Nightly Clock

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Nightly Clock is a clock designed for your bedside, originally from BlackBerry10 but hugely improved for Sailfish.

Rebuilt for Sailfish OS with a Silica UI for the native feel.

The App is customisable with colours (Ambience included), custom Alarm tones, clock styles, font sizes, wallpapers, weather and more.

Documentation for custom clock stlyes:

The interval alarm feature is for all of those people who want that extra lie in, with interval alarm you can set Nightly clock to briefly sound the alarm then auto shut off to remind you it's time to get up without the need to touch the device.

This is my first App in a couple of years since BB10, and Symbian (any Symbian^3 users may remember me from Apps like Star Browser :)


You can find a black background in Settings-Customise-Wallpaper for bedside use or set to auto show from the main settings,

Also please note that the UI components do move around ever so slightly to prevent any screen burn in issues, so don't be alarmed (sorry bad pun) if they seem off center.


Please do leave any feedback no matter how small, this App was built in free time and with a bunch of great testers.


Devices running SailfishOS 3.2.1+ supported


If you are experiencing problems installing please try the pkcon refresh command from the terminal, as some devices are missing the qt5-qtlocation library needed for the weather side of the App





Jolla Pioneer Fans

Application versions: 
File harbour-nightlyclocksailfish-1.14-23.armv7hl.rpm1.79 MB20/10/2020 - 20:39
File harbour-nightlyclocksailfish-1.14-23.i486.rpm1.8 MB20/10/2020 - 20:39

v1.14 (23)

Fixed hardcoded paths to support fresh SFOS 3.4 installations

v1.13 (22)

Replaced weather icons with native Sailfish icons,

Applied glass & dimming effect to wallpaper to improve experience with bright wallpapers,

Option to show media artwork as wallpaper if available and controls showing (MPRIS spec, not many Apps implement this at the moment)


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Yeah, sure. That would be ideal, as that's how Meecast works from the notifications screeen.

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Great I'll see what I can do :)

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One other suggestion.
Would it be possible to enable a touch and hold to launch the weather/Meecast app from the clock screen?

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I'll certainly see what I can cook up, would holding the weather widget on the mainscreen be sufficient ?

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Excellent app so far.
Just a couple of suggestions.
Would it be possible to have the alarm set cover app show a list of all your saved alarm times so a pre-set time can be selected from that list?
And would it also be possible to display the date under the clock face on the cover? What would be cool would be a small window with the day & date at 3 O-clock on the clock face, like a wristwatch does, if possible.

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Hi Mick,

Thanks for trying my App :)

I'll certainly look into a list of pre-set Alarm times,

Date under the clock face I'll see about implementing that into 1.08, depends if there's room in the cover,

The clock faces are going to be getting a major revamp in 1.08 hopefully, so I'll see about adding that little window :)


If you have any other suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know.

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The app sounds very nice, but I can't get it to work :/ Whenever I start it, the only thing I get is a white screen. Is it linked to the new version update : ?

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Fix for white screen after update:
edit file


and change line 12

import org.nemomobile.connectivity 1.0


import Nemo.Connectivity 1.0
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Hi Kan,


Thank you for replying to periappi for me :)

I've had issues with keepalive for a while so I didn't get chance to fix that straight away, new update has fixed it now :)


Jolla removed the legacy import about 4 months ago but I don't think many of us noticed :D

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Worked like a charm, thanks kan!

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Any ETA for tablet support?

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Hi pasik2,


Sorry for the very late answer, I've been experiencing issues building the source code for a long time but we are back now.


Tablet support is on the cards in the next few versions, just need to test it some more with the Emulator and find some real life testers :)

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The app looks really good, but it seems there are still bugs; I had it set to wake me up this morning, using the sunrise alarm. The sunrise alarm worked, but the "normal" alarm didn't - instead the app was pretty much frozen. It didn't respond to the UI. The time did still update on the screen. I had to kill the the app using Lighthouse.

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Hi again,

I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my own device, would you mind enabling debugging in the App from Settings -  pulley - about- pulley - debug mode and try the alarm again  ?

You can find my email frok the contact button in the About page.



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That doesn't sound good, I'll look into it, thanks for reporting

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very beautiful

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Thank you :)

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Hello, any chance to make translation project on Transifex?

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I'll see how the development progresses in the new year :)

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Thanks for trying!
Yes, I would like to be able to set custom durations for the interval and the sounding, not just presets. That would be great!
Also, the quick icons on the bottom are misleading. When they are enabled, the corresponding feature is turned off. What about doing the opposite, i.e., turning them on (this would be more straightforward I believe), or keeping it the way it is but striking the icons to show that they disable the feature?
Thanks again for the nice app!

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Hmm the toggles shouldn't be doing that, they should be lighting up to say that the function is enabled, like it shows in the Pictures 

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Very nice app, looks promising. The interval alarm feature is wonderful, I can't say I'm eager to try it tomorrow morning, but close!
Thanks Allstar!
Please add the possibility to set custom intervals, or more presets between 1 and 5 minutes, and user-specified sound duration too. Less important: a night mode independent of the black wallpaper, so that we can keep the ambience blurry background but reduce luminosity (or invert colors?).

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I will certainly improve the time between sounding selection :)

The sound duration is controlled by the 'Time to sound for' option, would you like to see more durations added to that list?


On the background, I'm not sure if that can be done since the Ambience wallpaper is coded very deeply into the ApplicationWindow component, but I'll certainly give it a shot :)




Well, I managed to knick the Wallpaper component from silica and apply it to the clock face, but to be honest you can't see the Glass effect overlay on any of the UI, they are just too dimy lit when the wallpaper is dimmed down.


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Does not work on Fairphone 2 with SailfishOS The Appscreen stays blank, while the appcover seems to work asit should.

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Hi again,


This should be now all fixed in the latest release 1.011, if you have time please install the update and let me know how it all works :) 




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Would you mind dropping me an email at 

I'll send you a build with debugging enabled so I can see what's going on underneath :) 


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Nice app!