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gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content ("podcasts") for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices.

Requires SailfishOS >= 1.1 Powered by Python 3 and PyOtherSide.

This is the continueation of gpodder by Thomas Perl (@thp).

Sources available here:




4.15.0 - "Gevura"
"Gevura" means heroism.

Lastly I have added the possibility to sponsor me on github, all support is much appreciated :)

4.14.0 - "Nachat"

"Nachat" literally resting/quietness but generally refers to the joy of parents seeing their kids accomplishments.

This release fixes itunes/apple podcast links when adding them directly and adds itunes search as well as the beginning of a video player.

Credit for the itunes search link to the Podcatcher team (another great SFOS podcast client).

4.13.2 - "Osher"

Fixes apple podcast link handling, this is an inbetween/pre release on OpenRepos I hope to add apple podcast search soon too.

4.13.1 - "Osher"

Swedish translation fix by eson57

Harbour compatibility fixes by Keeper-of-the-Keys with the help of vige from Jolla.

4.13.0 - "Osher"

"Osher" means happiness.

We add playback rate control, please note that it is not the stablest of things but since this is also the case for other media applications that use it we're still adding it.

Sadly we lost access to the soundcloud API and were unable to find a solution for it so the UI no reflects this.

It is possible to add SC podcasts by using the generic RSS links, the general form of these links is$ID/sounds.rss and the ID can be seen in the URL when browsing the SC website.

Other than this we have some SFOS 4.5 cleanups also I discovered that the Sailfish IDE builds RPMs that are not compatible with older versions of SFOS so I was unable to check if we broke stuff for older devices.

Contributors (in order of merged commits):

4.12.91 - minor SFOS 4.5 fixes


This release adds speed adjustment, however it seems to not be very stable.

I have been sitting on this version since SFOS 4.2 landed, SFOS 4.2 adds pitch adjustment making speed adjustment useable, however when the playbackrate is changed gPodder sometimes crashes and other stability issues are seen, I haven't had the time to really try to debug these crashes but I also want to allow people who are willing to deal with this to do so.

Soundcloud has changed their API and so far I have not had the time to fix the Soundcloud plugin.

Help is welcome at

Note this is not a tagged release on github, it is the head of this branch:

4.12.0 - "Malkosh"

Malkosh is the last rain of the season, this is hopefully not the last release I'll do but I will need to find a new series of codenames.

This release is way overtime and sorry for that, I have had a very busy life for the past 10 month, it brings a ton of improvements by thigg and others here we go (in merge order):

- Visual improvements to Episode display by sfbg
- Date published added to episode list by thigg
- Updated Spanish translation by carmenfdezb
- Detached from gpodder-ui-qml making maintenance simpler by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Updated Chinese translation by dashinfantry
- SFOS 3.4 EA compatibility work by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Python default loglevel is now info by thigg
- Asynchronous image loading by thigg
- Code cleanup by thigg
- Parallel podcast refresh by thigg
- Add episode count to filters by sfbg
- SailfishOS 4.0 compatibility by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Dynamic Episode Art loading by Keeper-of-the-Keys

Full details of version history can be found here:


yusssufff's picture

okay! and do you plan to continue choosing biblical/religion connected name series?


My wider question would be: do you have a religious/political revendication with such titles?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

I have a candidate for the next series but I haven't yet decided I still need to release the last in this series.

yusssufff's picture

okay! And is there any religious/political revendication behind such naming choices?

osetr's picture

In 4.11 long episode lists start freeze while scrolling. I guess it's caused by the complex component of the episode artwork.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Yes, it may also be due to the high amount of images it needs to load, as yet I don't have a solution but I'm toying with ideas (first implentations were really slow and this is already a lot better).

Input on the subject is very welcome.

osetr's picture

All the episodes have the same image as the stream. Here is the link if it can be usefull.

llelectronics's picture

Newest version 4.11 does not show any podcasts for me anymore. This is the error message

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Can you post the full log of a run?

It should be available in /home/nemo/.cache/harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish/Logs/

Or you can create a specific logfile by running

sailfish-qml harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish &> /tmp/gpodder.log

peperjohnny's picture

I have the same error. Here is a paste as you wanted:

I can move to already downloaded episodes by filtering, but nothing is showing in the homescreen.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Thanks for the logs.

I think I have resolved it, but if you can test this before I publish it that would be great, here is the RPM:

(If this works this will be 4.11.1)

llelectronics's picture

Thanks. This rpm works

peperjohnny's picture

Yup, they're back on the startscreen and look nice on the filtered screen.

Thanks a lot for the fast fix!

sunburnedpenguin's picture

Strange! I upgraded to the newest using Storeman and was surprised when the integration wasn't there anymore. Not sure what happened.

sunburnedpenguin's picture

Did you remove the lock screen integration in the latest release? I loved that feature!

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

It was not removed, however there are 2 ways it may have been lost:

1. I may have made a mistake and uploaded the version without it to OpenRepos I'll try to check that later.

2. When you upgrade your device to a new release of SFOS it may install the version from the Jolla store that lacks the functionality.


/Edit: As far as I can tell the OpenRepos version still includes the lockscreen functionality.

sdiconov's picture

A Russian translation and fixe for displaying HTML formatted descriptions of podcasts and episodes submitted at I hope it is the right place.

Please, make the content of the initial directory search page translatable too. "Getting started" means nothing to non English speakers.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture


The source of that string is in a plugin in gpodder-core I'm not 100% sure how to make these (easily) translateable, there does seem to be some infrastructure for translation there but ideally plugins should not be generating UI elements.

Thanks for the translation!

Brummkreisel's picture

Great app! Can somebody give me a hint where I can find the downloaded files?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hey sorry for the late reply, been very busy :)

The downloaded files are in:



Brummkreisel's picture

Thank you!
Also sorry for the late reply...

sunburnedpenguin's picture

Love this app! Thanks so much for having adopted it and keeping it up-to-date.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You're welcome, thanks for the warm words!

Zastin's picture


Thank you for the app. It is The best sailfish app I use!

One feature would make easier to use gpodder for me, and it is that you can change what filtering categoria is default when you select filter. Now by default is "downloaded" and I use often "all" filter. If i can select by default that filtering use filter "all", I have to only one time use pull menu to get there. Is it possible to change default filter or can you add this feateure to gPodder?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

We'll look at it, if you can actually open an issue on github that would help us keep track of user requests :)

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hi Zastin, this round I did not have time for this issue but I want you to know I have not forgotten you!

yomark's picture

No problem, tnx for the update. About the resume issue: I just download the episode, and then the problem does not occur. Even when streaming(then pause) and then at a later moment downloading the eppisode, resuming works fine.

marxistavegana's picture

another podcast app on here podqast does the resume very well.

yomark's picture

Tnx for the update!

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You're welcome :)

I'm still working on the faulty resume issue, don't want to promise anything but I hope next release....