OSM Scout

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OSM Scout for Sailfish is map viewer with search and navigation, fully functional without internet connection.

You can choose one from multiple map styles: standard, outdoor, public transport or winter sports. All with the same database that can be downloaded (per state) directly from the application for offline usage. Data on the server covers whole planet and are updated monthly from OpenStreetMap data. You can generate your own extract eventually, all tools are open-source and OpenStreetMap data are free!

For better outdoor experience, databases (almost all) contains elevation contours and hillshade overlay (online) can be displayed. For areas not covered by offline data are used online maps provided by OpenStreetMap or Stamen Design. But search and navigation works only with offline data.

Your favourite places (waypoints) can be stored to collections and exported to GPX files later. It is even possible to import tracks and waypoints from GPX files, display it on map or show simple statistics.

OSM Scout for Sailfish OS is developed as open-source (GitHub) by volunteers in their free time. You can help to improve this application by reporting bugs, creating translations or developing new features. Any help is welcome.

Application versions: 
File harbour-osmscout-2.29-1.armv7hl.rpm2.11 MB25/04/2023 - 09:10
File harbour-osmscout-2.29-1.aarch64.rpm2.19 MB25/04/2023 - 09:10
File harbour-osmscout-2.29-1.i486.rpm2.37 MB25/04/2023 - 09:10
File harbour-osmscout-2.30-1.i486.rpm2.38 MB31/05/2023 - 09:43
File harbour-osmscout-2.30-1.armv7hl.rpm2.12 MB31/05/2023 - 09:43
File harbour-osmscout-2.30-1.aarch64.rpm2.2 MB31/05/2023 - 09:43
* 2023-05-31 Lukáš Karas  2.30
- update translations (German)
- fix search of generic phrases, like "Billa" in Germany - up to 2k entries is loaded from database, search model expose 100 nearest
- show opening hours in search result detail
- better error handling in opening hours parsing
- fix rendering when map is rotated (during navigation), 2.29 regression
- briefer navigation voice instruction just before turn
- fix collection edit dialog

Full changelog on Github


pba's picture

Hi Karry, the offline maps you are distributing for greece are lacking some textures: In current version the northern part of the country is shown blue like the ocean, but i can see all streets and places when i zoom in. Same happend with Peloponnes in the version before (december). I'm planing a bicycle trip to greece and love your program for scouting and tracking.

Karry's picture

Thank you for report! I have no capacity to verify all maps after import. Such coastline errors are caused by errors in OpenStreetMap data usually. I will re-import Greece from recent data ASAP and will see if this error is fixed already...

Karry's picture

Seems to be fine now. Just update your maps ;-)

Pemek's picture

Thanks, that's how I do it now, but sometimes I forget...

Karry's picture

I just finished search history today, it will be part of the next release :-)

Pemek's picture

One question: I can't find last search neither in options (to enable) nor in search page. It is quite annoying when I look for sth, and then want to navigate there. I have to reenter the same data in search field. Is it possible to do it somehow? Btw, thanks for great piece of software.

Karry's picture

Sorry, it is not possible now.

Btw, you may start navigation directly from search result (try context menu on result row) or store your favourite places to collections...

Ta_das's picture

OsmScout does not show on map imported gpx trail created by OsMapper from Openrepos. But it goes to correct place in the map, also it shows information of the path: times, length, elevation. Time is not correct, as probably OsMapper records it in local time, and OsmScout understands as UTC. modRana fails to load the track as well. Only Halftrail shows it, but this app doesnt show any gpx info, at least I did not figured out how to look at it.

EDIT: Now I have downloaded ofline maps and tracklog path is shown on the map.
Thanks for the great app. I will continue exploring it.

The only wish would be that the tracklog path line on map would be thinner, or of configurable thickness.

simosagi's picture

Weird, I have OSM Scout 1.10-1 installed, today I saw the update to 1.12 available on Openrepos but even after forcing a refresh of the O.R. repo cache I don't get a notification that an update is available.

Karry's picture

Weird. It will be some Storeman issue I guess. You can try pkcon from command line to investigate real state and then report issue to Storeman...

pkcon refresh 
pkcon update

Few minutes ago was update approved in Harbour, you can update to latest version there...

simosagi's picture

Hmm... I tried to download the rpm and install it locally with "pkcon install-local harbour-osmscout-1.12-1.armv7hl.rpm", but I get  "Fatal error: nothing provides libstdc++.so.6(CXXABI_1.3.8) needed by harbour-osmscout-1.12-1.armv7hl"

I found this https://together.jolla.com/question/206727/harbour-is-rejecting-rpm-pack... discussion in TJC, so I wonder, do I need to upgrade to Sailfish 3.x to have access to the necessary libraries? (my device is still a SFOS 2.2)



Karry's picture

Yes. The recent OSM Scout version was build with c++14 support and it require recent standard c++ library that is available just in SFOS >= 3.0.3... If it is possible, upgrade to recent version :-)

simosagi's picture

All right, thanks. I've been planning to do the upgrade since already too long :-)

Anyway, perhaps a note on the SFOS 3.0.3 requirement in the OSM Scout description would be good for other interested users. 

