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KDEConnect client for SailfishOS

This KDE Connect client is built from the upstream source of the KDE Connect project.  Because of this, some additional KDE KF5 libraries will be installed with it.

It is to be considered an alpha release.  If you notice that it stops working, or disconnects from your KDE desktop, then check in the home folder for a stacktrace.txt which may help with debugging the daemon.


  • Notifications
  • MPRIS Remote
  • MPRIS Client
  • Remote Mouse

Other plugins will be enabled over time as the client stabilises.


  • Ensure both machines are on the same network
  • Initiate pairing from one device, and accept the pair on the other.
    • If pairing from desktop to phone, just click on the notification to pair
  • Once paired, you can test the connection with a 'ping' command


Known Issues:

  • MPRIS client only works from a device with the mpris remote plugin, like the kirigami app or another sailfish device
  • The daemon seems to die occasioanlly.  Im looking into this as a top priority
    (potential fix in 0.1.1)

Bug reports:

Please file bugs at https://bugs.kde.org/ using the kdeconnect product, and sailfishos as the component.

Application versions: 
File kdeconnect-sfos-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm4.69 MB27/08/2018 - 23:09
File kdeconnect-sfos-0.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm4.69 MB10/09/2018 - 23:32
File kdeconnect-sfos-1.3.1fixupcrash.20181022212530.fee7166-1.armv7hl.rpm4.42 MB23/10/2018 - 00:41

Changed version to match KDE Connect version
Removed clipboard plugin

Potential fixes for daemon loosing connection.  Feeback welcome
Device refresh menu action
Daemon logging to ~/kdeconnectd.log

Initial release


HansRoulade's picture

Wish there was an aarch64 build of it...

ade's picture

Why not use https://openrepos.net/content/r1tschy/sailfish-connect ?
Sailfish-connect is an excellent kde-connect app imho.

levone1's picture

Fix white screen issue: zypper in libKF5ConfigCore5 libKF5I18n5

Termitebug's picture

White screen also here on XA2 Plus.

sdiconov's picture

Unable to run. Displays white screen only. Jolla1 & Jolla C.

itoss's picture

i got some error while installing on SFOS ( Sailfish OS (Sipoonkorpi) ) :

pkcon search KDE                  
Searching by details                                                                                                                   
Refreshing software list                                                                                                                
Installed       desktop-file-utils-0.23+git1-1.2.4.jolla.armv7hl (installed)    Utilities for manipulating .desktop files
Installed       kcalcore-qt5-4.10.2+9git17-1.4.2.jolla.armv7hl (installed)      Port of KDE kcalcore calendar library
Available       kdeconnect-sfos-1.3.1+fixup+crash.20181022212530.fee7166-1.armv7hl (PK_TMP_DIR)    KDEConnect client for Sailfish
Installed       libkf5archive-5.41.0+git3-1.3.2.jolla.armv7hl (installed)       KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with archive functions
Installed       mkcal-qt5-0.4.4-1.6.5.jolla.armv7hl (installed)                 Extended KDE kcal calendar library port for Maemo
root@Sailfish:/home/nemo> pkcon install kdeconnect-sfos-1.3.1+fixup+crash.20181022212530.fee7166-1.armv7hl
Resolving                                                                           [                                         ] (0%)  Package not found: kdeconnect-sfos-1.3.1+fixup+crash.20181022212530.fee7166-1.armv7hl
Command failed: This tool could not find any available package: No packages were found



if i try to install via downloaded file and local install i got another error fro missing packages which are not available from the SFOS repos (pkcon install qt5-qtscript) :

pkcon install-local  kdeconnect-sfos-1.3.1fixupcrash.20181022212530.fee7166-1.armv7hl.rpm
Installing files                                                                                                                        
Testing changes                                                                                                                         
Fatal error: nothing provides libKF5ConfigCore.so.5 needed by kdeconnect-sfos-1.3.1+fixup+crash.20181022212530.fee7166-1.armv7hl



piggz's picture

First try a pkcon refresh, and install from the repository.

Failing that, the other library packages, like config core etc are in my openrepos repository.

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Dev sorted it out for me. Thanks!
In terminal, type :
pkcon install qt5-qtscript

superkongen's picture

Could not install it.
"an error occurred"

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Is there a replacement for the clipboard plugin on Sailfish OS?

piggz's picture

No, i believe the problem is that QClipboard doesnt work on Wayland (yet?)

Karry's picture

Hi piggz. Thank you for this application! Daemon seems to be unstable little bit. Here is my bugreport: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=399333

Please continue with development! :-)

piggz's picture

Please test out the new version, and sorry for the dela in publishing it

piggz's picture

thanks for the useful info, its very useful. iirc, clipboard doesnt work on wayland so that wiill be why, i`ll disable it and re-release

Karry's picture

Yeah, clipboard plugin was the cause. Removing it fix the crashes. But it would be nice to have it functional :-)

Thaodan's picture

Can you log to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/kdeconnectd.log instead?

piggz's picture


Can I get some ffedback on how well/stable the daemon is at the moment?


Thaodan's picture


Enable buggs on your fork an I'll report any errors I notice.

For example the app always resets the volume of players to 40% on every new track/selecting the player.

The paired device is not always found when opening the app.

Also the current device should be listed on the first page and the aviable device list should be on the swipe right page I think.

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More useless trash, i see.

pisarz1958's picture

I see you started clearly labeling your garbage, useless comments. :)

piggz's picture

Go on.... ?

ade's picture

Thanks for your effort! Having read https://github.com/R1tschY/harbour-sailfishconnect/issues/1 , it is not entirely clear to me what the future plans are. But my impressing is both Sailfish port attempts will not be merged?

piggz's picture

Seems that way ... we both started work in private, and have taken different directions.  I see both have advantages, but are different code bases.  sailfishconnect is a more 'pure' sailfish client, in that it does not have external dependancies, and would likely be accepted in the jolla store.  My version is developed upstream as part of kdeconnect, but because of that, has dependancies on kde libraries.  The advantage it brings is the whole of the kdeconnect team working on it, and all the upstream plugins.