Patch: Improved notification preview

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Moves a bit enlarged icon inside the notification bubble and provides settings to customize notification preview's look and behavior.

You can determine

  • Style of the preview
  • Margin and corner radius (if selected style permits)
  • Maximum and minimum width
  • Duration which the preview is shown
  • What tapping  the preview and swiping it left, right and/or down does.

No more waiting for notifications to time-out out of the way or gathering useless notifications to the events view.

Currently, removing does not work with email notifications. It has probably something to do with notification's email address headers as normally the header is the app's name.

Requires Patchmanager.

You can help translate the patch to your own language on Transifex.

Donations are welcome:


* Tue Jan 8 2019 0.4.4-3

  • Fix for

* Tue Nov 6 2018 0.4.4-2

  • Fix for Sailfish 3
  • Updated Spanish translation

* Mon Oct 15 2018 0.4.4-1

  • Content margins setting
  • German translation, thanks to sail_parleur

* Mon Jun 25 2018 Thaodan <> 0.4.3-2 (Reverted a bit for familiarity)

  • move changelog to seperate file (recommended by Packaging/Guidelines)
  • fix building in clean build environment, because qmake5 was not installed (missing qt5-qtcore)
  • Added URL tag as suggested by rpmlint-- Shortened Summary as suggested by rpmlint

-* Fri Jun 1 2018 0.4.3-1

  • Fix for

* Fri Feb 23 2018 0.4.2-2

  • French and Russian translations, thanks to Guesnery and Ancelad

* Fri Feb 23 2018 0.4.2-1

  • Fix for

* Sat Nov 4 2017 0.4.1-4

  • Fix for (and possibly earlier versions)

* Fri Nov 2 2017 0.4.1-2

  • Spanish translation, thanks to Caballlero

* Mon Oct 16 2017 0.4.1

  • Duration setting
  • Small fixes

* Fri Oct 13 2017 0.4

  • Settings page with lot of customation options
  • Bugfixes

* Tue Jul 25 2017 0.3

  • Soft corner only if it doesn't face the side of the screen
  • Notification preview's width is determined by the body text
  • Mimimum preview width is 80% of the portrait-screen-width
  • Maximum is full screen width

* Sat Jul 15 2017 0.2

  • Changed patch for overall notification preview improvement patch.
  • Portrait-screen-wide notification
  • Icon moved inside notification bubble and enlarged
  • Reduced the margins restricting preview texts a bit

* Sat Jul 15 2017 0.1

  • First build.


nerip's picture

please make it work for

Ingvix's picture

It should work on without changes. I'd suggest to try the fixes in previous comments if you're unable to apply the patch.

nerip's picture

Hi but actually i can't delete the files, i don't have permission, and i can't remove it form Storeman either...i'm stuck

Ingvix's picture

You need to delete them as root. I'm guessing you're not familiar using terminal so I suggest you download StartAsRoot package for your favorite file browser from Storeman (or if there's no such package for your favorite, download one of supported browsers for this task) and use it to remove the files.

nerip's picture

ok, but since storeman doesn't work properly with the new version (3.1), it's a little bit complicated .

Ingvix's picture

Yeah, it probably needs to refresh the repositories first. I don't know when does it do it automatically as I've always just refreshed them from terminal if needed. If you don't mind (at least momentarily) activating the developer tools and in FingerTerm typing "devel-su" and then the password you've set on the developer tools page and then "pkcon refresh" and waiting a moment for it to refresh all the repositories. After that Storeman should work properly.

naytsyrhc's picture

Unfortunately I can't apply the patch anymore. SFOS, Patchmanager 3. Any hints/ideas for debugging? Or are you aware of this issue?

Ingvix's picture

I am not aware. I'm still on for I've been a bit lazy with updating the system. I'll check it out on the weekend at the latest.

naytsyrhc's picture

Thanks for fast reply. I followed the "instructions" with removing files manually and reinstalled. Now patch was applied successfully.

Ingvix's picture

I see, so it doesn't need an update but I guess I should try to tinker with the installation procedures to avoid such conflicts which seem to happen quite often. Though for some reason I've never faced them.

nerip's picture

I've got the same problem but i can't delete the files in \share\jolla-settings\...
When will you update the app with the last os version?

Ingvix's picture

It works with the latest system update without changes so there's no need to update it. Are you using Patchmanager 3?

PawelSpoon's picture

Samw here. I.think it was my error. I did not.unapply i.think.
However, installtion did work, applying not, untill.i deleted the files in suggested above

didilalalagon9's picture

All right, I finally manage to fix my issue. Uninstalling, even from app store app does not delete your patch traces in '' share/jolla-settings/pages'' and ''entries''.I uninstall from store then manually remove the patch left over from those two location. Fresh re-install then the patch does apply and work again now.

Ingvix's picture

I see. I wonder if patchmanager3 has some difficulties handling files that does not originally exist in the system. Though I've never faced such problems. Nice to hear you got it sorted.

didilalalagon9's picture

Update , atempt to fiddle with notification preview.qml had me stuck with no more notifications previews at all. So I restore my previous full backup back to While undergoing to update again to, in fact patchmanager failed to unapply you patch ( it's effect where working fine however on Now back to being stuck unable to either unapply it or uninstall it . I manage to delete enough trace of it manually to at least being able to perform install/uninstall again but still no succes to realy apply it. Even if patchmanager tel that it is apply succesfully ,none of it's controls have effects at all.

Ingvix's picture

Could you pastebin patchmanager logs from applying the patch? Did the notification preview keep it's appearance as it is without the patch after applying the last time or did the settings just not make any change to the preview?

didilalalagon9's picture

I am on ported onyx, update to . All patch where disabled of course. Update your patch before re applying it. No faill to apply but no working change effert. The stock notifications styles remained unchanged. Any tips ? Works fine on Like your path a lot and by the way , I modify myself the header and body text font size of the notification preview qml for bigger to be more readeable at glance while driving with navigation. If you could add this option to your patch would be great. Also if you could add option to apply glass effect on the notification background pannel to me woulu be great , I still could not find how to tweak that myself in the qml . Keep up the good work.

Ingvix's picture

Did you try to disable and enable the patch again and then refresh lipstick? Sometimes with Patchmanager 3 I've noticed that rarely patches don't take effect though they're shown enabled in the patchmanager. If that doesn't do it, I have no idea how to fix it. Mine's working fine with

The changes you speak of are doable but can't promise when I can get them done. The glass effect might require a bit hacky approach at least with my current knowledge but I don't think it's impossible to produce.

Historyscholar's picture

I want to translate  it into Chinese .Please  add Chinese .Thanks !

Ingvix's picture

All the chineses are now in Transifex available for translating.

carmenfdezb's picture

It doesn't work in :(

ninepine's picture

I can't get the Patch to work on an XA2 running either. "Failed to install"

carmenfdezb's picture

Open 'Terminal' and type 'devel-su pkcon refresh'. Then, try to install the patch again.

Ingvix's picture


carmenfdezb's picture

Great!! Thank you!!

superyuan's picture

thank you for your amaxing work. I updated systrm to but the patch malfunctioned . now it is stuck that can not use patch manager to uninstall, and unable to install te new patch versions. do you have a sudo command to force to uninstall it completely and so i could reinstall it fresh?

dfstorm's picture

It worked ! Thanks :)

dfstorm's picture

And it fail to install in patchmanger 3 on :(

Ingvix's picture