VaiDroid Icon Theme

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Unfortunately UI Themer was removed from WIthout UI Themer, this icon theme can't be used. See here: 


To be used with Jolla's Android Support and UI Themer. The theme only replaces Android app icons.

This unique theme pack includes over 110 custom-made icons and replaces many popular Android icons with Sailfish-styled ones. See screenshots for some of the available icons in this theme. Optional overlay icons are included.

  • Re-apply the theme whenever you update it or Android applications. UI Themer offers an auto-update feature (optional).
  • 'Lite'-versions of apps like Skype, Facebook, Messenger, LINE are supported.
  • If an icon doesn't work anymore, something might have changed with the Android app. Leave a comment or open an issue here.

Sources: Github

Application versions: 
File harbour-themepack-vaidroid-1.2-1.noarch.rpm3.69 MB11/03/2018 - 02:49
File harbour-themepack-vaidroid-2.2-1.noarch.rpm1.47 MB22/02/2019 - 15:10
File harbour-themepack-vaidroid-2.3-1.noarch.rpm1.49 MB01/05/2019 - 19:54
File harbour-themepack-vaidroid-2.4-1.noarch.rpm1.52 MB09/05/2019 - 23:37
File harbour-themepack-vaidroid-2.6-1.noarch.rpm1.63 MB18/12/2019 - 00:29
File harbour-themepack-vaidroid-2.7-1.noarch.rpm1.6 MB26/12/2019 - 22:30

* Thu Dec 26 2019 2.7
- Fixed Aurora Store icon;
- Added icons for Aurora Store and Aurora Droid (F-Droid).

* Tue Dec 17 2019 2.6
- Comptability fixes for icons;
- Small fixes for supported icons.
Some icons were missing in the 2.5 release - please update to 2.6.
Big thank you to Rudi_Timmermans for his help with the Sailfish SDK and fixing incompatible icons.

* Thu May 09 2019 2.4
- Comptability fixes for icons;
- Updated Deezer icon, added KeePassX, microG-Settings icons.

* Wed May 01 2019 2.3
- Compatibility fixes for icons;
- Khan Academy icon.

* Fri Feb 22 2019 2.2
- PayPal icon;
- Fixes for icon names.

* Wed Feb 11 2019 2.1 
- high res 192px icons;
- reduced filesize by 65%; 
- added 16 overlay icons;
- fixed broken icons (if there are more, please report);
- New icons, Deezer, Steam, Brave, Pinterest, Shazam, Linkedin, Cryptolitycs, FaceSlim, Waterfox, Silence, WPS Office, FeedMe, MuPDF viewer, Argenta Bankieren, Aftershock, Xodo, Bats HIIT, Privacy Friendly Sudoku, Windy.

* Sun Mar 11 2018 1.2
- Several new icons, Pocket, Revolut, AirBnB, OneDrive, Lightroom, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Draw, Hangouts, Altcoin Prices, Skype Lite, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, LINE Lite;
- Snapchat, Spotify, OsmAnd icon fix;
- Remove duplicates with wrong file names.

* Tue Jan 16 2018 1.1
- Several new icons.

* Thu Dec 21 2017 1.0
- Public release.


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Welp now UI themer isn't even available anymore.

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Hello are you still there? Can you please make icons for tiktok, youtube music, reddit, and a file browser one of your art style? Very good icon pack

Historyscholar's picture

can not cover opera

molan's picture

Opera Browser works. Please download the app from Yalp Store (which downloads the original app from Google Play Store). Otherwise you can share the file name like @Shervrar did in the comments above.

Shervrar's picture

These icons do looks pretty damn nice, but it doesn't seem to work for all apps? Firefox for example just gets a -90 degree rotaed D-shape as the base with the nornal android icon in the middle.

molan's picture

Hi, thanks. Firefox Browser works for me. Where did you download the app from? The icon base is an overlay for apps which aren't covered by the theme. You can turn the overlay option off by activating 'Advanced UI' in UI Themer.

Shervrar's picture

Got it from APKPure. Thanks, disabling overlays also is a lot nicer. I have the following file in the directory you mentioned: apkd_launcher_org_mozilla_firefox-org_mozilla_firefox_App.png

Hope that helps, thanks for looking into it :)

molan's picture

Thanks. Somehow your Firefox version uses a different icon file name than the one I use (downloaded from Google Play, via Yalp Store). I'll add the file name you shared to the theme.

Shervrar's picture

Thanks, Firefox works now! And I'd use Yalp but the UI and reliability are a bit hit an miss imo.

btw, would you please consider adding a few more icons? I know it's a lot and I don't expect you to do all of them. Thanks for considering though.

