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Standard recompilation of r base package from CRAN for Harmattan.

R statistical software is (C) R Foundation, from http://www.r-project.org.


Application versions: 
File r-base.deb37.88 MB06/12/2013 - 16:39
  • Fixed application dependencies: added libgfortran3, libreadline5 (thanks to mmozct)
  • Added hard conflict with the upcoming r-extended package


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I am very grateful that someone spent time in packaging R here! Any plans on porting that to Sailfish? I'd really like to have R working on my Jolla!

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Porting r-base / r-extended to Jolla should be relatively easy. I suspect that compiling the package with the Jolla SDK should be achievable with minimal effort, and after that is a matter of bundling desired third party libraries (ggplot2, etc...) and packaging everything up for distribution.

Now, as I do not own a Jolla phone, I am not in the best position to release a stable, quality package. Rather than blindly releasing garbage, I prefer to wait until I have a device that I can experiment and test with.

However, if you (or someone else) feel like getting dirty and trying yourself, I will be more than happy to give advices and share my past experience.


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Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately I have no skills or time to try myself now, so I hope you'll get a Jolla soon!

(Well of course, if you want to build a binary, I will be there to try it! But I cannot provide extensive feedback in case it doesn't work. :P)
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Any news on this? Did you get a Jolla since this discussion, or did someone else offer to try porting R to Sailfish? Still eagerly looking forward to trying a version on Sailfish.

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Thanks for porting R across to the N9, I missed it form my N900 :)

missing a dependence on libgfortran3 and libreadline5 which is easily solved with

>devel-su <root password, default rootme>

>apt-get install libgfortran3 libreadline5


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Thanks for the feedback! I will try to fix this by the end of the week.