very much for bringing back this fantastic web browser. So much time without using it that I almost couldn't remember how good it is. Absolute thumbs up!!

Bobsikus's picture

you are welcome, first I was trying mostly to repair the error with tab closing crashing the browser, aaaand eventually I have changed lot more :) but main work is still Dax's

ari_jarvio's picture

Comment deleted

Bobsikus's picture

Hello, I have looked into transifex and I cannot interfere with membership of teams.. Dax had transfered former profile of transifex application and this probably dos not work.. I have contacted him, hopefully we will work this out :)

ari_jarvio's picture

Comment deleted