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The new podQast player in the Forbidden Fruits variant: All that cannot be done with harbour possibilities and bleeding edge stuff - probably not working...
Other stuff than in harbour:

  • MPRIS support
  • Bluetooth keys (may not work...)


Application versions: 
File harbour-podqast-1.7-0ff.noarch.rpm434.16 KB24/11/2018 - 16:15
File harbour-podqast-1.8-0ff.noarch.rpm435.75 KB04/12/2018 - 23:46
File harbour-podqast-1.9-0ff.noarch.rpm436.23 KB08/12/2018 - 17:53
File harbour-podqast-1.11-0ff.noarch.rpm606.76 KB28/12/2018 - 00:38
File harbour-podqast-1.12-0ff.noarch.rpm607.96 KB29/12/2018 - 15:09
File harbour-podqast-2.0-0ff.noarch.rpm1.34 MB20/01/2019 - 00:57
File harbour-podqast-2.1-1ff.noarch.rpm1.34 MB24/01/2019 - 21:09
File harbour-podqast-2.2-0ff.noarch.rpm1.34 MB03/02/2019 - 21:48
File harbour-podqast-2.3-0ff.noarch.rpm1.34 MB23/02/2019 - 22:45
File harbour-podqast-2.4-0ff.noarch.rpm1.26 MB20/07/2019 - 18:31
File harbour-podqast-2.5-0ff.noarch.rpm1.21 MB22/07/2019 - 15:43
File harbour-podqast-2.6-0ff.noarch.rpm1.21 MB15/08/2019 - 13:13
File harbour-podqast-2.7-0ff.noarch.rpm1.21 MB10/11/2019 - 23:35

Version 2.7-0ff

- Chinese translations by dashinfantry
- Correct update when on mobile

Version 2.6-0ff

- French translations, thanks to Luis Turpinat

Version 2.5-0ff

- Merge !25 - Use regex replace for podtrack circumvention

Version 2.4-0ff

- SFOS 3.1.0 icon fixing
- some pyhon tuning

Version 2.3-0ff

- Discover by URL with better edit handling
- More descriptive "Auto post limit reached"

Version 2.2-0ff

- usage tuning (same icon for archiving like history, set sleep timer more visible)
- changes in internal data structure
- bug fixes
Version 2.1-1ff

- Sleep timer: Never sleep your playlist empty again!
- Global sleep time in preferences
- Start/Stop sleep timer in player drop down
- Long pressing sleep timer icon resets to default time
- Possibility to direct archive posts in posts list

Version 2.0-0ff

- Side loading - put files into Music/podqast/external (needs opt-in in preferences)
- better handling in moving items in playlist
- many bug fixes

Version 1.12-0ff

- preferences: keep favorites downloaded
- preferences: allow to change the refresh time
- favorites symlinks in ~/podqast/favorites when downloaded

Version 1.11-0ff

- minor bugfix in library list elements

Version 1.10-0ff

- general bug fixes
- tuned library page (full scrolling)
- fix hanging podcasts refresh - if a podcast refresh fails

Version 1.9-0ff

- rudimentary bluetooth support (not all devices working)
- first help pages

Version 1.8-0ff

- work around for not well formed enclosures
- work around for bozo=1 invalid character set
- opml export

Version 1.7-0ff

- Fixing tumblr tweets (thanks to @flesser)
- File picker for OPML import
- Preferences: flag to enable experimental features
- Experimental: Backup - no restore by now (see tmo podqast thread...)

Version 1.6-0ff

- Indexing for inbox
- cosmetics

All changes:

https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/commits/ff (forbidden fruits)

https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/commits/master (harbour)


marxistavegana's picture

Seems to be an issue with a number, if not all, auto update all rss feeds for npr.org, at least https://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php?id=510318 i can manually update them but not with the update all feature in Library

cy8aer's picture

Several problems: https - creates on the sailfish libraries an ssl.CertificateError. http works.

But the parsing of the icon does not work (?-parameter in url) - fixed in the next version.

Nevertheless: What happens with a clean setup with the next 1.10-xx release then: https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/wikis/help-goingwrong

marxistavegana's picture

Thanks for the quick reply, I did not see the debugging tools, my bad. Looking forward to the next update!


Historyscholar's picture

Dose It have Transifex page?

cy8aer's picture

No but feel free to fork it at https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast and build a ts file for your language.

