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GUI tool for v2ray-core client.

For detail: 


Default config: /home/nemo/.config/v2ray/config.json.template, iptables rules script: /usr/bin/

Recommend server side config is

The default by v2ray is OK too

Before ask any questions, please learn how to use v2ray first.

!!! Note: v0.2 is incompatible with old versions.!!!
!!!注意:v0.2版本和之前的版本不兼容,谨慎升级。 !!!


Source code:

Application versions: 

v0.3.3 fix issue on sailfishos

v0.3.1 add filled from clipboard support

v0.2.1 add Shadowsocks support

v0.2.0 Break changes. New features.

v0.1.2 IP field allow input hostname


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Can you adopt your icon in the setting to ligh ambience? Black icon

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I will go to China for holiday and therefore I set up v2ray server and this app. The connection seems to work, but how to route the sailfish network traffic over this vmess 24947 port?

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Is there a way to simply load an existing config file? That would allow making use of additional features that v2ray offers. I know the config file can be replaced, but the app will probably overwrite it? Also, it would be nice if the IP field would actually allow entering hostnames as well, v2ray itself supports that fine.

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IP field allow entering hostnames will be coming soon

About load an existing config file, this feature will be coming later

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OK, nice! I can confirm that it all works fine for the standard vmess protocol. Is there a way to set it up using WebSocket instead? And I take it this ignores proxy settings set in the wifi settings, so there is no way to use a .pac file at the moment?

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Forget pac rules, v2ray has it's own router. You can modify /home/nemo/.config/v2ray/config.json.sample "outboundTag": "direct" part.

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I know I can do rules client-side, but I don't always trust that clients will do the right thing, so pacs are useful (and pretty convenient).

So adjusting the sample file will also affect the generated config.json?

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Yup, but do not modify  SERVER_IP SERVER_PORT UUID ALTER_ID .