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gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content ("podcasts") for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices.

Requires SailfishOS Powered by Python 3 and PyOtherSide.

This is the continueation of gpodder by Thomas Perl (@thp).

Sources available here:



Application versions: 

4.11.9 - "Geshem"

Emergency release that adds a dependency for python3-sqlite which was removed by Jolla from, also includes some nice UI improvements by thigg slated for 4.12


4.11.2 - "Geshem"

- Updated Polish translation by atlochowski
- Updated Bulgarian translation by sfbg
- Disabled episode art in episode lists to reduce memory footprint by Keeper-of-the-Keys

4.11.1 - "Geshem":

- bugfix for error in cover file handling that broke UX for some users.
- Chinese translation fixes by dashinfantery
- Swedish translation fixes by eson57

4.11.0 - "Geshem":

"Geshem" is another word for "Rain"

This release brings episode artwork and some other changes under the hood, please note that for podcasts with lots of episodes load times may be slower, also note that the database and other on disk filenames have changed which results in some warnings, a future release will hopefully add logic to cleanup "unknown" files.

Initial update will be slow due to episode art downloads!


- Polish translation fixes by atlochowski
- Chinese translation fixes by dashinfantery
- Russian translation added by dikonov
- HTML tag support in shownotes and podcast description by dikonov
- Add episode art support by Keeper-of-the-Keys


4.10.0 - "Matar":

"Matar" means "Rain"

This release mainly brings small changes:
- Cleaned up behavior of coveractions by carmenfdezb
- Minor UI/UX fixes by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Fixed iTunes link handling by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Added support for SoundCloud pagination allowing more then 200 episodes in a soundcloud stream by Keeper-of-the-Keys

"Tal" means "dew", "Yoreh" is the first rain of the rainy season.

The translation files keep getting altered by the build process and it seems some strings got destroyed as a result, we'll be looking into that.
Also we're starting work on playing back videos inside of gPodder instead of in the browser, if anyone wants to help please check us out on github!

4.9.0 "Tal" adds:
- Polish translation by atlochowski
- Cover image remains also when player is paused by carmenfdezb
- Soundcloud plugin improvements by Keeper-of-the-Keys:
 + performance for update improved a lot
 + performance for adding mildly improved
 + adds episode duration when adding an episode
- Show episode duration in subtitle of list view by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Enterkey behavior fixed in podcast section editing dialog by Keeper-of-the-Keys

- Swedish translation by eson57
- Updated German translation by mibuthu
- Fixed Chinese (zh) translation by dashinfantry

4.8.0 - "Yoreh" Adds:
- Chinese (zh_CN) translation by dashinfantry
- OPML Import/Export UI by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Podcast section editing UI by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- some UI improvements by sfbg

After a hiatus we are back, sorry that it took a while.

Please note that due to harbour restrictions MPRIS/MediaKey support will only be available through OpenRepos until Jolla adds these to allowed libraries.

Changelog (I may have missed a few commits):
- Translation support by carmenfdezb
- Spanish translation carmenfdezb
- Italian translation by fravacarro
- German translation by mibuthu
- Bulgarian translation by sfbg
- Lots of UI improvements sfbg carmenfdezb Keeper-of-the-Keys
- MPRIS/MediaKeys support by chstem
- Support for Sailfish SDK by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Fixed soundcloud plugin by Keeper-of-the-Keys


ninepine's picture

@keeperofthekeys thanks for the quick response and fix. Great App.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You're welcome, lots of thanks should go to all the other contributors and the original author (thp) I merely stand on the shoulders of giants.

ninepine's picture

Subscriptions have disappeared in SF3.4. Hope this is a known issue and something a release soon will fix please? Really good app when working. :)

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Thanks for the report!

It seems Jolla made a booboo and forgot to install python3-sqlite in the update which not only breaks our stuff but also theirs, the fix is simple - devel-su pkcon install python3-sqlite

To try and prevent this from happening we'll also put out a release with python3-sqlite added as an explicit dependency soon.

bionade24's picture

Jolla hasn't made an mistake. Sqlite3 is in the python3 standard library for a long time. For me, there is no python3-sqlite package available on, so I can't install your latest update. Please revert adding it as an dependency.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You are correct partially - until SFOS 3.4 Jolla bundled python3 and sqlite binding into a single package, now they split them into separate packages. I'm trying to find the correct syntax for the spec file to allow the rpm to install on SFOS 3.3 too (make the dependency only apply on SFOS >= 3.4)

yusssufff's picture

Hi! just wondering why the naming 'Yoreh, Tal, Matar, Geshem"?


KeeperoftheKeys's picture

I wanted something that has multiple words to describe more or less the same thing so all these are words that describe a form of rain, there is one more name left in that series and then I'll need to pick a new theme.

yusssufff's picture

okay! and do you plan to continue choosing biblical/religion connected name series?


My wider question would be: do you have a religious/political revendication with such titles?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

I have a candidate for the next series but I haven't yet decided I still need to release the last in this series.

yusssufff's picture

okay! And is there any religious/political revendication behind such naming choices?

osetr's picture

In 4.11 long episode lists start freeze while scrolling. I guess it's caused by the complex component of the episode artwork.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Yes, it may also be due to the high amount of images it needs to load, as yet I don't have a solution but I'm toying with ideas (first implentations were really slow and this is already a lot better).

Input on the subject is very welcome.

osetr's picture

All the episodes have the same image as the stream. Here is the link if it can be usefull.

llelectronics's picture

Newest version 4.11 does not show any podcasts for me anymore. This is the error message

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Can you post the full log of a run?

It should be available in /home/nemo/.cache/harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish/Logs/

Or you can create a specific logfile by running

sailfish-qml harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish &> /tmp/gpodder.log

peperjohnny's picture

I have the same error. Here is a paste as you wanted:

I can move to already downloaded episodes by filtering, but nothing is showing in the homescreen.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Thanks for the logs.

I think I have resolved it, but if you can test this before I publish it that would be great, here is the RPM:

(If this works this will be 4.11.1)

llelectronics's picture

Thanks. This rpm works

peperjohnny's picture

Yup, they're back on the startscreen and look nice on the filtered screen.

Thanks a lot for the fast fix!

sunburnedpenguin's picture

Strange! I upgraded to the newest using Storeman and was surprised when the integration wasn't there anymore. Not sure what happened.

sunburnedpenguin's picture

Did you remove the lock screen integration in the latest release? I loved that feature!

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

It was not removed, however there are 2 ways it may have been lost:

1. I may have made a mistake and uploaded the version without it to OpenRepos I'll try to check that later.

2. When you upgrade your device to a new release of SFOS it may install the version from the Jolla store that lacks the functionality.


/Edit: As far as I can tell the OpenRepos version still includes the lockscreen functionality.

sdiconov's picture

A Russian translation and fixe for displaying HTML formatted descriptions of podcasts and episodes submitted at I hope it is the right place.

Please, make the content of the initial directory search page translatable too. "Getting started" means nothing to non English speakers.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture


The source of that string is in a plugin in gpodder-core I'm not 100% sure how to make these (easily) translateable, there does seem to be some infrastructure for translation there but ideally plugins should not be generating UI elements.

Thanks for the translation!

Brummkreisel's picture

Great app! Can somebody give me a hint where I can find the downloaded files?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hey sorry for the late reply, been very busy :)

The downloaded files are in:



Brummkreisel's picture

Thank you!
Also sorry for the late reply...

sunburnedpenguin's picture

Love this app! Thanks so much for having adopted it and keeping it up-to-date.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You're welcome, thanks for the warm words!