LeoQTMoura's picture

i loved the app , and i want to help translate to portuguese br .


Karry's picture

Great to hear that! Simplest way how to translate it is via Transifex page: https://www.transifex.com/osm-scout/osm-scout/ Just register there and send me request for new language. You may start translating after acceptation...

Pelzlurch's picture

Hi Karry, I'm one of the guys who are doing the German translatiion. Unfortunately I made a bigger mistake the last time. So one of the the mainfunktions is at the moment quite miserably translated. I fixed the translations now. Sorry for that. Just wanted to inform you.

Karry's picture

Hi. No problem. Some phrases may be confusing without context. I will replace "Routing" by "Navigation" in the source. I will take a look to one bug in collections and release version 1.8 soon...

PawelSpoon's picture

Do you see any chance.to.use osmscout and.osmserver side by side ?

Karry's picture

Well, what do you looking for exactly?

 - If you want to share downloaded databases (between "OSM Scout" and "OSM Scout server"), it should work basically, when you are using libosmscout backend in the server. You should just create symlink between directories that are used for the lookup...

- When you want to use tiles rendered by the server in OSMScout, I am not sure it the server still supports bitmap tiles. If yes, you can add local server as a another map provider. See `/usr/share/harbour-osmscout/resources/online-tile-providers.json` resource.

- Use server as search and routing backend - it is not possible even theoretically. libosmscout models don't support requests to online services now and it is not on my todo list. But merge request are welcome ;-)

With my OSM Scout, I want to provide simple-to-use map application that can be distribured via Jolla harbour and its restrictive rules. I want to target all user, even without Linux experience. As I understand @rinigus OSM Scout server and his work around MapBox OpenGL map plugin, he is targeting to geek users and want to integrate this server approach to Sailfish OS. But as I see on the Sailfish meetings and the mailing list, it will be long run :-(

Long story short, both applications are developed separately without its integration. It is not even on my todo list. I am developing it in my free time, just for fun and my needs. If you want to contribute, just lets discuss your ideas. I am open to merge requests ;-)

PawelSpoon's picture

i would just like to share the downloaded databases, so point nr 1

Historyscholar's picture

不错的软件,Thanks !

Karry's picture

You are welcome ;-)

danfin's picture

if I activate a GPX file in my collection, I don't see anything on the map. What could be the reason?

Karry's picture

Hi. UI is little bit confusing here. When you click the "Show" button on the track detail, it show you area with the track, but not track itself. But you can display complete collection on the main map - just activate context menu for the collection (long-press) and select "Show on map". On click to the "star" icon...

Collection context menu

I am not sure how to improve it - I want to keep workflow simple, manage visibility for each track or waypoint separately may be annoying. Maybe "activate" complete collection when "Show" button is pressed for some child? I don't know...

danfin's picture

I can do that, however I still can't see my tracks, and also I miss centering on those tracks or even routing along the tracks, something like routing.. follow selected track, ... go to start of track. It would be good if the 'show on map' dialog contained a hint on how the track will look. (is it the orange line? or is it the red dotted line?). Maybe my imported GPX are defective... however they showed in other map apps.

Karry's picture

I see that I don't reply to your comment after year :-/ Sorry. It is working now? For displaying track you have to have active offline renderer. So offline rendering have to be enabled and you have to have some offline map... If you still struggle with it, please create issue on the Github and if possible upload your track...

Historyscholar's picture

no chinese

Karry's picture

All translations are created by cummunity. If you understand Chinesse, you can contribute :-) It is simple, you can create translation via Transifex: https://www.transifex.com/osm-scout/osm-scout/dashboard/ or create pull request on the Github. Here is how: https://github.com/Karry/osmscout-sailfish/wiki/Howto-create-translation

rinigus's picture

@Karry: Great work on labels layout engine! Congratulations, it looks much better than before!

Karry's picture

Great to hear it :-) It still has few issues (small space between labels, problems with tile rednering...). but I feel that it is improvement. There is just missing DirectX implementation and this change may be merged to Tim's upstream...