Patch: Speaker volume up

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It' similar to MaxVol app. You can increase the speaker volume directly from the setting. Include autostart after reboot or after pulseaudio restart if you want.

Thanks to Ancelad for help :)

* MaxVol app will be uninstalled automatically.
* Probably not competible with Patch: Volume control settings, added as Conflict.

* Move slider to prefered percentage
* Press on the button "Restart speaker" to apply
* Check or uncheck "Enable autostart"

- Update for v2.2.1.18 and above.

- QML tuning for v and above.

- Changed chmod for scripts.

- Changes in the scripts.

- Added button for Pulseaudio restart.
- Small changes in scripts.

- Compatible with v2.0.4.13.
- Speaker volume setting moved to pull down menu.

- noarch build.
- Compatible with v2.0.2.45.

* Tablet version.

* Small changes in .spec file.
* Compatible with v2.0.1.7.

* Small changes in QML file.
* Notification icon changed.

* Restore slider value if button not pressed but slider moved.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 

- Update for v2.2.1.18 and above.


murfik's picture

No longer work

csg1976's picture

I cannot seem to uninstall this patch.

Failed to get sink information: No such entity. ... scriptled failed, exit status 1 ... erase failed.
Schturman's picture

Try from terminal and show me output: pkcon remove sailfishos-speaker-volumeup-0.2-2.noarch.rpm

adel's picture

I had to use this command to try a delete : pkcon remove sailfishos-speaker-volumeup (otherwise it doesn't find the package), then it fails with the message : subprocess failed. Failed to get sink information: no such entity. Error: %preun(sailfishos-speaker-volumeup-0.2-2.noarch) scripltlet failed, exit status 1. Error sailfishos-speaker-volumeup-0.2-2.noarch erase failed

adel's picture

Seems the uninstall issue is with thr pre/post run scripts. I managed to delete the patch by forcing the delete without running the scripts : rpm -e --noscripts sailfishos-speaker-volumeup

lispy's picture

Maybe you could include my fix for louder earpiece volume: pactl set-sink-volume 2 150%

Schturman's picture

More details please....
What this exactly do?
What the default value?
What the commands to change it ?
What the safety range?
How to run this commands, as root or user?

sdiconov's picture

Will it appear in the patchmanager online catalog?

I would like to translate the settings page. Is it possible? Is there a uniform way to translate settings pages created by patches?

Schturman's picture

No, it's rpm package. I didn't created option for translation... If you wat you can play with this files:

And translate texts for yourself...

Markkyboy's picture

Hi Schturman, here is a weird scenario. Realising that Sailfish Utilities doesn't do what it is supposed to do, I though I would uninstall it. As it uninstalled, a notification pops up (top of screen) and says:
"Patch: 'sailfishos-speaker-volumeup' removed" - to be sure, I set up again, uninstalled Sailfish Utilities and sure enough, your patch was uninstalled again. I will formulate a report and add it to TJC, as the problem may well be with Sailfish Utilities, which is broken anyway - not that Jolla seems to give a fuck one way or another.

Schturman's picture

Hi. This patch have Sailfish Utilities as Requires. If you remove Sailfish Utilities it will automatically remove my patch, that mean it's a correct behavior.

amitchalakh's picture

does it also increase in call earpiece volume?

Schturman's picture

Don't remember, try and see...

AA1AA's picture

Is there a way to avoid the conflict with Patch: Volume control settings ?

Schturman's picture

Maybe, I didn't tried...