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cy8aer's picture

again? Sorry, that is a problem with the openrepos interface. Stand by...

hm this should be shown:



https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/commits/ff (forbidden fruits)

https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/commits/master (harbour)


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Bocephus's picture

[FR] Nique ta mère, fils de pute.

qeef's picture

Hi, just question - is it (if so, how) possible to download all the subscribed podcasts? Thanks :)

cy8aer's picture

Not now, but opml export is on my queue.

tanghus's picture

Hi there,

Until then, do you save the links to the podcasts somewhere in a database or something? I couldn't find anything in .config or .local.

I'm moving to a new phone, and have a *lot* of podcasts that I will need to find again, so dabbling with a db would be far easier than chasing those down again :)

cy8aer's picture

you can export opml (podcasts only. Via Discover -> Export...). If you change from PodQast -> PodQast you can do a backup (podcasts and logic. Preferences: experimental, Discover -> Export...) and untar it on your new machine into a directory /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-podqast (needs to be created on an empty machine)

hm, old thread: opml is implemented...

blizzz's picture

Could not reproduce on the sdk with a fresh start, unfortunately. I moved the store folder now and reimported the podqasts. Works for me again.

cy8aer's picture

Yes, this is the recovery way by now. But I am thinking of a backup mechanism to tarball by hand or automatically to not lose everything... Sorry about your data loss.

blizzz's picture

Uhm, with the last change, it seems podqast stumbles over the problematic Sternengeschichten. Does not list any podcast nor is able to complete updating.

cy8aer's picture

Now you have me: we have a situation of data loss. Remove /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-podcast and (sorry about that) make things new. For backup purposes: make tarballs/copies of .local/share/harbour-podcast for future recoveries. And now: I wait for beats...

(Thinking on backup/recovery process...)

rrunner64's picture

Here is a problematic feed where PodQast does not see any episodes: http://www.e-formel.de/files/casts/ePod.xml
More about this podcast you can find at https://www.e-formel.de/podcast.html

cy8aer's picture

Two guys made an error: the e-formel one created a wrong alternatives part in feed, the other (me) interpreted this buggy part without thinking. Feed will work in next release.

cy8aer's picture

Stand by - I am looking for it.

I must say: crazy statesituation. Takes some time to fix...

rrunner64's picture

I always choose the difficult ones... :-D
Thank you for looking into it!

blizzz's picture

K, thx for looking into it!

blizzz's picture

Thanks for the app, works quite nice! With Sternengeschichten podcast i have the issue that playing/downloading doesn't work. No problems with others.

cy8aer's picture

Probably not my fault: If you try to download a mp3 from https://feeds.feedburner.com/sternengeschichten by hand you get an error 503 temporarily unavailable. I build an error message for this situation in the next release.

carlosgonz's picture

good app, why not changelog?

cy8aer's picture

hm, there is a changelog of course but the openrepos interface is not as intuitive as I understand ;-)

Look at https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/commits/ff for forbidden fruits variant and https://gitlab.com/cy8aer/podqast/commits/master for harbour. (and I try to get this into the changelog field of openrepos...)

dfstorm's picture

Is it just me or we can't subscribe to anything ? The buton is disabled ^^'

cy8aer's picture

Just for debugging: please give me an example which podcast you want to subscribe with with what (search, cat, url). There are problems sometimes with cats, and eventually searches because the search base is gpodder.net because of outdated urls in their database. The podcast page works in two steps: 1. display what can be found on gpodder, 2. display the information of the podcast feed. Only with these feed information you are able do subscribe. So if the site does not answer - or there is some misinterpretation with the feed: debugging time for me -  there is no subscription possible. I did it like this to speed up information time. Other podcast apps (in android or ios) use their custom servers in the net for the information base. This is speedy but snoopy on the vendor side. Best way to subscribe is entering an url. This is also best for me to debug.

mase's picture

Great that you plan to implement bt button controls. I hope sfos 3 supports that for apps.There is no player out there, that supports that.

I tried to import my opml created by antennapod. Importing takes forever and not all feeds were added. I filled the rest manually.

Here it is: https://pastebin.com/A155Huqr

cy8aer's picture

Wow, c't uplink is not really a podcast feed. In the next release there will be a filter which ignores such feeds. I have similar problems with youtube feeds (which have special handling by gpodder...).