  • Aurora Store (Yalp fork, nicer UI. It's on F-Droid): apkd_launcher_com_aurora_store-com_aurora_store_activity_AuroraActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_aurora_store-com_aurora_store_activity_AuroraActivity.png
  • microg settings (Open Google Play Services replacement): apkd_launcher_com_google_android_gms-org_microg_gms_ui_SettingsActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_google_android_gms-org_microg_gms_ui_SettingsActivity.png
  • LingoDeer (Language Learning): apkd_launcher_com_lingodeer-com_lingo_lingoskill_ui_base_SplashActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_lingodeer-com_lingo_lingoskill_ui_base_SplashActivity.png
  • Azur Lane (Game): apkd_launcher_com_YoStarEN_AzurLane-com_manjuu_azurlane_PrePermissionActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_YoStarEN_AzurLane-com_manjuu_azurlane_PrePermissionActivity.png
  • Tachiyomi (Manga Reader. There's also a fork with slight differences, they use the same icon though): apkd_launcher_eu_kanade_tachiyomi-eu_kanade_tachiyomi_ui_main_MainActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_eu_kanade_tachiyomi-eu_kanade_tachiyomi_ui_main_MainActivity.png & apkd_launcher_eu_kanade_tachiyomi_eh2-eu_kanade_tachiyomi_ui_main_MainActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_eu_kanade_tachiyomi_eh2-eu_kanade_tachiyomi_ui_main_MainActivity.png
  • eBay: apkd_launcher_com_ebay_mobile-com_ebay_mobile_activities_MainActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_ebay_mobile-com_ebay_mobile_activities_MainActivity.png
  • Speedtest: apkd_launcher_org_zwanoo_android_speedtest-com_ookla_mobile4_screens_main_MainActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_org_zwanoo_android_speedtest-com_ookla_mobile4_screens_main_MainActivity.png
  • KeePass DX (Password managed compatible with KeepassXC): apkd_launcher_com_kunzisoft_keepass_libre-com_kunzisoft_keepass_fileselect_FileSelectActivity.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_kunzisoft_keepass_libre-com_kunzisoft_keepass_fileselect_FileSelectActivity.png
  • Anki (flashcard app, useful for learning vocabulary): apkd_launcher_com_ichi2_anki-com_ichi2_anki_IntentHandler.desktop, apkd_launcher_com_ichi2_anki-com_ichi2_anki_IntentHandler.png
molan's picture

Nice, well-arranged list. I'll see what I can do :-)

Shervrar's picture

Thanks :D

Historyscholar's picture

How to apply for icons?

molan's picture

Hi, thanks for your comment :) For additional icons I need a) the name of the app b) name and location of the Android icon in /var/lib/apkd

But since creating these icons take a lot of time, I can't say if I'm able to create additional icons in the near future.

Historyscholar's picture


groeable's picture

Is it possible to dowbload your icons in png format?

molan's picture

Hi, at the moment that's not possible. There will be an update within the next days - I'll look into publishing the sources later on. If you need a specific icon, please send me a direct message. 

Caballlero's picture

@molan what is ur email? I need/help finish an Icono. Thx

molan's picture

Hi, sorry for the late reply. If you still need help, please use the openrepos contact form in my profile :)

TMavica's picture

Can you make a 'Pornhub' sailfish icon?

Caballlero's picture

Amazing project ! Thanks.

groeable's picture

There is icon for snapchat, right? Is there any option to install snapchat on jolla now?

molan's picture

Yes, that's the Snapchat icon. It was requested by pisarz1958 (see other comments). Personally I haven't tested Snapchat on Jolla devices.

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Revolut - Beyond Banking


ferlanero's picture

Absolute great! Keep this incredible work alive!! Thanks!

molan's picture

Thank you for the nice words :)

pisarz1958's picture

Cool! I was really waiting for it. How can I suggest you or/and send you icons that I use with Android apps?

molan's picture

Thanks :) You don't need to send me the icon - what I need is the app name and the name of its .desktop file. You find it in /usr/share/applications/ . For example HERE Maps would be apkd_launcher_com_here_app_maps-com_here_app_LauncherActivity.desktop .

pisarz1958's picture

Snapchat: apkd_launcher_com_snapchat_android-com_snapchat_android_LandingPageActivity 
(my icon in .ai format)

Microsoft To-Do: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_todos-com_microsoft_todos_ui_LaunchActivity

OneDrive: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_skydrive-com_microsoft_skydrive_MainActivity

Excel: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_excel-com_microsoft_office_excel_excelMainActivity

OneNote: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_onenote-com_microsoft_office_onenote_ui_ONMSplashActivity

PowerPoint: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_powerpoint-com_microsoft_office_powerpoint_PPTActivity

Word: apkd_launcher_com_microsoft_office_word-com_microsoft_office_word_WordActivity

LastPass: apkd_launcher_com_lastpass_lpandroid-com_lastpass_lpandroid_activity_WebBrowserActivity

pisarz1958's picture

Great update. Your paypal donation link is invalid though.